We are a group of women who value fun, friendship, and a bit of competition!
It is our goal to come together on Monday evenings to promote activity and good sportsmanship.

Please record the name of players on the score sheet as they were submitted for your roster.  If any names change (ie last name changes due to marriage), please notify either with an email or on your score sheet.

Reminder note:  Subs can be added at any time throughout the year.

As stated in the regulations, all scores must be submitted by no later than 10 pm on the Wednesday of the week games are played.  See section 7 - points/scoring on the regulations: "Score sheets must be in by 10:00 PM on the Wednesday (48 hours) following the match, otherwise the home team gets 0 wins and 5 losses automatically."

Please send your scores to with a PDF or image copy of the score sheet.

Hint:  Many teams snap an image on their smartphone immediately following the game (there are great image to PDF apps available).Doing this takes care of it while you're still thinking about volleyball & prevents a forfeit for your team if you forget to send it in later.

Upcoming Games
18 Dec
Tier 1
Cover Girls #5 @ Orange Crush #3
Mash-Ups #6 @ Oneders #4
Tier 2
Pretty Deece #7 @ Crank-MM #11
Aftershock #8 @ Spike Masters #10
Tier 3
Sixpack #14 @ Wonder Broads #16
Tier 4
Perpetual Motion Squad #20 @ Vipers #22
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