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Welcome to the home of the
Edgewater Park Athletic Association



EPAA's Opening Day!


Saturday April 19th at Memorial Field 

744 Cooper Street

Edgewater Park NJ 08010



Baseball, Softball, Flag Football and Cheerleading will be on display.  Come on out and have some fun. We need volunteers if you can spare a half hour to an hour. 



7:30 am - Teams report to Magowan Elementary School parking lot at 7:30am for parade  Line-up. (All players marching should be in uniform.)

8:05 am - Parade leaves for Memorial field at 8:05am.

8:40 am - Opening Announcements- Team presentation.


Baseball Schedule

9:00 - Rookies - EP2 @ EP1 - Memorial Field

1:00 - Minors EP2 @ EP1 - Kite Field

3:00 - Majors EP2 @ EP1 - Kite Field


Softball Schedule

10:30 - 6U - Riv-Mongon @ EP-Congdon - Memorial (Rookies Field)

10:30 - 8U - BC2-Reeves @ EP-Baldwin - Memorial (Front Field)

10:30 - 12U - EP2-Schuck @ EP1-Marks - Memorial (Back Field)

12:30 - 10U - Riv2-Sprankle @ EP-Comegys - Memorial (Front Field)

12:30 - 15U - Delran @ EP-Harris - Memorial (Back Field)


Flag Football / Cheerleading Schedule

9:05 - Div 1 – Baldwin vs Shansey - Cheerleaders

10:05 - Div 2 – Torres vs Ashinoff - Cheerleaders

11:05 - Div 3 – WMA vs Torres

12:00 - Div 1 – Evans vs Peak

1:00 - Div 2 – Smith vs Torres 

2:00 - Div 3 – Fink vs Duckworth



Congratulations to the 2014 10U Softball All Star Team!

Alana Baar
Emily Bennett
Annalise Caruso
Alexandra Davan
Joslyn Epperson
Alayna Gilbo
Paige Hilferty
Grace Iwanicki
Brookelyn Parker
Layla Reeves
Cassandra Shea
Tiffany Tolomeo
Skylar Warn
Head Coach: Tom Hilferty
Asst. Coach: Brian Iwanicki
Asst. Coach: Martianne Rich


Spring is in the air and so is the smell of Spring Sports.

 Its time for Spring Flag Football!!!

Flag Football online registration will remain open until Monday April 7th.

There will be one final onsite registration on Monday April 7th at the Holiday Skating Center from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Registration fee includes one ticket to the EPAA Championship games which will be played at THE PHILADELPHIA SOUL FIELD @ THE WELLS FARGO CENTER before the Soul game.

The season will kick off on Saturday April 19th.  This will be Opening Day For Baseball, Softball, Flag football and Cheerleading. It looks to be a great day to start off the seasons.




Congratulations to the 2014 12U Softball All Star Team!

Brianna Baer
Tessa Bruneau
Camryn Curicale
Alyssa Dimico
Shannon Dorety
Grace Eagleson
Nicole Makin
Angelina Marinez
Brooke Richards
Emily Schmitt
Emily Wojoieckowski

EPAA General Meetings will be at 45th St. Pub
In a continuing effort to bolster the number of parents who will come to the EPAA monthly General meetings, we're going to hold our next monthly meeting at the 45th St Pub again.
The meeting will be 2nd tuesday of each month at 8:30 pm. Come on out, hear about the EPAA activities, contribute your ideas, and relax at the 45th St. Pub!
EPAA Goals for 2014

The 2014 EPAA Board has established these goals for the year. It will take lots of hardwork and volunteers. We hope to continue growing the player participation levels this year to put us on a great long term path of youth athletics being alarge benefit to Edgewater Park Residents.

Goals for 2014:


• Continue making our programs the best they can be

• Increase registrations and community involvement

• Review possibility of adding additional sports team

• Review possible grants to enhance our fields and programs

• Increase fundraising 

• Repeat the Bonfire Tradition

• Continued collaboration with the Township and other EP





EPAA Website
The Edgewater Park Athletic Association (EPAA) uses this website to support our various sports leagues. The primary focus of the website is to provide one place where team rosters, schedules, and EPAA information can be found. This is being done in an effort to better communicate the mission of our organization and the progress all our teams are making.

As you look around the website you will find many useful links to information that is useful all year long and even a link to weather information that is relevant today. Please don't hesitate to make suggestions for further improvements.

On behalf of the entire EPAA, we thank you for your child's participation in our leagues, and ask that you participate as much as possible to help us provide the best environment for the development of our children.

Note: For security reasons, childrens personal information will not be made available on the website.
Sign up to Receive EPAA News via Email
To stay informed about EPAA information, events, and notices, you can join our email list. Simply click on the link to the left "Join our Mailing list" and add your name and email address.

We try to send out emails only for pertinent news and are very mindful of the glut in mailboxes today. If at anytime you wish to be removed from the mailing list, you can simply reply to the message with "unsubscribe" in the subject and your email address will be deleted from the list.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 24
Softball - 8U
BC1-Pennise @ RIV1-Venetz 6:00pm Riverside Whomsley 3
Softball - 10U
RIV1-Lapp @ DEL-Iwanicki 6:00pm Delanco West Ave
Softball - 12U
BCYAA @ BC1-Pennise 6:00pm BC Farner
Delanco-McGinley @ Delran-Powell 6:00pm Delran Notre Dame Field
BC2-Birmingham @ EP2-Schuck PostPoned EP Memorial Back
DEL 1 @ RIV 2 5:45pm Riverside Whomsley 2
EP 1 @ DEL 1 5:45pm Delanco West Ave
BC 2 @ RIV 1 5:45pm Riverside Whomsley 2
Friday,  Apr 25
Softball - 8U
BC1-Pennise @ RIV3-Nowlan Cancelled Riverside Whomsley 3
Softball - 10U
BC2-Schuyler @ BC1-Gilbo 6:00pm BC Grant
Softball - 15U
BC1-Fugn @ Delran 6:15pm Delran Leon Ave.
Softball - 12U Travel
Riverfront @ Sacred Heart Blue 6:15pm Sacred Heart - Westampton Field Complex
BCYAA 1 @ EP 1 5:45pm Edgewater Park Memorial Field
RIV 1 @ EP 2 5:45pm Edgewater Park Memorial Field
DEL 1 @ BC 2 5:45pm Burlington Logan Minors
BCYAA @ DEL 2 5:45pm Delanco West Ave
EP 1 @ RIV 2 6:30pm Riverside Whomsley 2
BC 1 @ BCYAA 5:45pm Burlington Uhler Majors
Saturday,  Apr 26
Softball - 6U
RIV-Mongon @ EP-Congdon 10:30am EP Memorial
Softball - 8U
DEL1-Hankey @ BC2-Reeves 10:00am BC Grant
BCYAA @ RIV3-Nowlan 10:00am Riverside Whomsley 3
RIV2-Loughry @ EP-Baldwin 10:30am EP Memorial Front
DEL2-Clauss @ BC1-Pennise 12:00pm BC Grant
Softball - 10U
BCYAA @ RIV2-Sprankle 5:30am Riverside Whomsley 3
RIV1-Lapp @ BC2-Schuyler 2:00pm BC Grant
Softball - 12U
Delanco-McGinley @ EP2-Schuck 10:30am EP Memorial Back
BCYAA @ EP1-Marks 11:00am EP Memorial Back
RIV2-Soloman @ BC1-Pennise 12:00pm BC Farner
BC2-Birmingham @ Moorsetown 6:00pm Moorestown Wesley Bishop Field
Delran-Powell @ RIV1-Gogliuzza 6:30pm Riverside Whomsley 1
Softball - 15U
EP-Harris @ BCYAA 1:00pm BCYAA (Sunset and Pennypacker)
BC2-Cavalier @ BC1-Fugn 6:00pm BC Farner
Softball - 12U Travel
Pinelands @ Riverfront 5:00pm Edgewater Park Memorial Field - Backfield
T Ball
Riverside 1 @ EPAA 2 3:00pm EP Memorial
BC 2 @ DEL 2 1:00pm Delanco West Ave
Flag Division 1
Peak @ Baldwin 10:00am TBA
Flag Division 3
WMA @ Duckworth 9:00am TBA
Sunday,  Apr 27
Softball - 12U Travel
Marlton @ Riverfront 3:00pm Edgewater Park Memorial Field - Backfield
Riverfront @ Cherry Hill Purple 7:00pm Cherry Hill National Cooper
Monday,  Apr 28
Softball - 10U
BC1-Gilbo @ DEL-Iwanicki 6:00pm Delanco West Ave
Softball - 12U
BCYAA @ RIV2-Soloman 6:30pm BCYAA (Sunset and Pennypacker)
BC 2 @ BCYAA 1 5:45pm Field 2
DEL 1 @ BCYAA 2 5:45pm Field 2
RIV 2 @ EP 1 5:45pm Edgewater Park Kite Field
BC 1 @ DEL 2 5:45pm Delanco West Ave
BC 2 @ DEL 1 5:45pm Delanco West Ave
BCYAA @ EP 2 5:45pm Edgewater Park Kite Field
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Softball - 8U
RIV3-Nowlan @ BC3-Holder 6:00pm BC Grant
Softball - 10U
RIV1-Lapp @ RIV2-Sprankle 6:00pm Riverside Whomsley 3
Softball - 15U
Delran @ Riv-Wojceichowski 6:30pm Riverside Whomsley 1
RIV 2 @ EP 1 5:45pm Edgewater Park Memorial Field
BC 1 @ DEL 1 5:45pm Delanco West Ave
RIV 1 @ BCYAA 5:45pm Riverside Whomsley 2
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Softball - 8U
BC3-Holder @ BC2-Reeves 6:00pm BC Grant
BC1-Pennise @ EP-Baldwin 6:00pm EP Memorial Front
DEL2-Clauss @ RIV1-Venetz 6:00pm Riverside Whomsley 3
Softball - 10U
DEL-Iwanicki @ BCYAA 6:00pm BCYAA (Sunset and Pennypacker)
Softball - 12U
EP1-Marks @ Delran-Powell 6:00pm Delran Notre Dame Field
T Ball
EPAA 1 @ Delanco 2 6:00pm Delanco Tee Ball
BCYAA @ RIV 2 5:45pm Riverside Whomsley 2
DEL 1 @ BC 1 5:45pm Burlington Uhler Majors
DEL 2 @ EP 1 5:45pm Edgewater Park Kite Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday,  May 13
EPAA Community Meeting 8:30pm 45th St. Pub
Tuesday,  Jun 10
EPAA Community Meeting 8:30pm 45th St. Pub
Tuesday,  Jul 8
EPAA Community Meeting 8:30pm 45th St. Pub
Tuesday,  Aug 12
EPAA Community Meeting 8:30pm 45th St. Pub
Tuesday,  Sep 9
EPAA Community Meeting 8:30pm 45th St. Pub
Tuesday,  Oct 14
EPAA Community Meeting 8:30pm 45th St. Pub

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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