Last Updated: August 21, 2017
  • 2017 Plainsboro Coed Softball season starts Wednesday April 26, 2017
  • Watch for 2017 Plainsboro Coed Softball USSSA Tournament Announcement
  • Now accepting new teams and players for our FALL division




Home of the Plainsboro Coed Softball League



Our 2017 Goodwill Games for the benefit of the Township of Plainsboro Food Pantry start tomorrow and will continue through Thursday.

All are welcome to join us and our Guest Teams.



2017 Plainsboro Coed FALL Softball registration is now underway. New teams and players are welcome. Games will begin around Labor Day and will continue until late October.  For more information contact:





The Plainsboro Coed Softball League is a Recreational Adult Coed League. Teams are made up of at least 3 female and 7 male players in the field. League games begin in April and continue through mid-August.

Our league plays Monday's through Friday's at 6:30pm and 8:00pm and on Saturday mornings during our regular season.

We are the ONLY league in the area that offers SCHEDULING FLEXIBILITY for teams during our regular season.

Our FALL division starts after Labor Day. Fall games are played on Tuesday nights, Friday nights, and Saturday afternoons.


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Aug 22
Goodwill Games: Saintly Pitches @ Tailgaters6:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: Misfits @ Breakers7:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: Tailgaters @ Hustle & Muscle7:30pmCommunity Park #3
Goodwill Games: Caddyshack @ Misfits8:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: Hustle & Muscle @ Breakers8:30pmCommunity Park #3
Wednesday, Aug 23
Goodwill Games: Hit It and Quit It @ Free Agents6:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: inventivHealth @ Hennessy Hitmen6:30pmCommunity Park #3
Goodwill Games: State Street @ Earthscape6:30pmMorris Davison Park
Goodwill Games: Caddyshack @ Hit It & Quit It7:30pmCommunity Park #3
Goodwill Games: Free Agents @ inventivHealth7:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: Free Agents @ State Street8:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: Hennessy Hitmen @ Caddyshack8:30pmCommunity Park #3
Thursday, Aug 24
Goodwill Games: Bristol Myers Squibb @ Seadogs6:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: MOE @ Conair6:30pmCommunity Park #3
Goodwill Games: Homers @ Bristol Myers Squibb7:30pmCommunity Park #2
Goodwill Games: Tailgaters @ MOE7:30pmCommunity Park #3
Tuesday, Sep 5
Start of FALL division Games6:15pmCommunity Park #2

For a complete calendar listing, click here!