Last Updated: June 27, 2016

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Countdown to the Altoona AAABA Regional Tournament
Friday, July 29, 2016   11:00 AM

Recently rescheduled games

**The June 23rd postponed game between Railbirds and Wise Trailer Sales has been rescheduled for 8pm on Thursday, July 7th, at Mansion Park.



Remember, you can always check the 'schedule changes/updates' dropdown tab on the 'Bulletin Board' for updated info on any schedule changes throughout the season.

Upcoming Games

Thursday, Jun 30
Altoona AAABA
Wise Trailer Sales @ Johnston Realty6:00pmMansion Park
Saturday, Jul 2
Altoona AAABA
Railbirds @ Johnston Realty1:00pmJuniata
Barton's Plumbing @ Wise Trailer Sales3:00pmJuniata
Wednesday, Jul 6
Altoona AAABA
Johnston Realty @ Barton's Plumbing6:00pmJuniata
Thursday, Jul 7
Altoona AAABA
Railbirds @ Barton's Plumbing6:00pmMansion Park
Railbirds @ Wise Trailer Sales8:00pmMansion Park
Saturday, Jul 9
Altoona AAABA
Barton's Plumbing @ Johnston Realty1:00pmJuniata
Railbirds @ Wise Trailer Sales3:00pmJuniata
Sunday, Jul 10
Altoona AAABA
Wise Trailer Sales @ Johnston Realty1:00pmJuniata
Railbirds @ Barton's Plumbing3:00pmJuniata

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