Last Updated: March 23, 2017
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  • President Meetings first Tuesday of each month

Proud Home of the 2016


District 20 Tournament Champions

Glendora National - Seniors

Glendora National - Juniors

Glendora National - Majors

Glendora American - 10-11 yr olds

 La Verne - 9-10 yr olds

La Verne - 6-7 yr olds



Ted is an amazing man and an inspiration to all that know him. He has supported the entire Glendora Community for 37 years and has been a positive influence on more members of our District than we will ever truly know. I am honored to have spent countless hours watching and talking about baseball with this kind, generous man. If you happen to stop by the Glendora American fields anytime through the LL Sectional tournament, if you see him around town, or even see him supporting Glendora American at one their their tournament games, please shake his hand and say Thank you! He is a true example of what Little League stands for. Thank you Ted! You will truly be missed.

2016 Section 3 Little League Tournament

Game 1:  D20- Glendora National 4 vs D19- La Puente National 5 

Game 2:  D18-Alhambra American 2 vs D23-Upland Foothill 10

Game 3:  La Puente National 11 vs Upland Foothill 12

Game 4:  Glendora National 19 vs Alhambra American 6

Game 5:  Glendora National 5 vs La Puente National 7

Game 6:  La Puente National vs Upland Foothill   July 19  5pm

if nec., Game 7  July 20  5pm


The Section 3 Little League Tournament will be hosted by Glendora American LL

 at Goddard Middle School -859 E Sierra Madre Ave, Glendora, CA 91741


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2016 CA Section 3 10-11 yr old Tournament

Game 1:  D20- Glendora American 4 vs D23- Upland Foothill 5

Game 2:  D18-El Monte National 6 vs D19- La Puente National 1

Game 3:  Glendora American 13 vs La Puente National 0

Game 4:  Upland Foothill vs El Monte National   July 18  8pm

Game 5:  Glendora American 15 vs El Monte National 10

Game 6:   Glendora American 3 vs Upland Foothill 12



Hosted by Temple City National LL at Millham Field

6256 Oak Ave.  Temple City, California 91780

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2016 CA Section 3 9-10 yr old Tournament

Game 1:  D19-West Covina National 4 loses to D23-Upland National 14

Game 2:  D18-Temple City National 12 vs D20- La Verne 2

Game 3:  West Covina National 2 vs La Verne 16

Game 4:  Temple City 17 National vs Upland National 2 

Game 5:  La Verne 8 vs Upland National 10

Game 6:  Upland National 15 vs Temple City National 13


Hosted by Ontario Western LL at Homer Briggs field   -2099 S Oaks Ave; OntarioCalifornia 91762

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Little League has adjusted the age cutoff to August 31st for players born on/after Sept 1, 2006.  The age chart for baseball players for the 2016 season is as follows:

For additional information regarding this adjustment, please click here


Welcome to Little League District 20

Welcome to the California District 20 Little League web site. District 20 was created in 1958 as one of the original 33 California Districts. District 60 was spun off from District 20 in 1971.  We are part of California Section 3.

District 20 encompasses the following leagues: Claremont, Glendora American, Glendora National, La Verne, Pomona American, Pomona National, Pomona South West, Pomona Ted Greene and San Dimas.

We hold president meetings the first Tuesday of each month from October to June. Meetings are held at the Hillcrest Community in La Verne.

If you have any questions, please email us and we will attempt to answer in a timely manner.