Last Updated: 24 July, 2014

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Corporate Soccer Academy 2014
Corporate Soccer Academy 2014

Canadian Corporate Soccer league

Corporate Soccer

Welcome to The Canadian Corporate Soccer League. We offer summer and winter leagues in Montreal and other Canadian cities. Follow all our action at .
Summer Season in Montreal comences on 28 April 2014 - Registration is now open!


Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  24 Jul
Summer Coed 2
BMO United FC @ Prestige FC 7:00pm Forbes Field
Ubisoft Titans FC @ IATA FC 8:00pm Forbes Field
FC Loto-Quebec @ Bishop St. Bombers 2 9:00pm Forbes Field
KPMG FC @ GCM United FC 10:00pm Forbes Field
Friday,  25 Jul
Summer Division 2
Total United FC @ Blackstone 7:00pm Molson Stadium
Cafeteros FC 2 @ PSG Montreal FC 8:15pm Molson Stadium
FC Atwater @ Standard Life FC 2 9:30pm Molson Stadium
Summer Division 4
OSTC FC @ Suncor FC 7:00pm Forbes Field
VTEK FC @ ABB FC 8:00pm Forbes Field
FC Ubisoft 4 @ GDI FC 9:00pm Forbes Field
AMF FC @ LaCaisse United FC 10:00pm Forbes Field
Sunday,  27 Jul
Summer Premiership
LCCanada @ Solmar FC 7:00pm Molson Stadium
Alianza FC @ Licorne FC 9:00pm Molson Stadium
Summer Division 3
FC Urbania 2 @ E&Y United FC 3:00pm Molson Stadium
Transcomax FC @ Societe Generale FC 4:15pm Molson Stadium
5ta FC @ FC Ubisoft 3 5:30pm Molson Stadium

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Canadian Corporate Soccer League