Last Updated: February 20, 2017
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Season Begins
Friday, March 31, 2017   11:59 PM
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2017 Spring Rec Softball Registration

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The Montgomery Girls Softball League is pleased to announce two (2) Winter Clinics, one for Pitching and one for Hitting. Clinics are open to all registered players in grades 3 - 8 and will focus on the basics of form and mechanics to provide a solid foundation. 

Registrations will be accepted on a first come-first served basis. Once a clinic is full, no more registrations will be accepted, so register now. You can register by sending an e-mail with your daughters name and choice for clinic to

The Pitching and Hitting clinics will be instructed by professional pitching coach Chrissy Yard as well as some of our travel coaches. The cost of each clinic is $45 and includes three Sundays at one of the two scheduled time slots. The clinics will be held at Newell Strength 2 Ilene Ct., Hillsborough.

These clinics are for girls who have no experience as well as for girls who are looking for a refresher to help improve their skills prior to the season. Girls will be grouped based on similar age and ability and scheduled from 1:00 - 2:00 PM, or 2:00-3:00 PM.  Each clinic will run on the following Sundays

Pitching Clinics will be held on 1/22, 1/29, and 2/12

Hitting Clinics will be  2/5, 2/19 and 2/26

Catching Clinics - will be scheduled in March

Girls are welcome to take multiple clinics if so desired, payment should be brought with them on the first day and checks made out to MGSL.

Remember to register quickly to reserve your spot!


2017 Spring Season Information


When: Practices will be held March 25th - April 21st.  Games will be held April 22nd to June 11th. 

Single elimination playoffs will begin June 6 for Junior, Senior, and Major Leagues.


Opening Day: April 22nd at Montgomery Park


Where: Games will be played at Montgomery Park, Ann Van Middlesworth Park, Mr. C Ballfields at Woodfield Park,

Docherty Park, Singley Park, Community Park and Lenape Park.


CONTINUING THIS SEASON: For all leagues except the Cubs

Cross-town games with Princeton, Hopewell, Hillsborough and Flemington Recreation Softball Leagues this spring. 

This will provide the girls with an opportunity to play different teams, experience new fields, and make new friends. 

Teams will rotate playing these games in Montgomery, Hillsborough, Flemington, Hopewell and Princeton. 

Cross-town games will be held for the most part on Saturdays.



Cubs League (Grade K-1): Purely instructional 7 week program for our youngest players who have never played before.


Minor League (Grades 1-2): Crosstown Games will be held on Saturdays.  Introduction to softball where coaches will pitch. 

Catching, fielding, and hitting will be addressed. Game scores will not be kept.


Junior League (Grades 3-4): Crosstown Games will be held on Saturdays.  Introduction to the fundamentals of the game:

hitting, fielding, throwing, sliding, and catching.  Both coaches and players will pitch to help develop game skills. Scores will be kept.


Senior League (Grades 5-6): Crosstown Games will be held on Saturdays but may include some weeknights.  Focus on improving

basic hitting and fielding skills.  Rules of the game are amended similar to the Junior League.  Standings will be recorded and playoffs will take place.


Major League (Grades 7-8): Crosstown Games will be held on Saturdays but may include some weeknights. Focus on refinement

of fundamental skills such as hitting, fielding, throwing, and catching.  Introduction to more challenging skills of base stealing, bunting,

and pitching.  Standings will be recorded and playoffs will take place.


HS League (Grades 9-12): Games will be determined. All skill sets to reinforced through game play: hitting, fielding, throwing, base

running, base stealing, bunting, and pitching.  Standings will be recorded and playoffs will take place.


2017 League Weekly Calendar

Listed below are what days you can expect your daughter to have a game. 

This schedule will be the same every week for the duration of the season. 

Fields will vary between Ann Van Middlesworth, Docherty, Mr. C at Woodfield, and Singley. 

Full schedules will be released once teams are formed.

Weekday games and practices will be held at 6:00 pm for Minors through HS Leagues. 

Saturday games will be held at 9:00 or 11:30 for Junior League and above, and at 1:00pm for Cubs and Minors.













































League Names by Grade

CUBS: K - 1st Grade
Minor: 1st - 2nd Grade
Junior: 3rd - 4th Grade
Senior: 5th - 6th Grade
Major: 7th - 8th Grade
HS League: 9th - 12th Grade, Practice schedule will be determined based upon number of participants.



MGSL 2016 - Important Dates





  • February 24: Online store for MGSL merchandise opens
  • March 12: Coaches Clinic for all coaches and assistants
  • March 19: Assessment Day for all incoming players, grades 3-8
  • March 22: RUTGERS Safety clinic for new coaches
  • March 25: Practices Begin
  • April 22: Opening Day Ceremony
  • April: Free Clinics for Minor & Junior Leagues
  • May & June: Ice Cream & Movie Nights
  • June 17: Championship Day & Season Celebration

Please email us at the address below to express interest in helping with any event listed.

Feel free to e-mail us at for your questions.

Be sure to visit our "Bulletin Board" for "Featured" stories from the league and more information from our "FAQ" sheet


Did you Know? - The game of softball was invented 130 years ago on Thanksgiving Day, among a small group of gentlemen waiting to hear the results of the Yale vs Harvard football game. Apparently a boxing glove was tossed and then promptly hit away with a pole.