Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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  • Congratulations to the 2013 Montgomery Division Champion Norwood Red Sox
  • Congratulations to the 2013 Doubleday Division Champion Waltham Braves
  • Congratulations to the 2013 Montalvo Division Champion Waltham Cubs
  • Congratulations to the 2013 BAmBUU Champion Milton Fighting Irish
  • Congratulations to the 2013 Fenway Division Champion Duxbury Cardinals

We dedicate the 2014 season to the Women and Men of the U.S. Armed Forces
Real American Heroes
They serve so we can play...


Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Aug 21
Montalvo Division
Boston Cardinals @ Boston Astros 8:00pm English High School
Watertown Nationals @ Waltham Braves 8:00pm Nipper Maher Field
Montgomery Division
Hyde Park Blue Jays @ Norwood Red Sox 8:00pm Balch Field
North Andover Thunder @ Braintree Rockies 8:00pm Holman Stadium
Saturday,  Aug 23
Doubleday Division - North
Winchester Chiefs @ Waltham Braves 7:00pm Nipper Maher Field
Montalvo Division
Hyde Park Blue Jays @ Reds 7:00pm Bowzer Field (Clancy)
Montgomery Division
Brockton Dodgers @ Braintree Rockies 4:00pm Edgars Field
Sunday,  Aug 24
Doubleday Division - North
Quincy Fours @ Parkway Pirates 4:00pm Iacono Field
Doubleday Division - South
Winchester Chiefs @ Scituate Mariners 10:30am McDonald Field
Waltham Braves @ McKinnon's Bulls 4:30pm Strongs Field
Monday,  Aug 25
Montalvo Division
Braintree Rockies @ Boston Cardinals 7:30pm Braintree High School
Tuesday,  Aug 26
Montalvo Division
Watertown Nationals @ Boston Cardinals 7:30pm St. Peter's Field
Boston Astros @ Reds 8:00pm Bowzer Field (Clancy)
Waltham Braves @ North Andover Thunder 8:00pm Mt. Vernon Field
Wednesday,  Aug 27
Fenway Division
South Shore Hawks @ Knights 8:00pm Barnes Memorial Park
Waltham Braves @ Duxbury Cardinals 8:00pm Nipper Maher Field
Thursday,  Aug 28
Montalvo Division
Brockton Dodgers @ Reds 7:30pm St. Peter's Field
Watertown Nationals @ Hyde Park Blue Jays 8:00pm English High School
Boston Astros @ Waltham Braves 8:00pm Nipper Maher Field
Montgomery Division
North Andover Thunder @ Norwood Red Sox 8:00pm Balch Field
Saturday,  Aug 30
Fenway Division
Duxbury Cardinals @ South Shore Hawks 4:00pm Strongs Field
Wednesday,  Sep 3
Fenway Division
Knights @ Duxbury Cardinals 8:00pm Barnes Memorial Park
South Shore Hawks @ Waltham Braves 8:00pm Nipper Maher Field

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