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  • Slamma Jamma 54 No Conscience 39
  • Darby Road tonight 3/26 8pm . End of year

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2016-2017 Award winners and All League Teams

Announcing League Award winners and Coach Davis' All League Teams

2017 League MVP: Rich Cobbinah


All-Offense 1st Team:

  • Jamal Berry
  • Gavin Ford
  • Brian Ciemniecki
  • Jason Shann
  • Steve Murray

All-Offense 2nd Team:

  • Warren Lowe
  • Gregg Carder
  • Chris Burke
  • Rich Cobbinah
  • Omar Glover

All-Defense 1st Team:

  • Jamal Berry
  • Omar Glover
  • Rich Cobbinah
  • Mike Ruccio
  • Blake Sonnek-Schmelz

All-Defense 2nd Team:

  • Kevin Adams
  • Troy Sims
  • Greg Josephsen
  • James Patrick
  • Anand Desai


All Rookie Team:

  • Chris Burke
  • Clay Torres
  • Greg Josephsen
  • Ryan Cookerly (Cook)
  • Chris Ward

Top Leaders (Average per game):

  • Leading Scorer: Warren Lowe 28.2
  • Leading Rebounder: Clay Torres 9.0
  • Leading Assists: Brian Ciemneicki / Rich Cobbinah 4.6

Slamma Jamma wins the 2017 Championship

Slamma Jamma wins in impressive fashion to capture the 2017 Championship.  Check out the Championship Press Release by Steve Lee.  Pics are by Kevin Gannon. To see all of the pics you can go here.



2017 Playoff Bracket with Game Times

(UPDATED 3/19) Here is the bracket we are using for the 2017 FSPY Men's Basketball League Post Season Tournament. Note the game times:


Playoffs - Semi-Finals (3/19/2017)

 Check out the well written press release by Steve Lee.


Playoffs - Opening Round (3/12/2017)

Press release by Steve Lee. Pictures by Terry Stephens.

Week 12 - 3/5/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee. Pictures are by Kevin Gannon. To view all of the pics, go here.




Week 11 - 2/26/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee. Pictures are by  Peter Falco.



Jamal Berry's MUYC rankings - Week 11

Some playoff spots have been determined! We had a Jack Ryan sighting! We had a Jack Ryan-like performance. Gary and the Falcon got Buckets. 


1 Get Buckets - Another subpar 1st half and superb 2nd half. Can the slow starts hurt come playoff time? We're locked into the 1st seed. Captain Not so Fast and Fioryous did not say whether or not he will be resting the starters in the finale vs the 1 in our loss column, Size Matters. The 1st round opponent will be Brian Ciemniecki, Chris Clean Up, Steve Lee aka Murray the Ever Living (shout out to anyone who knows that without google), the Toaster Oven, Tom the Ghost Schaefer and friends. I'll be at the Home Depot looking for glue traps for Mr. Ciemniecki.


2. Size Matters - Well that's how you break a tie! They completely dominated the Gregdon Howardless Slamma Jamma without leading scorer, Scott Lowder. They beat them badly enough to force a Jamma team meeting where the each sat around and shared their experiences. "I don't like it when Pompeo takes my ball." 


3. Slamma Jamma - It's amazing how good they are with everyone and how bad they are when just one of the Big 3 is missing. Maybe the team meeting was because Berger was the leading scorer. Berger was stressing the 1st option should be him on the left baseline. Option 2? You got it...right baseline. They have a game to get it right but after 2 convincing losses, they may want to avoid Size Matters in the 2nd round, should they get there. They'll have to go through either the Falcons, Flashnbang, Drive n dish or No Conscience.


4. Falcons - Well, it was close. They tied Warren 39-39. Unfortunately, Omar, Anand, and Rob Base played too. I think Rob's son, Rob Treble, had a double double. This was possibly the worse game in Y history. No Shann (in Taiwan trying to get new Jordan's straight from the sweatshop), no Eljay (filming a youtube series called Eljay's Pre-game Jazzercize) and no Troy (pulling an airplane in neutral on ESPN12). Now they're stuck in a 5-7th 3 way tie. On the bright side, the namesake soared to the hoop for a bucket after a spinning kyrie like dribble move finishing with a Steph shimmy. I saw it. Anyway, Clay had 24 and some rebounds and stuff but I think he needed 64 by my calculation. He the look of the dad left with the kids too long. The funny thing is Terry still managed to make every possession memorable.


5 No Conscience - With Holley out due to a scheduled spa day, they ran out of gas in the second half. They're now 1 loss away from losing their 4th place spot with a tough Slamma Jamma matchup coming next. 1st round preview? Side note: Steph Murray sets more screens than anyone in Y history. I called out 132 screens during that game. They control their own destiny.


6 Flashnbang - Warren the Merciless, and his band of evil villians beat on the Falcons jv without remorse. 8-21 on 3s! This kind of thing starts rivalries. I'm not sure if there's a scenario that has these teams playing in the 1st or 2nd round but it would be interesting. There's this game plus Omar leaving Shann like LeBron did D. Wade, like KD did Westbrook. 


7 Hickory Hoosiers - They avoided last place with a solid win. Joe D was back trying to make up for lost time. He had 24 and 14 on 6-7 shooting. Big Dave also had a good game with 17 on 6-8 but is still last in the league in rebounds per inch. Where do they end up in the 5-7th tie?


8 Drive n Dish - One game left and they can put this regular season behind them. Everyone makes the playoffs and anything can happen. Just ask J. Shann. Unfortunately Rob the Sniper is not available for the playoffs but he's been seen shooting 1,000 jumpers a day on a hoop with Troy's face as the backboard...just in case you're putting together next year's mock draft.


Next Sunday's marquee matchup is Get Buckets vs Size Matters part 2. The only scratch on GB's record tries to get lightning to strike twice. Both teams are locked into their spots so it really means nothing. 

Also, Falcons vs No Conscience is major. This one has heavy playoff implications. I believe No Conscience could drop all the way from 4 to 6th with a loss.

With 4 through 7 still in play, the playoffs start now! 


Week 10 - 2/19/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee. 



Jamal Berry's MUYC rankings - Week 10

Week 10

The seedings are still unclear as teams continue to fight for positioning to determine their first round matchup.


1. Get Buckets - The league's top 2 scorers cancelled each other out as my teammates outplayed Warren's teammates (with the exception of OG who ate breakfast, lunch and dinner against us...thankfully we kept him from dessert) in a game changing 2nd half. KG played big going 6-6 from the floor. The magic # is 1. Does anyone know if Gary played? I can't remember.


2. Slamma Jamma - They brought out Five Guys Berger and Fries and were still able to beat the depleted DND. There was no answer for Greg "Gordon Howard", wait... Greg "Demarcus Cousins", who picked up another tech but had 24. This one on behalf of Dave B. who irritated the refs just enough for the next person to tip them over. Brilliant! Greg goes out, guess who gets more shots. Even playing 4 on 5 they held it down with MVP candidate Rich controlling the offense and defense with 28, 11 and 8! Berger continues the hot streak with 18! Kevin had a solid 8 after his team tried to hold him statless. Gavin was suspended for watching R rated movies.


3. Size Matters -    Remember that team that was really scary getting off the bus in high school? Here they are 20 years later. They're still intimidating but no one's dunking in the layup line and they all drive minivans. Playoff positioning is very important for this team because the mid-range assassin Scott Lowder will not be available for the 1st round. If something goes wrong at least you have team jackets. Yes, if you haven't noticed this team has team jackets compliments of Blake "Yeezie". Apparently the Cowboys offensive line had to cancel an order so he had some XXXL's laying around. Nice look guys. Hey Blake, do you have an extra one? I'll take a Troy's undershirt size. BTW is Chris Burke is leading the way the for the ROY?


4. Falcons -  NOW THAT THE TRIGGER WRIST OF GUNMAN, J. SHANN IS HEALED, this team is firing on all cylinders. First name 20 last name 10, rookie sensation has stepped up to the plate. Does Shann have this team playing the right way at the right time? Will the team's namesake demand more touches? Can Joe Diddy get into game mode while working on this year's highly anticipated video/shameless promotion?


5. No Conscience -  Steph Murray has cooled off to about 56% shooting from 3. Holley is Popoviching it until the playoffs. Tim Gray is my hero.


6. Drive N Dish -  All 3 bottom teams lost so I'll give it to the one that played the best in defeat. I'm going to do this without mentioning Brian. Tom Schaefer played a great all around game and again flirted with a triple double 24, 9 and 6. Although I think he was getting 1 for 2 on the assists. He was responsible in some way for most of their points. Keith K%@%"#, Special K, went down swinging channeling his inner Karl Anthony Towns with an array of ankle breaking drives and post moves. I do have a question for the the team though. Why not double team somebody when you had the 5 on 4 advantage? 


7. Hickory Hoosiers - They're slowly sliding back down without their top pick. Big Dave has been available though much to everyone's surprise. Geoff is going all out trying to keep them afloat. They need the Beast controlling the paint because Big Dave is allergic to contact. 


8. Flash n Bang - For a half they showed Flash like the team they can be. In the 2nd half, it all went Bang. With a backcourt that can score like that and big Rob Base in the middle, does anyone want them in the 1st round?


Marquee matchup next Sunday is Slamma Jamma vs Size Matters. Slamma Jamma won the 1st one in a blow out but there was no Bench Press Burke.


Week 9 - 2/12/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee.  Pictures this week were taken by Terry Stephens.  You can view all of the pics from this week here:


Week 8 - 2/5/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee.  Pictures this week were taken by Kevin Gannon, Jason Holley and Terry Stephens.  You can view all of the pics from this week here:



Week 7 - 1/29/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee.  


Week 6 - 1/22/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee.  Pictures were taken by Terry Stephens this week. Click here to see all pics from the 1/22 games


Jamal Berry's MUYC rankings - Week 6

Battle at the top, battle at the bottom, and some "He did what???" performances cause movement in this weeks M.U.Y.C.rankings

1. Size Matters - Let's officially throw Chris Bench Press Burke into the the R.O.Y race. That's R.O.Y. not ROID, shame on you for thinking that. He has vaulted Big Smooth's big boy squad into first place. Floor leader and last to the team dinner table, JPP (Jason Pompeo) is doing well balancing shooting and feeding the stable. The only team that can't get on the elevator at the same time is looking good. (Thanks for that one Dave, I had to use it)  

2. Get Buckets - Great response to a loss. We beat a good Slamma Jamma team without their starting pg (pattern) and a bloody Greg Gordon Hayward who could only play about half of the game. As good teams do, we mercilessly defeated them. If we can get double doubles from the Gannon, we'll be tough to beat. Everyone's favorite pest, Mike Ruccio added offense and the usual scrappy D and boardwork. Brian Murphy who is Eric Snow (google him) with a 3 pointer also has played well. Ara's "Lockdown" defense has been inspiring.      

3. Slamma Jamma - Attendance is a skill in this league but until the Y starts paying us instead of the other way around people will have other obligations. Has that been the reason for this team's losses? If so, Rich gets MVP votes because they've lost by a combined 36 points in the 2 losses without him. Good for you, Rich. He's probably hang gliding over an active volcano or something. Live your life, my man!

4. No Conscience - Not that he was anything less than good before but Steph Murray looks like Most Improved because he is killing. Another 60% 3 point shooting day actually brought down his percentage. If you're not talking Steph Murray in the huddle, you ain't sayin'...well you know the rest. Holley, the anchor had solid numbers with 8 and 8.Tim 50 shades of Gray continues to defy father time. Mathreena matched Murray in 3 point shooting today. This is the team you don't want in the 1st round of the playoffs. 

5. Falcons - After jumping out to a 7-0 lead it was all downhill from there. This continues to be a mystery team with tons of talent but up and down performances as a unit. Troy "Boogie" Simms had 15 and 9!!!! Yes, I double checked with the scorer's table and the website entry person, it's true! I apologize, Troy. I should've been clearing out for you.

6. Hickory Hoosiers - Okay guys, slowly but surely. 3 double doubles is impressive. Geoff with his best Tony Parker impression (he's from San Antonio) and went bucket for bucket with scoring specialist, Warren. They have their eyes on a 2004 Piston balanced attack championship. Craig also had a big game with 14 and 11. New team name: Beauties and the Beast???

7. Flash n Bang - Brooklyn's finest, OG lit it up for 20 and league's leading scorer Warren Lowe continues to put up the numbers. However this is statistically the league's worse defense and it's costing them.

8. Drive n Dish - Have you ever just felt bad for a team? If there was some kind of 30 and over league make a wish foundation I would make sure they get Eric Lyght, Jack Ryan, Marlon Brown or Bryan Parker. Hang in there fellas, we're halfway there. They're IN every game though.      

Week 5 - 1/15/2017

Enjoy this week's press release written by Steve Lee. Picture below was taken by Sophie Gannon (Kevin Gannon's daughter):


Week 4 - 1/8/2017

Happy New Year!  We kicked off 2017 with a time shifted weekend.  Here are pics from this weekend provided by Kevin Gannon. You can view all of this week's pics here.

12/18/2016 - Week 3

Thanks to Steve Lee for the Week 3 writeup.  Please go here to enjoy the write up.

We'll see everyone January 8th when we get back to it on the court


Coach's Toast - 12/23 8pm Darby Road

The league is getting together for a drink at Darby Road this Friday 12/23 at 8 pm.  Come out and toast the holiday season with your friends from the league.

12/11/2016 - Week 2

Week 2 Photos from Terry Stephens and Kevin Gannon can be found by clicking here:

Week 2's Press Release written by Tom Schaefer can be found here


12/4/2016 - Week 1 games

Week 1 is in the books. Tom St. John, Jason Holley and Terry Stephens took some pics today.  Follow this link to view all of the photos.

The Week 1 press release written an be found here





Draft Results


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