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DECEMBER Newsletter

Our December  newsletter with our 2018 speed & power rankings, new shirt/sweatshirt winners & tentative 2018 summer dates are posted under pages, in the top main menu.




We are going to create an atmosphere and an enviroment where we can help our players be successful. First as people, second as students, and third to develop a future career off the field. We want them to succeed as football players, have an outstanding high school career, and develop into men that we all can be proud of.



1} Be a T.E.A.M.- Together Everyone Achieves More. TEAM 1st in all that we do.

2} Be an ELEVEN- On a scale of 1-10, be and Eleven- on the field, off the field & in the classroom.

3} P.R.I.D.E.- Personal Responsibilty In Daily Effort. GET BETTER EVERY DAY.

4} WORK like a Champion, TODAY! Outwork your opponent daily. Fatique makes cowards of us all.

5} W.I.N.- What's Important Now. When things go wrong. Get over it, get up and try it again.

6} NO EXCUSES & NO REGRETS - Be accountable everyday and don't WISH you would've, should've or could've.

7} RELENTLESS EFFORT- Go 4 to 6 seconds, point A to point B, as hard as we can on every play & every rep.

8} COMPETE- COMPETE- Everyday in Everything. Life is about Competition.

9} DO YOUR JOB- Don't worry about anyone else, be accountable for Your JOB & Your Responsibility

10} MEMORIES- Have FUN & create memories that will last a lifetime.



The following athletes were our fall weight lifting winners. The winners were determined by how much they improved on their power club {3 lifts combined- Squat, Clean & Bench}.
Junior class-  Derrick Prewitt 65 ponds
Sophomore class- Braeden Walker 120 pounds
Freshman class- Treyton Ream & Jayden Steinkamp 135 pounds
DEDICATED DOUBLE DOZEN WINNERS {athletes who attended 24 am/after school workouts}
BAD to the BONE WINNERS {athletes who attended 40 am/after school workouts}

January- Robbie Branaman, Ethan Bundy, Dane Darlage, Lane Lucas, Brian Murphy, Grant Stuckwisch, Robert Buckles, Jake Cope, Sam Huber, Dustin Justice, Kyan McKain, Leighton Rose, Joseph Striegel, Braeden Walker, Camden Wynn, Jacob Blann, Layden Canary, Caden Clodfelder, Jacob Gross, Blake Kellogg, Nathan Neeley, Hunter Nolan, Treyton Ream & Aden Simler.

BFS GRADUATES-  Athletes who graduated to the Bigger, Faster & Stronger, 
8th grade- Joseph Wayt, Evan Williams, Creed Gambrel, Xavier Huffman, Braydon Millick, Cole Darlagem Kahne Bell, Dustyn Kocsis & Logan Burnside
7th grade- 
DEDICATED DOUBLE DOZEN WINNERS- {athletes who attended 24 after school workouts}
8th grade- 
7th grade-

  {athletes who attended 40 after school workouts}
8th grade- 
7th grade- 
8th grade- Reece Henry, Xavier Huffman, Brady Newberry, Ethan Owens, Jake Pauley & Logan Burnside
7th grade- Jeffrey Barker, Brocker Bottorff, Cristos McCormick, Ronald Pearson, Oakley Sawyers, Tucker Tormoehlen & Bryan Brewer








12th grade- 

11th grade

10th grade-

9th grade



8th grade

7th grade-  

6th grade



5th grade- Colsen Ellison, Jairdyn Kiser, Talan Hughbanks, Grant Killey & Evan Schneider


4th grade-  Kolton Helton, Isaac Hutchinson, Kaden Phillips, Sloan Stuckwisch, Hudson Johnson, Trevor Branaman, Joseph Gray, Dalton Jones, Collin Downing, Jaxson Johnson, Jack Pace, Micah Sheffer, Ty Brown, Carter Covert, Jack Gilley, Jace Reaser & Brody Short


3rd grade- Reece Osborne, Trey Isaacs, Dalton Brazzell, Chase Brock, Brady Davis, Cole Robbins, Grayson Vague, Ethan Wheeles, Sawyer Brown, Brock Dean & Brady Hallow




8th grade-

7th grade

6th grade

5th grade

4th grade

3rd grade






12th grade-

11th grade

10th grade-

9th grade



8th grade

7th grade

6th grade



5th grade- Colsen Ellison & Grant Killey

4th grade- Sloan Stuckwisch, Gavin Tiemeyer,, Ty Brown & Jace Reaser

3rd grade- Reece Osborne, Will Tiemeyer, Sawyer Brown, Brock Dean & Ethan Wheeles




8th grade-

7th grade-

6th grade

5th grade-

4th grade

3rd grade







500 North Elm Street Brownstown, IN 47220


School Information: Nickname – Braves Colors – Red & Black

Enrollment – 588 Conference – Mid-Southern

Stadium – Blevins Memorial Statium

Web Address – www.bchsfootball.com

Class – 3A Sectional – 31

Sectional Championships – 2016, 2015, 2013, 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2001 2000, 1996 & 1995

Regional Champions - 2016, 2008 & 2004

Conference Championships – 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1982, 1981 & 1968

Overall Playoff Record: 54- 35 (54- 25 last 25 seasons)

Facts: Offensive Scheme – Shotgun Single Wing                        Defensive Scheme – 4-3

 Head Coach: Reed May (Off Coord)

Coaching Staff: Shane Fallis (Def Coord/DB/Slots), Jeff Settle (OLB/WR), Jerry Brown {MLB/T}, Barry Hall (DL/C), Seth Zike (OLB/FB), Cam Cockerham {QB/DB} & Steven Wingler {DL/G}

 Middle School Staff: Mike Brown, Craig Fritz, Tom Wischmeier, Gregg Goshorn & Mark Reynolds

 56er Staff: Jon Robison, Todd Harrison, Brian Wheeler, Shane Fisher, Brian Branaman, Shane King, Casey Wayt, Ben Tiemeyer, Ryan Shoemaker & Josh McCrary

 School Overall Record: (53 Seasons) 365- 199- 2

Past 25 seasons 248- 50

 Contact Info:

School Phone #: 812- 358- 3453

Weightroom #: 812- 358- 4814

Cell Phone #: 812- 498- 3258 Coach May

E-Mail ; rmay@btownccs.k12.in.us

Newspaper: Seymour Tribune & The Jackson County Banner


2017 Summary:

Record: Overall 8- 2;

Rivalry Game: “Jackson County Bowl” Brownstown Central 31  Seymour 13

Lower Levels: JV Record: 5 - 3, C team record 1 -2

                       8th Record: 2 - 5; 7th Record: 4 - 3 - 1

Off Stats: Rush Yards /Game = 309  Pass Yards / Game = 46

Def Stats: Rush Allowed/Game = 148  Pass Allowed/Game = 102

Turnover Ratio: +6


 2018 Outlook:

Returning Starters: 11  (6 Offense, 5 Defense)

Returning Lettermen: 18

Returning All-State:   Returning All-Conference:






"If you want to get something you never had, you must do something you have never done." {1993- 2017}

As we begin the 54th Season of Brownstown Central Braves Football, our Journey Continues with the same “Process for Success” that has been in place these past 25 years. Performing “Work, Like a Champion” everyday and having P.R.I.D.E {Personal Responsibility In {your} Daily Effort} in everything that you do to become an “ELEVEN” {person, student and athlete} with “NO EXCUSES” toward attaining the goal of becoming the best T.E.A.M. that we can become by November. {The games that you play in November are the games that you remember}.




Those Who Commit Will Be Champions

  • Every Freshman Football Player who invested all 4 years of their High School Career was rewarded by being a member of a Mid-Southern Conference and/or Sectional Championship Team


Defend Home Field- Regular Season and the Playoffs

  • The Braves are 129- 17 (.883 winning %) at Blevins Memorial Stadium.

  • 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014 & 2015 the Braves completed Undefeated Home Regular Seasons.

  • A current streak of 1 Consecutive Home Victories.

  • Longest Home Winning Streak- 20 games, 1995- 1998

Regular Season Success

                The Braves are 194- 25 (.886 winning %) over the last 25 regular seasons.

  • 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2011, 2013 & 2014 the Braves completed Undefeated Regular Seasons.

          A current streak of 25 Consecutive Winning seasons

  • A current streak of 4 Consecutive Games Regular Season Winning Streak.

  • Longest Regular Season Winning Streak- 54 games, 1998- 2004

Playoff Success

       The Braves are 54- 25 {.683 winning %} over the last 25 years during the playoffs.

  • 20 First Round Sectional Playoff Victories

  • 19 Sectional Championship Game Appearances

  • 12 Sectional Championships

  • 3 Regional Championships


Mid-Southern Conference Success

 The Braves are 145- 19 {.884 winning %} over the last 25 years vs. Mid- Southern   Conference  opponents- all games- regular season & Playoffs

  • The Braves have won 17 of the Past 25 Mid-Southern Conference Championships

  • A current streak of 3 Consecutive Conference Wins

  • Longest Conference Winning Streak- 36 games, 1998- 2005

Great Players

  • 145 All-Mid Southern Conference Selections

  • 38 Academic All-State Selections

  • 12 North/South All-Star Game Selections- {Matt Rochner, Clay Fritz, Seth Zike, Brant Hurley, Clayton Beard, Jacoby Hines,  Chandler Lambring, Adam Mellencamp, Dustin Allman, Teddy Stucker, Steffen Lewis & Gavin Bane}

  • 4 Jackson County Player of the Year Selections {Dylan Patman, Clay Brown twice & Gavin Bane}

  • 1 Indiana Football Digest top- 25 Selection {Clay Brown}


Impressive Numbers

  • 9 Top Ten State Rankings in Offensive Points Scored {1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016}

  • 6 Top Ten State Rankings in Average Margin of Victory {1999, 2000, 2001, 2013, 2014 & 2016}

  • Past 25 seasons- 36.5 Points Per Game Scoring Average for the BCHS Offense

    {School Record 49.1 in 2013}


Great Feeder System

  • Seventh Grade Record 106- 63- 9 {.621 winning %} {3 undefeated teams}

  • Eighth Grade Record 120- 61- 5 {.659 winning %} {7 undefeated teams}

  • Freshman Grade Record 21- 26- 3 {.450 winning %} {vs. Big Schools}

  • Junior Varsity Record 136- 36 -1 {.789 winning %} {10 undefeated teams}


Great Player Development Program

  • 209- 225 pound Power Clean Club Members

  • 290- 700 pound Power Club Members {Bench, Squat & Power Clean}

  • 187- 800 pound Power Club Members

  • 90- 900 pound Power Club Members

  • 35 1000 pound Power Club Members

  • 9- 1100 pound Power Club Members


Go Braves!




BCFB 50 Greatest Players

A selected panel decided who were the top 50 players based on four criterias.

1} Honors received - North/South All-Star, All-State, Honorable Mention All-State, etc.

2} High School football statistics

3} Football coaches recommendation and evaluation

4} Fan Votes

The top 50 players will be honored before the Silver Creek (Homecoming) game on October 10th.



Senior Football Season Name
1969 Howard Jackson
1969 John Reid
1970 Mike Hurley
1971 Terry Grider
1971 Harry Rochner
1975 Richard Brewer
1978 Barry Hall
1979 Don Conrad
1980 Don Roberts
1981 Steve Butt
1981 Randy Forgey
1981 John Lawson
1982 Carl Bottorff
1982 Ken Hackman
1982 Todd Sturgeon
1990 Todd Isaacs
1992 Marc Hutcheson
1994 Jeremy Hines
1994 Jeremy Meyers
1995 Todd Brown
1995 Matt Rochner
1996 Clay Fritz
1996 Jade Peters
1997 Greg Wilson
1997 Seth Zike
1999 Drew Markel
2000 Brant Hurley
2000 Chris Lambring
2001 Clayton Beard
2001 David Garrison
2001 Levi Nehrt
2002 Jacoby Hines
2003 Jimmy Baker
2004 Brent Burcham
2004 Chandler Lambring
2004 Travis Maupin
2004 Mason Watson
2005 Adam Mellencamp
2006 Dustin Allman
2006 Daymond Reynolds
2008 Cam Cockerham
2008 Blaze Hurley
2008 Teddy Stucker
2010 David Baker
2010 Evan Eggersman
2010 Steffen Lewis
2011 Braden Scarlett
2011 Wade Toppe
2013 Drew Shoemaker
2014 Clay Brown




**Registration Forms**

Please click on the links below to access the registration forms for this summer and fall.  

2017 Middle School Summer Camp

2017 56er Summer Camp

2017 3rd and 4th Grade Flag Football


2018 Brownstown Central Turf Project

It was announced at the May 9th, 2017, BCCSC School board meeting that a turf football field and 8 lane track will be included in the 2018 building project. I would like to thank the school board, administration, coaching staff, POPS board and all of our fans who made this possible. It's great to be a BRAVE.




Why Synthetic Turf?


1} Upgrade our school facilities- With open enrollment, whether we like it or not, we are competing for students with Seymour and Trinity Lutheran. Seymour has done a great job in the last few years, putting forth a lot of effort and resources to improve the school itself and all the athletic facilities, including the brand new turf soccer and football fields in 2016. Enticing modern facilities can have a huge impact on kids and their parents to chose one school over another. If we do not improve our facilities to remain attractive to those students, then we could continue to see a decline in our enrollment, and as we all know, enrollment = funding.

2} Improve Parking at the High School-With the addition of a turf field, the football team would not use a portion of the present practice facility. This would open up an area that could be used for much needed parking. 

3} Accessibility- At the end of the season we run into a problem of where to practice. If we have bad weather our practice field is either under water or in poor shape, which could lead to injuries. Because of this we either have to practice on the game field or use the auxiliary gym. If we use the game field we could damage the field, which could hurt the condition of the field for a home tournament game. If we use the gym than the basketball team either practices later or does not practice, which hurts their program. With a turf field we would practice on the turf. Also other groups would benefit, including the high school band, the high school & middle school physical education classes, school clubs, community groups, middle school football program, the 56er football program and the Flag football program. Baseball and softball could also practice on the turf if they are unable to practice on their diamonds due to poor weather.

4} Safety- A consistent playing surface and low G-Max rating [a measurement of the shock absorbing properties of synthetic turf] is essential for a safe playing surface. Sure footing is key to preventing any type of foot, ankle and leg injuries, and a flat and consistent synthetic system can provide that type of surface, whereas grass fields have divots and develop ruts.  The G-Max rating is an important testing process for the final completion of a synthetic turf system. The proper G-Max rating will provide a safer playing surface to reduce the risk of head injuries as well. 

5} Environmental Impacts- By installing synthetic turf, some environmental benefits are gained such as reduced amounts of water and eliminations of fertilizers and gas-driven lawnmowers, all of which are needed to maintain natural grass fields. In addition, the new generation of artificial turf uses rubber granules made from recycled tires mixed in with sand as an infill material underneath the synthetic turf. Tire disposal has become a major problem for landfills in the United States and efforts to recycle this material are encouraged.

6} Opportunity- Because of its durability, turf can be used more often, thus generating the possibility of income through rental fees. Having a synthetic turf field creates more economic opportunities for Brownstown Central High School and the Brownstown Central Community School Corporation.

7} First Class Facility- The addition of a synthetic turf would upgrade our football facilities to a level comparable to Gibson Southern, Southridge, Providence, Lawrenceburg and Seymour.

8} Smart Investment- Natural grass fields are not as durable, which limits hours of usage. In addition, maintenance expenses can reach upwards of $30,000 annually. The yearly savings will be allocated to other school projects. Annual upkeep {from Southridge AD} $1500 per year for one antibacterial application for the year/one G max test {softness}. Turf maintenance {maintenance equipment is included in purchase price} - Southridge sweeps the turf on Fridays of home varsity games, grooms the turf one time per year. No issues with bacteria- they apply antimicrobial one time for the season.


 A partial list of high schools in Indiana currently using a synthetic surface or are in the process of getting a turf field:At the present time over 100 High Schools have or are getting a synthetic turf field.

Seymour                           Gibson Southern               Southridge                        Providence

Lawrenceburg                 Floyd Central                     New Albany                       Jeffersonville

Columbus East                Columbus North                Bloomington South         Bloomington North

Ev. Mater Dei                   Heritage Christian             Franklin                             Martinsville

Park Tudor                        Whiteland                         Warren Central                  Noblesville

Lafayette Jeff                     Homestead                         Portage                               Avon

Indpls. Cathedral            Ben Davis                            Roncalli                            Brebeuf

Carmel                            Center Grove                        Indpls. North Central       Pike

If you are interested in learning more about synthetic turf go to the following websites:
www.generalsportsturf.com - Columbus schools’ turf
www.fieldturf.com – Indianapolis Colts turf & Center Grove High School

www.themotzgroup.com – Lawrenceburg, Providence & Whiteland High Schools
www.sprinturf.com - Seymour, Gibson Southern, New Albany & Floyd Central High Schools

Anyone interested in helping with the Brownstown Central Turf Project can contact

Reed May

Head Football Coach                                              
{812} 498-3258 {cell}