Last Updated: September 19, 2017
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  • Community, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Hard Work, Discipline and Competition
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  • 14U Long Hill Twisters
    Bi-County 14U Champions, Final Record 12 - 0
  • 12U-B Long Hill Twisters
    PISL National West League Champions, 9-2 PISL record

President's Message on behalf of the Board of Directors


Welcome to the home of Long Hill Baseball and Softball Association (LHBSA).  Long Hill Baseball & Softball is a non-profit organization established to provide youth baseball and softball programs for players within Long Hill Township.  Our league is 100% driven by volunteer families and generously supported by our local township government and business sponsors.    

The mission of our board of directors is to ensure every child within our community has the opportunity to play baseball and softball in a fun and safe environment that promotes the values of community, working hard, teamwork, respect and sportsmanship.  In addition to these core values, having our players learn how to compete is important but above anything else it truly is “how you play the game”.  

Our programs start at the Pre-K level and run up until our players move onto their high-school years.  To support our players varying skill levels we offer a recreation league in the spring and travel leagues in the spring, summer and fall.  Our board continually stays up-to-date on what our neighboring towns, the high school and other development programs are doing to ensure we provide the appropriate resources, training and development to support all of our players and coaches regardless of their level of play.   Lastly, we encourage our players to be well rounded and participate in other sports/activities that will help them build the foundation and teach them the skills they will need to be successful in whatever they choose to do in life.

Our board welcomes all feedback, suggestions and comments to help us provide the best experience for our players. We are proud parents like you and want the best for our children, your children and our township.  We love the game and look forward to seeing you at the ballpark!



Greg Russotti                                                            Michael Pudlak

President - Long Hill Baseball & Softball                   Vice President - Long Hill Baseball & Softball

Director of Softball Operations                                  Director of Baseball Operations





Upcoming Games

Tuesday, Sep 19
2017 Fall Baseball
Warren League Game @ 07U (Herring) Rookie5:30pmWarren - M3
2017 Fall Softball Practices
PRACTICE 14UA Ekert6:00pmLong Hill - Meyersville
Wednesday, Sep 20
2017 Fall Baseball
Batting Practice & Bullpens (Instruction) @ 10U (Pudlak) Travel6:00pmOut Of The Park 22
PRACTICE 08U (Simo) Travel7:00pmLong Hill - American
2017 Fall Softball Practices
PRACTICE 12UA Russotti5:00pmLong Hill - National
PRACTICE 8U Falvey5:30pmLong Hill - American
PRACTICE 12UB Sarti6:00pmLong Hill - Senior
Thursday, Sep 21
2017 Fall Baseball
PRACTICE 12U (DiSarno) Majors6:00pmLong Hill - American
06U (Giafaglione) Instructional @ Warren League Game6:00pmWarren Municipal Fields TBD
PRACTICE 09U (Lapetina) Minors7:30pmLong Hill - American
2017 Fall Softball Practices
PRACTICE 10UA Johnstone5:30pmLong Hill - National
Friday, Sep 22
2017 Fall Baseball
12U (DiSarno) Majors @ Warren League GameTBATBA
PRACTICE 07U (Herring) Rookie4:15pmLong Hill - National
PRACTICE 10U (Pudlak) Travel5:30pmLong Hill - National
09U (Lapetina) Minors @ Warren League Game6:00pmWarren Municipal Fields TBD
14U Fall Softball
Long Hill Blue @ Westfield8:00pmLong Hill - Meyersville
10U National Fall Softball
Long Hill Blue @ New Providence6:00pmLong Hill - American
12U National Fall Softball
Berkeley Heights @ Basking Ridge6:00pmLong Hill - Meyersville
12U American Fall Softball
Maplewood- S Orange @ New Providence8:00pmLong Hill - American
2017 Fall Softball Practices
PRACTICE 10B Russotti5:30pmLong Hill - Senior
PRACTICE 8U Falvey5:30pmLong Hill -Millington School
Saturday, Sep 23
2017 Fall Baseball
11U (Stanard) Travel @ USABL League GameTBATBA
12U (DiSarno) Majors @ Warren League GameTBATBA
09U (Lapetina) Minors @ Warren League GameTBAWarren Municipal Fields TBD
Warren League Game @ 07U (Herring) Rookie1:30pmLong Hill - American
USABL League Game @ 10U (Pudlak) Travel3:30pmLong Hill - American
08U (Simo) Travel @ USABL League GameTBALong Hill - American
USABL League Game @ 10U (Pudlak) Travel5:30pmLong Hill - American
14U Fall Softball
Somerset Hills @ Basking Ridge Green3:00pmLong Hill - Meyersville
Long Hill Red @ Basking Ridge Black5:00pmLong Hill - Meyersville
8U Fall Softball
New Providence @ Basking Ridge11:00amLong Hill - Senior
Berkeley Heights Blue @ Maplewood- S Orange12:30pmLong Hill - Senior
Westfield @ Berkeley Heights Red2:00pmLong Hill - Senior
Long Hill Red @ Somerset Hills3:30pmLong Hill - Senior
10U National Fall Softball
Long Hill Red @ Berkeley Heights11:00amLong Hill - American
10U American Fall Softball
Basking Ridge @ Westfield Blue9:00amLong Hill - Senior
Warren @ Somerset Hills11:00amLong Hill - National
Long Hill @ Westfield White3:00pmLong Hill - National
12U National Fall Softball
New Providence @ Westfield9:00amLong Hill - National
Watchung Hills @ Maplewood- S Orange1:00pmLong Hill - National
12U American Fall Softball
Long Hill @ Watchung Hills9:00amLong Hill - American
Sunday, Sep 24
2017 Fall Baseball
PRACTICE 06U (Giafaglione) Instructional10:00amLong Hill - Senior
PRACTICE 08U (Simo) Travel5:00pmLong Hill - National
2017 Fall Softball Practices
PRACTICE 8U Hansen2:00pmLong Hill - National
PRACTICE 14UB Raymond6:30pmLong Hill - American
Monday, Sep 25
2017 Fall Baseball
PRACTICE 11U (Stanard) Travel7:00pmLong Hill - American
2017 Fall Softball Practices
PRACTICE 10B Johnstone6:00pmLong Hill - Meyersville

For a complete schedule listing, click here!