Player Evaluations - Saturday January 27, 2018

 Player Evaluations are MANDATORY for all players, EXCEPT Sandlot Division (T-Ball and A Ball). Player must attend the evaluation that corresponds with their league age* as follows:


10:00 AM to Noon - Softball - All Ages attend a single evaluation - Field 1

10:00 AM to Noon - AA Baseball - 2018 League Ages 7 and 8 - Field 3

Noon to 2 PM - AAA Baseball - 2018 League Ages 9 and 10 - Field 3

2 PM to 4 PM - Major Baseball - 2018 League Ages 11 and 12 - Field 3

5 PM to 6 PM - Junior Baseball - 2018 League Ages 13 and 14 - Field 2

5 PM to 6 PM - Senior Baseball - 2018 League Ages 15 and 16 - Field 2

Player evaluations are necessary for the program managers to assess players skills prior to the draft.

If you wish for your player(s) to play up OR play down in a program other than their standard age determines, your player must attend BOTH the player evaluation for his standard age AND the player evaluation for the program where you desire he be placed.

After player evaluations, you need to do nothing else. Managers will hold drafts and your manager will contact you the following weekend (February 3rd).


 Make-up Player Evaluations* - Monday January 29, 2018


If, and only if, your player(s) are not available on January 27th there is a make-up scheduled for the following Monday night, January 29th. Please do not view the 29th as an optional date, it should be considered only an option for those who are out of town or ill on the 27th. We will be prepared to process a couple of hundred players on Saturday, but no more than a couple of dozen on the 29th.

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM - AA Baseball - Field 5

7:00 to 8:00 PM - AAA Baseball - Field 5

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM - Major Baseball - Field 4

*There are no make-up player evaluations for Softball, Junior Baseball, or Senior Baseball. 

ALL Existing AND Potential New Volunteers - 2018 is a new years, so ALL volunteers must complete a new volunteer application for processing and filing. A link to an electronic version of the form is provided below. A PDF version can be found on the "Important Forms" page found in the left margin.

Registration Information

Late registration is open until January 27th. A $20 late fee is charged per player.

* See age charts below or visit to use the on-line league age calculator.


Teams will be announced during draft week - January 30 to February 3. If you have not heard from your manager by February 4 please contact SHLL via e-mail.


Practices Begin on February 5.





New Little League bat rule begins 1/1/2018

Parents please watch the video in the link below before purchasing that new bat for Christmas



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2011 Recipient of the District 12 Lou Caprara Volunteer of the Year Award
 District Administrator Tony Gisonni awards Danny Donovan the 2011 Lou Caprara Volunteer of the Year Award before the Junior Baseball District Championship game in Eastlake

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