Parents Corner

Please help us keep our parks beautiful by picking up your trash at our games.  If everyone picks up their own trash, including your children's trash, the board and our coaches will not have to carry the burden alone.  Thank you!


All spectators attending games should find a seat in the stands, or bring a chair and sit and enjoy the game.  Walking up and down the sidelines during games is prohibited.  It's very disrespectful towards others wanting to watch the game in their seat.  Again, your cooperation is very much appreciated.


GPWF is a non-profit, community recreational league.

All GPWF Tackle Coaches are USA Football - Head's Up Football - Certified!


Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Oct 25
Flag American 7 on 7
Cougars @ Owlets7:00pmHolford Park
Hawks @ Lumberjacks Blue7:00pmHolford Park
6th Grade
Lyles @ Jackson8:00pmHolford Park
Saturday, Oct 28
Flag American 7 on 7
Lumberjacks Blue @ Cougars9:00amBradfield Park
Lumberjacks Red @ Owlets10:00amBradfield Park
Panthers @ Hawks11:00amBradfield Park
Falcons @ Bison12:00pmBradfield Park
Sharks @ Owlets1:15pmBradfield Park
Lumberjacks @ Bears2:30pmBradfield Park
Panthers @ Cougars3:45pmBradfield Park
Hawks @ Colts5:00pmBradfield Park
3rd Grade
Sharks @ Lumberjacks9:30amHolford Park
Hawks @ Bears11:00amHolford Park
Owlets @ Colts12:30pmHolford Park
Panthers @ Cougars2:00pmHolford Park
4th Grade
Lumberjacks @ Bears9:30amJeff Wackett Football Field
Panthers @ Cougars11:00amJeff Wackett Football Field
Hawks @ Colts12:30pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Falcons @ Bison2:00pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Sharks @ Owlets3:30pmJeff Wackett Football Field
5th Grade
Falcons @ Bison5:00pmHolford Park
Lumberjacks @ Bears5:00pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Sharks @ Owlets6:30pmHolford Park
Panthers @ Cougars6:30pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Hawks @ Colts8:00pmJeff Wackett Football Field
6th Grade
Brandenburg @ Coyle10:00amNorth Garland High School
Bussey @ Schrade11:30amNorth Garland High School
Sam Houston @ O'Banion1:00pmNorth Garland High School
Sellers @ Hudson2:30pmNorth Garland High School
Webb @ Jackson4:00pmNorth Garland High School
Austin @ Lyles5:30pmNorth Garland High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!