Last Updated: March 26, 2015
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Houseleague Playoff Schedules

Playoff schedules can be found by going to the schedules tab and looking at the division "playoff" schedule or by clicking on the following links

Novice playoff schedules - Click "HERE",  begins February 21, 2015
Atom playoff schedules - Click "HERE",  begins February 21, 2015
Peewee playoff schedules - Click "HERE",  begins February 21, 2015
Bantam playoff schedules - Click "HERE",  begins February 21, 2015
Midget playoff schedules - Click "HERE",  begins March 9, 2015


 Championship Weekend Schedule 2014-2015

As the playoff games are completed the playoff schedules will be updated to show who plays who on Championship weekend.  Novice, Atom and Peewee games will be on Saturday March 28th.  Bantam and Midget games will be on Sunday March 29th. 

Please note: The website does not always correctly calculate the final standings.  It does not use the correct DMHL method to break ties.  The following is the proper standings for the Novice and Bantam Divisions at the end of the Playoffs.

1. Flyers
2. Canadiens
3. Rangers
4. Bruins
5. Kings
6. Red Wings

1. Red Wings
2. Flyers
3. Rangers
4. Canadiens
5. Kings
6. Bruins

Tie Breakers For Playoffs (taken from the DMHL Consitution)

1. Most Wins - Playoffs
2. Fewest Losses - Playoffs
3. Most Ties - Playoffs
4. Head to Head During Playoffs
5. Most Goals For - Playoffs
6. Fewest Goals Against - Playoffs
7. Coin Toss


2015-2016 Pre-Registration 
Pre-Registration for next season will begin on MARCH 1st, 2014.  This is the only way to make sure you reserve your spot for next year and based on our predictions that if everyone currently playing this season registered to play next season, all divisions would be full.

Pre-registration will run from March 1, 2015 to midnightMarch 30, 2015. It will be limited to current players only. The number of teams next year will be based as a minimum on the number of players pre-registered.

Due to issues we have incurred over the last few years there will be a few changes to registration this year.  First, you MUST make FULL PAYMENT by April 1st, 2015You may pay by credit card during registration or by delivering a money order to the Dofasco Rec Centre office.  If you have not made your payment by this date your registration will be deleted.  Once you have made the payment you will be eligible to re-register provided that there are still openings within that division. 

Skating School parents will need to email our registrar at if they wish to enroll their child in the house league program for next year as she will need specific information in order to create a profile for your child in the Hockey Canada Registry.  You will not be able to register your child until this profile has been created. 



For those parents with players born in 2004 or later you will need to complete the Parent Respect in Sports in order for your child to be eligible to go on the ice for the September evaluations.  If you complete this program and pre-register your child prior to April 1st, 2015 you will receive a Tim Horton's gift card (as reimbursement) when you bring your certificate into the arena in September.  

For more information and access to the Respect in Sports Parents Version, you can go to the Alliance website


2015-2016 House League Coaches, Asst Coaches and Trainers Needed
In order to run a sucessful organization we are always in need of many volunteers.  We are looking for Head Coaches, Asst Coaches and trainers for the 2015-2016 Hockey Season. If you would like to volunteer please go to the link below and submit your registration.  To submit your applications click "here".  Remember, we can't start the season without Coaches and Trainers in place. 

2015-2016 Select Coach Applications:
Applications for Head Coaches are now being accepted for the 2014-2015 Select Hockey season.   To submit your application, please go to the Online Forms and fill in the Select Coaches Application or Apply Now.  We are looking for Coaches in the Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam, Minor Midget and Midget division.  (Note, we will continue with Minor Midget provided we have a Coach in place and enough players attend try outs in October 2014.  A final decision will be made in October for the status of the Minor Midget team)
Our intention is to have coaches in place by September 2015 which will allow these coaches to plan their season before try-outs begin.

Upcoming Games

Friday,  Mar 27
Atom Playoffs
BRUINS @ RED WINGS 5:30pm FH Sherman East
RANGERS @ FLYERS 6:45pm FH Sherman East
CANADIENS @ KINGS 8:00pm FH Sherman East
Saturday,  Mar 28
Novice Playoffs
RED WINGS @ KINGS 10:45am FH Sherman West
BRUINS @ RANGERS 11:15am FH Sherman East
CANADIENS @ FLYERS 12:00pm FH Sherman West
Atom Playoffs
4TH PLACE @ 3RD PLACE 12:30pm FH Sherman East
6TH PLACE @ 5TH PLACE 1:15pm FH Sherman West
2ND PLACE @ 1ST PLACE 1:45pm FH Sherman East
PeeWee Playoffs
6TH PLACE @ 5TH PLACE 2:30pm FH Sherman West
2ND PLACE @ 1ST PLACE 3:00pm FH Sherman East
4TH PLACE @ 3RD PLACE 3:45pm FH Sherman West
Bantam Select Steelhawks PRACTICE 6:45pm FH Sherman East
Sunday,  Mar 29
Bantam Playoffs
BRUINS @ KINGS 10:45am FH Sherman West
FLYERS @ RED WINGS 11:15am FH Sherman East
CANADIENS @ RANGERS 12:00pm FH Sherman West
Midget Playoffs
6TH PLACE @ 5TH PLACE 12:30pm FH Sherman East
4TH PLACE @ 3RD PLACE 1:15pm FH Sherman West
2ND PLACE @ 1ST PLACE 1:45pm FH Sherman East
Atom Select Steelhawks PRACTICE 4:15am FH Sherman East
Novice Select Steelhawks @ NOTL 10:30am MCU Arena
PeeWee Select Steelhawks PRACTICE 5:30pm FH Sherman East

For a complete schedule listing, click here!