Last Updated: June 28, 2016
  • Congratulations to the 2015 Montgomery Division Champion South Shore Giants
  • Congratulations to the 2015 Doubleday Division Champion Waltham Braves
  • Congratulations to the 2015 Montalvo Division Champion Reds
  • Congratulations to the 2015 BAmBUU Champion Braintree Mariners
  • Congratulations to the 2015 Fenway Division Champion Waltham Braves

We dedicate the 2016 season to the Women and Men of the U.S. Armed Forces
Real American Heroes
They serve so we can play...


Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Jun 29
Fenway Division
Knights @ South Shore Hawks8:00pmBarnes Memorial Park
Quincy Fours @ Parkway Pirates8:00pmJefferson Field
Braintree Cardinals @ Waltham Braves8:00pmNipper Maher Field
Thursday, Jun 30
Montalvo Division
Boston Cardinals @ North Andover Thunder7:30pmHolman Stadium
Boston Astros @ Reds8:00pmBowzer Field (Edmunds)
Montgomery Division
Norwood Red Sox @ South Shore Giants7:30pmClifford Field
Boston Townies @ Waltham Braves8:00pmNipper Maher Field
Saturday, Jul 2
Doubleday R. I.
Goodfella's @ Salty Dogs10:00amSeekonk High School
Goodfella's @ Yankees1:00pmSeekonk High School
Sunday, Jul 3
Doubleday R. I.
Quincy Fours @ Red Sox10:00amSeekonk High School
Tuesday, Jul 5
Montgomery Division
Waltham Braves @ South Shore Giants7:30pmClifford Field
Marciano Division
Reds @ Parkway Pirates8:00pmKelley Field
Wednesday, Jul 6
Fenway Division
Waltham Braves @ Parkway Pirates8:00pmNipper Maher Field
Thursday, Jul 7
Montalvo Division
Norwood Red Sox @ Boston Townies7:30pmClifford Field
Braintree Rockies @ North Andover Thunder8:00pmBowzer Field (Edmunds)
Montgomery Division
Acton Orioles @ Waltham Braves8:00pmNipper Maher Field
Marciano Division
Boston Cardinals @ Boston Astros8:00pmEnglish High School
Saturday, Jul 9
Fenway Division
Knights @ Waltham Braves2:00pmNipper Maher Field
South Shore Hawks @ Parkway Pirates5:00pmNipper Maher Field
Quincy Fours @ Braintree Cardinals7:00pmNipper Maher Field
Sunday, Jul 10
Doubleday Division - North
Waltham Braves @ Cambridge Eagles9:00amSt. Peter's Field
Doubleday Division - South
Hurricanes @ Scituate Mariners12:00pmScituate High School
Winchester Chiefs @ Quincy Fours4:00pmColetta/Merrymount Field
Goodfella's @ Parkway Pirates4:00pmEast Bridgewater Jr./Sr. High School
Monday, Jul 11
Montalvo Division
Boston Townies @ Acton Orioles8:00pmActon-Boxborough High School
Marciano Division
Norwood Red Sox @ Boston Cardinals8:00pmBarnes Memorial Park

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