Last Updated: May 25, 2016
Countdown to the Altoona AAABA Regional Tournament
Friday, July 29, 2016   10:00 AM

2016 Altoona AAABA League to kick-off with Memorial Day doubleheader

The start of the 2016 Altoona AAABA League is almost here! Four teams (Wise Trailer Sales, Johnston Realty, Railbirds, and Barton's Plumbing) will again be competing to be the Altoona representative in the National AAABA Tournament this summer in Johnstown.  The 2016 season will begin with a special doubleheader on Memorial Day, May 30th, in Juniata. Railbirds will host Johnston Realty at 1pm, with Wise Trailer Sales ready to battle Barton's Plumbing at 3pm.

So, before (or after...or during) your Memorial Day picnic, why not stop by the Juniata Civics Field and watch some great local baseball talent battle it out as the 2016 AAABA season gets underway.

Upcoming Games

Monday, May 30
Altoona AAABA
Johnston Realty @ Railbirds1:00pmJuniata
Wise Trailer Sales @ Barton's Plumbing3:00pmJuniata
Thursday, Jun 2
Altoona AAABA
Johnston Realty @ Railbirds6:00pmMansion Park
Saturday, Jun 4
Altoona AAABA
Johnston Realty @ Barton's Plumbing1:00pmJuniata
Wise Trailer Sales @ Railbirds3:00pmJuniata
Sunday, Jun 5
Altoona AAABA
Barton's Plumbing @ Railbirds1:00pmJuniata
Johnston Realty @ Wise Trailer Sales3:00pmJuniata
Thursday, Jun 9
Altoona AAABA
Barton's Plumbing @ Wise Trailer Sales6:00pmMansion Park
Saturday, Jun 11
Altoona AAABA
Railbirds @ Johnston Realty1:00pmJuniata
Barton's Plumbing @ Wise Trailer Sales3:00pmJuniata
Sunday, Jun 12
Altoona AAABA
Barton's Plumbing @ Johnston Realty1:00pmJuniata
Railbirds @ Wise Trailer Sales3:00pmJuniata

For a complete schedule listing, click here!