• Team 8 59 Game Over 41
  • Droppin' Dimes 58 Talkin' 'Bout Practice 45
  • Triples 'n Dimes 66 Run It Back! 38
  • Throwbacks 60 Basket Brawlers 48

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12/17/2017 - Week 3 games

The Week 3  press release written by Steve Lee can be found here.

Check out the pics taken by Kevin Adams:


The Week 2 press release written by Dan Colwell can be found here.

Check out the pics taken by Terry Stephens here.



12/3/2017 - Week 1 games

Week 1 is in the books. Terry Stephens and Soji Ojugbele took some pics today.  Follow this link to view all of the photos.

The Week 1 press release written by Steve Lee can be found here.


Scrimmages #3 (11/26)

Schedule will be as follows:
1015AM: Session 1 Warmup
1025AM: Session 1 will start 
1125AM: Session 2 Warmup
1135AM: Session 2 will start

Session 1(Ford, St. John ,Falco,Lowder)
Lowder vs Ford
Ford vs St. John
Lowder vs Falco
St. John vs Falco
Session 2(Ciemniecki, Berry, Schmelz, Glynn):
Berry vs Ciemniecki
Ciemniecki vs Schmelz
Berry vs Glynn
Schmelz vs Glynn

All Time Leaders are updated

November 20, 2017

The All Time Leaders have been updated.  Jamal Berry has increased his lead in the all time points category with Warren Lowe coming up fast.  Will Jason Shann be able to hold on to the 2 spot for another year?  Jamal increased his rebounding lead over Kevin Gannon slightly but with KG taking the year off , that number 2 spot is Jason Holleys for the taking!  We have a new assists king.  Brian Ciemniecki sits atop the all time assists list with Warren Lowe close behind.  Check out the updated All Time Leaders!

Scrimmages #2 (11/19)

We are going to go with a similar schedule as last week.  ~15 min games.  Every team gets 2 games.

Schedule will be as follows:
1015AM: Session 1 Warmup
1025AM: Session 1 will start 
1125AM: Session 2 Warmup
1135AM: Session 2 will start

The sessions will be assigned as follows:
League, this is the schedule for this Sunday's scrimmages:
Session 1(Ciemnieck, Lowder, Schmelz, Glynn):
Glynn vs Ciemniecki
Ciemniecki  vs Lowder
Glynn vs Schmelz
Lowder vs Schmelz
Session 2(Berry, St. John, Ford, Falco):
St. John vs Berry
Berry vs Ford
St. John vs Falco
Ford vs Falco

Jamal's "My Useless Yet Controversial" (MUYC) preseason power rankings

November 10, 2017
[This post is slightly edited from Jamal Berry's original email}

So let's start with a review of last season. The team with the most overall talent won the championship. Gavin, Greg, Rich, Berger, St. John and some other guys proved to be too much for opponents (All love Frank Kev and Matt). They beat a "fortunate to be there" team called No Conscience...by a lot. The best team in the regular season lost to said No Conscience team by an incredible game winning reverse layup by Gregg "the Closer" Carder. You can still find the video on the website. Thank you for that league website guy. In case you haven't guessed, I was on the bad end of that game but I'm good now. I am. No really, I am. Right? Anyway, Warren Lowe easily won the scoring title by 4.5 ppg including a 44 point water boarding of an undermanned Shann squad. Rich got the league MVP award after leading the team with the most talent and the 3rd best record to the championship.


So what has everyone been up to since? Well, Gavin finally turned 30. No, it's true. I was at the party. The live band was crazy. When Chuck E. Cheese and the crew came out, Gavin almost lost it. There was pizza and I even came away with a pencil that read "Gavin's 30th". His teammate last year, the adventurous Rich, may have come back from some missionary work in an obscure country with the plague and kindly passed it on to all attendees of the draft on Tuesday. He's always giving. Another champ, Dave Berger got away from basketball going around the country to teach children that you don't have to be liked to win, you just have to win. My boy Troy has been at the gym the whole time trying to build more unnecessary muscles. He'll be ready for the zombie apocalypse. Terry's been on the charger like a Tesla. 83 year old Steve Lee has been in a cryotherapy chamber like always. He'll be the one with the taped fingers beating you down court. Yours truly? Well everyday that I wake up without Gregg Carder  on my mind is a win.


So now to current news. We had a great draft on Tuesday. Greg J. was the first pick by Tom St. John who developed his man crush playing with him last season. The last pick was Efrem who came in last year to save Ciemniecki's season. His sharpshooting, earned him the nickname the Toaster Oven. I guess people are buying microwaves these days. So let's quickly dive into the drafted teams with the 1st MUYC PRESEASON EDITION. 1st, who was the top selection in each round??? 


1st.  Getting the scoring champ with the 3rd pick is a win. Also, don't think we didn't see you Brendan. We've heard things. I saw the mild mannered Clark Kent routine. I've seen my share of Superman movies, my friend. Were those glasses even prescription?    

2nd Steve Murray is a steal here.

3rd Chris Burke is easily a 1/2 rd talent. Is Orlando this year's surprise later round selection?

4th A healthy Holley brings a lot to the table. Troy is a good value pick with his intangibles. By intangibles I mean he physically hurts opponents.

5th Joey Buckets is likely to lead this round in scoring.

6th Berger is a potent offensive weapon for this late in the draft. Mattina spreads the for with his 3 point shooting.

7th Soji could be another steal in the 7th round with his strong rebounding and shot blocking. Don't sleep on Sudeep. Oooh I got bars too. (those of you that don't understand that just ask me later)

8th Dan Murphy makes big plays every year. Gary's snacks are both healthy and tasty.



1. My team. Possibly contingent upon a healthy Shann but this team has shooting, ball handling, rebounding, defense, speed, size and depth. Plus, Gary's snack game is bananas.

2. Gavin's team. That frontcourt will cause problems. Plus Gavin has taken on the challenge rehabilitating old forgotten Dave's and bringing them to championships. First was Berger. This year...

3. Dennis Glynn. It gets really hard at this point. I have to go with winners and Rich and Steve Murray have proven to be just that.

4 Ciemeniecki. Brian made a bad team relevant last year. Paired with Eljay, is this the leagues best backcourt?

5 Falco. Big Smooth might be the best big man Warren has played with. Kobe/Shaq or DeShaun Stevenson/ Javale Mcgee.

6. Blake. Top 3 are versatile and dangerous including Clark Kent, I think. They have solid support but where's the size?

7.TSJ. They have best Gregs in the league (sorry Shea). The tall MVO is an unknown but could catapult them up with his production. Dan and Kieth are underrated.

8. Scott. Yes I know, bulletin board material. They could prove me wrong by playing great team ball. I haven't seen E. Halp  in awhile but he has been a top player in this league. Not that this isn't a talented team but I see holes like size and a true pg.


Okay that's all I got for now. If you take any of this seriously, it's going to be a long season for you. 

Let's stay healthy and have great season




Draft Results

November 8, 2017


Draft Tonight 11/7 at Darby Road

November 7, 2017

The draft is tonight 11/7 at Darby Road at 8 pm.  Come on over and enjoy the festivities.  Meet your new team and do some pre-season trash talking.


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