Last Updated: June 30, 2017

Fall Ball 2017 Meeting:

Wednesday, July 12th @ 7:00

Follansbee Baseball Complex Pavilion


Any organization who wishes to place teams in the OVYBL Fall Ball League MUST SEND a representative to this meeting. If no one from your league attends, you will not be able to enter teams into the OVYBL for Fall Ball.  Please have number of teams for each division at this meeting as well as head coach contact: Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony


We will discuss timeline for fall season, rules, and any other general discussion.



We will discuss timeline for fall season, rules, and any other general discussion.  Please click on the Fall Ball tab for future information.   Thanks

Congratulations to 2017 "A" Tournament Champions

Mustang - Weirton Indians defeat Toronto Nationals 16-0

Bronco - Steubenville Athletics defeat Steubenville Red Sox 13-6

Pony - Best of 3 series between Oak Glen Gold and Steubenville Angels

Oak Glen wins Game 1, 9-8.

Steubenville Angels win Game 2 and Game 3, 11-7 and 14-4.


Congratulations to 2017 "B" Tournament Champions

Mustang - Steubenville Rays defeats Jewett Vikings 18-8

Bronco - Indian Creek Gold defeats Steubenville Orioles 22-18

Pony - Toronto Red Knights defeat Weirton Cubs 14-2





OVYBL Voted to continue PitchSmart at Mustang, Bronco and Pony levels, rather than innings. Pitchers will now enter, exit and rest based on the guidelines on the PitchSmart website.  Number of innings pitched are no longer a factor.  Number of pitches thrown will be the only rule effecting when and how much a pitcher may pitch. For information as to pitching restrictions, please review the following website:

MLB Baseball and USA Baseball endorse Pitchsmart

Coaches will need to agree at the end of each inning how many pitches have been thrown.  Total number of pitches for each pitcher in a game will be recorded under the players name, the winning team reports the game results and pitch counts on the website within 24 hours of the game.  All games that are cancelled or postponed must be accurately changed also so that pitch counts are tracked correctly during actual game date