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Welcome to the RBBA 2017 Fall Ball Season

Rockville Baseball Association Of Montgomery County

 Proudly Serving Montgomery County Since 1954


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Weather Lines

The Weather Line is 240-314-5055 for all City of Rockville Fields

The Weather Line for OBGC is 301-260-9004

The Weather Line for all Montgomery County Parks is https://rainoutline.com/search/dnis/3015795610




2017 RBBA Awards Night!

If you were unable to make the awards night please contact Harrison Meyers at rbbapresident@gmail.com


Support RBBA Field Access and Use!

Click on the link below to sign the petition to stop the removal of the baseball field at Montgomery College Rockville!


MLB Pitch Smart

As the league transitions from innings limits to pitch counts, coaches, parents, players and parents can visit the official Pitch Smart website, from which the new league guidelines were drawn, for answers to questions, information about the new guidelines, and how to protect your players arm so they can play baseball for years to come.  Click on the logo to learn everything you need to know!


Dogwood Park Lost & Found

If you have lost something while at Dogwood park please visit the Snack Bar.  We have a growing lost and found and we want to return your items to you!

Concussion In Sports Training

In accordance with the law, the Rockville Baseball Association is requiring ALL team coaches/managers to successfully complete the FREE 30-minute online course Concussion In Sports – What You Need To Know.  If you are a NYSCA member you can also access the course through your NYSCA Member Page.  If you complete the course this way you do not have to send a copy of the certificate to the league, it will be automatically tracked. You can access your member page at http://www.nays.org/loginhub/

If you are not a NYSCA member or do not know your NYSCA status please contact our NYSCA Representative Phil Meyers at pmeyers@stratfinalt.com   













Upcoming Games

Sunday, Oct 22
F1 - Fall Instructional
O'Malley @ Akaki12:00pmDogwood Upper
Egan @ Merberg2:15pmDogwood Upper
F2 - Fall Rookie
Meyers @ Hauer12:00pmElwood Smith
Deodhar @ Jacobs2:15pmElwood Smith
F3 - Fall Pee Wee
Meyers @ Boland11:00amPotomac Woods Upper
Worch @ Weiner12:00pmIsrael Park
Owens @ Rosier1:15pmPotomac Woods Upper
Monteleone @ Doherty2:15pmIsrael Park
Reid @ Williams3:30pmPotomac Woods Upper
F5 - Fall Midget
Larson @ NWLL - Robinson12:00pmWoodley Gardens Upper
Mavrikes @ Grancagnolo2:15pmWoodley Gardens Upper
Morin @ Cocchiara4:30pmWoodley Gardens Upper
F6 - Fall Junior
Robinson @ Bowell9:00amWelsh #1
Laurel @ Lim11:00amDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Keech @ Damascus - McFarland1:15pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Archeval @ Ramos3:30pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Brennan @ UMAC - Hill5:45pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
F7 - Fall Senior
UMAC @ Perks2:30pmWelsh #1
Ginsberg @ NWLL8:00pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Sunday, Oct 29
F1 - Fall Instructional
Akaki @ Egan12:00pmDogwood Upper
Hadlock @ Merberg2:15pmDogwood Upper
F2 - Fall Rookie
Jacobs @ Meyers12:00pmElwood Smith
Hauer @ Deodhar2:15pmElwood Smith
F3 - Fall Pee Wee
Reid @ Williams11:00amPotomac Woods Upper
Owens @ Doherty12:00pmIsrael Park
Meyers @ Worch1:15pmPotomac Woods Upper
Monteleone @ Boland2:15pmIsrael Park
Weiner @ Rosier3:30pmPotomac Woods Upper
F5 - Fall Midget
Mavrikes @ Morin12:00pmWoodley Gardens Upper
Grancagnolo @ Larson2:15pmWoodley Gardens Upper
Mashburn @ Cocchiara4:30pmWoodley Gardens Upper
F6 - Fall Junior
Brennan @ Bowell9:00amWelsh #1
Keech @ Laurel11:00amDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Ramos @ Archeval1:15pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
UMAC - Hill @ Damascus - McFarland3:30pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
F7 - Fall Senior
Laurel @ UMAC2:30pmWelsh #1
NWLL @ Perks8:00pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Sunday, Nov 5
F1 - Fall Instructional
Akaki @ O'Malley12:00pmDogwood Upper
Merberg @ O'Malley12:00pmDogwood Upper
Egan @ Hadlock2:15pmDogwood Upper
Merberg @ Egan2:15pmDogwood Upper
F2 - Fall Rookie
Hauer @ Deodhar12:00pmElwood Smith
Jacobs @ Meyers2:15pmElwood Smith
F3 - Fall Pee Wee
Rosier @ Monteleone11:00amPotomac Woods Upper
Doherty @ Weiner12:00pmIsrael Park
Boland @ Owens1:15pmPotomac Woods Upper
Williams @ Meyers2:15pmIsrael Park
Worch @ Reid3:30pmPotomac Woods Upper
F5 - Fall Midget
Grancagnolo @ NWLL - Robinson12:00pmWoodley Gardens Upper
Mavrikes @ Mashburn2:15pmWoodley Gardens Upper
Morin @ Larson4:30pmWoodley Gardens Upper
F6 - Fall Junior
Damascus - McFarland @ Archeval9:00amWelsh #1
Ramos @ Brennan11:00amDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Laurel @ Robinson1:15pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Bowell @ Keech3:30pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Lim @ UMAC - Hill5:45pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
F7 - Fall Senior
Perks @ Laurel2:30pmWelsh #1
UMAC @ Ginsberg8:00pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
Sunday, Nov 12
F7 - Fall Senior
Ginsberg @ NWLL12:00pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field
UMAC @ Laurel2:15pmDogwood Lower - Walter Johnson Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!