Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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  • Season Begins - April 21
  • Opening Day Parade and Festivities - April 26
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Welcome to the Home of the
Long Hill Township Baseball / Softball League
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February 16, 2014

     The Board of Directors of the Long Hill Township Little league is committed to providing an enjoyable, educational and safe experience for all of our youth participants.  The Board is concerned for the health, well-being and safety of all of our youth participants and has implemented certain policies and procedures to meet this commitment. 

     Long Hill Township Little League requires all adults that coach our players to meet certain requirements.  In order to be a coach or assistant coach in the Long Hill Township Little League, each adult will be required to attend a Rutgers Safety Clinic and submit to a criminal background check. 

     The Rutgers Safety clinic is a 3 hour program that was the result of legislation adopted by the State of New Jersey which protects volunteer athletic coaches, managers and officials from lawsuits.  Commonly referred to as the “Little League Law”, this legislation extends partial civil immunity protection to volunteers who have attended a “safety orientation and training skills program.”  Once a coach attends the clinic, the certification lasts for life.

     For the criminal background check the Little League has entered into a contract with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) to conduct this screening. NCSI is national firm that specializes in background screening for amateur sports.  Once completed the background check is good for two (2) years.  If you had a background check through NCSI for Long Hill Little League last year you do not have to get one again this year.


For information regarding The Rutgers Safety Course and how to complete the background check, click on the “Coaches Requirements Policy” on the left and then scroll down to "Rutgers Safety Course" or “NSCI Background Check”.


     These two requirements are mandatory and must be satisfied by all coaches and assistant coaches prior to the commencement of the season.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation


The weekly practice schedule will be posted inside the snack shack every other Sunday at 12:00, for practices the following Monday through the second Sunday.  The schedule will be for two weeks.  To allow enough week day practice time for everyone, please do not book week day practices for both weeks (every other week is fine).  If by Thursday you notice that there are still many open practice slots, you can go ahead and book a consecutive week practice.  Weekend slots are always available.



Latest Information Including Rainouts

To receive up to date information on all Little League activities, including rainouts and more add your E-Mail address to our group mail.
In the event of rain, phone number for cancellation information is:

Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Apr 23
Pee Wee
A's @ Reds 6:00pm SENIOR
Minor Boys
Giants @ Yankees 5:45pm NATIONAL
Major Boys
Reds @ Yankees 5:45pm AMERICAN
A's @ Giants 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Reds @ Royals 7:30pm Warren - M6
Thursday,  Apr 24
Junior Girls
Sharks @ Diamonds 6:00pm AMERICAN
Comets @ Lightning 6:00pm NATIONAL
Senior Girls
Comets @ Diamonds 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Mets @ Yankees 7:30pm Warren - M6
Friday,  Apr 25
Instructional Boys
Yankees @ Reds 5:45pm AMERICAN
Giants @ A's 5:45pm NATIONAL
Instructional Girls
Lightning @ Comets 6:00pm SENIOR
Minor Boys
Yankees @ Reds 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Girls
Belles @ Warren 8:00pm Warren - M2
Sunday,  Apr 27
Pee Wee
Royals @ Giants 4:30pm AMERICAN
Yankees @ A's 4:30pm NATIONAL
Instructional Boys
A's @ Royals 2:30pm AMERICAN
Reds @ Giants 2:30pm NATIONAL
Instructional Girls
Comets @ Lightning 12:30pm AMERICAN
Sharks @ Diamonds 12:30pm NATIONAL
Monday,  Apr 28
Minor Boys
Reds @ Giants 5:45pm AMERICAN
Major Boys
Reds @ A's 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Giants @ Reds 7:30pm Warren - M6
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Junior Girls
Comets @ Sharks 6:00pm AMERICAN
Lightning @ WWG3 Thunder 6:00pm Green Brook - Elicker Field
WWG2 Cyclones @ Belles 6:00pm SENIOR
Senior Girls
Warren @ Comets 6:00pm NATIONAL
Sharks @ Ridge 7:00pm Ridge - Mountain Park Field 7
Diamonds @ Belles 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Royals @ A's 7:30pm Warren - M6
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Pee Wee
Reds @ Royals 6:00pm SENIOR
Minor Boys
Royals @ Yankees 5:45pm NATIONAL
Major Boys
Giants @ Reds 5:45pm AMERICAN
A's @ Yankees 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Reds @ Yankees 7:30pm Warren - M6
Thursday,  May 1
Junior Girls
Lightning @ Sharks 6:00pm AMERICAN
Diamonds @ Belles 6:00pm NATIONAL
WWG4 Emeralds @ Comets 6:00pm SENIOR
Senior Girls
Ridge @ Diamonds 7:45pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
A's @ Giants 7:30pm Warren - M6
Friday,  May 2
Instructional Boys
Giants @ Yankees 5:45pm AMERICAN
Instructional Girls
Diamonds @ Lightning 6:00pm SENIOR
Minor Boys
Watchung @ Yankees 6:00pm NATIONAL
Reds @ Watchung 6:00pm Watchung - OST
Watchung @ Royals 8:00pm AMERICAN
Major Boys
Giants @ Watchung 6:00pm Grant Field - Watchung
Watchung @ Yankees 6:00pm Meyersville
Reds @ Green Brook 8:00pm Green Brook - Roth Field
Green Brook @ A's 8:00pm Meyersville
Saturday,  May 3
Junior Girls
Belles @ Lightning 3:00pm NATIONAL
Diamonds @ Comets 5:00pm AMERICAN
Major Boys
Yankees @ Giants 11:00am AMERICAN
Senior Girls
Diamonds @ Sharks 1:00pm AMERICAN
Warren @ Ridge 1:00pm Ridge - Pleasant Valley Park
Comets @ Belles 3:00pm AMERICAN
Senior Boys
Royals @ Mets 9:00am SENIOR
Yankees @ A's 11:30am SENIOR
Reds @ Giants 2:00pm SENIOR

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Apr 26
Opening Day Parade
Sunday,  May 4
MLB Pitch, Hit and Run 9:00am
Sunday,  May 18
Elk's Batters Up and Soccer Shoot Out 9:00am
Saturday,  Jun 14
Championship Day / Team Picnics / Fireworks

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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