All GAMES at Fernwood Elementary School have been rescheduled to other gyms throughout Please go to PAGES then Playoff Info for the latest changes.


RIDGE High School has a detour on Lake Rd - so please use other roads. 

Thank you all for working to get these games completed. 


  Good Luck

Good sportsmanship by all - use the league to help police your unruly parents (hopefully not many).  Code of Conduct for all coaches, players and parents needs to be returned this week. [Parents forms you keep]

Rosters are due by this weekend.    Scores are to be posted within 24 hours after the game. Front page - top right corner of website.   

Password: thescore        Either team can post the score, venue must be selected 

Warmup time - A minimum of 4 minutes between games.       $50 per REF - Each team pays one REF.

No forfeits please - if so the team forfeiting is responsible to pay the league $100 for the Refs and the league will pay the Refs.

Call your assignor and email the league (on front page of website) if a team cancels within 48 hours. [you must make contact with your Assignor, a message does not suffice]

Please confirm your scheduled game with all opponents each Monday of that week. It is much safer to make contact instead of relying on an unread email. You do not want to show up on the wrong day or to the wrong school. 

Playoffs start Feb 22              Finals will be played on Sunday March 4th.   Snow days will happen - please make sure your Assignor is aware of immediately.  

Good luck this season.     GSBL