Last Updated: September 12, 2017
  • Coach Marty Inducted into US Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  • Kevin DiLegge named Athletes Serving Athletes Athlete of the Year.
  • Support No Limits at the Shootout For Soldiers
  • Cheer on Kevin and Matt in the Boston Marathon
  • Fall session September 12th, 19th, and 26th.

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Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse

We are a lacrosse team. We play lacrosse. The description of our program as adaptive is a reference to the modifications that we have made to maximize the participants’ experience. This is not unique to us. Adaptation has been the hallmark of lacrosse since French missionaries first discovered the sport being played by Native Americans. Tribes had their own unique spins on the game, some using one and others playing with two sticks. When the game started on the collegiate level in the late Nineteenth Century, there was no difference between the men’s and women’s game. This continued until the mid 1930s when the men adapted new rules, equipment and format. Youth leagues, high school, college and professional levels have all adapted rules and equipment to enhance the experience, specific to the age and development level of the participants. The change in equipment has been incredible in the last 40 years and this adaptation has lead to the overwhelming popularity of the sport. The game is continually adapting and our program is consistent with that aspect of lacrosse. We embrace change and growth to enhance the sport for our athletes. We play lacrosse. We are a lacrosse team.

Cheer on Kevin and Matt in the Boston Marathon

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From the front page of the Baltimore Sun?! Go find your copy & read the amazing story of Team Kevin!


Visit the fundraising page to support No Limits and Shootout for Soldiers.