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President's 2016 Opening Letter

As the holidays approach, the new year is just around the corner. With the new year comes the anticipation of baseball.  President Caldiero has important information for you, as well as some news. To read his letter, click here.



Something to think about, Let's get ready.




Think Ahead- Umpires must know their responsibilities and priorities before every pitch.  This can be a rather daunting task when you consider there are hundreds of things that can happen on every pitch and the average person can only focus on a few things at a time.  Therefore to help even the odds, umpires just like players must be aware of the game situation and know what the likely plays are before they happen. Being surprised is the worst thing that can happen to an umpire.


Pause, Read and React- When a fly ball is hit the base umpire must determine whether or not he should go out on the ball.   In order to make this decision the base umpire uses a procedure called “pause, read and react.”  The base umpire will hesitate while taking his eye off the ball (pause) and focus his attention on the reactions of outfielders (read).  The outfielders reactions will then tell the base umpire whether he should go out on the ball (react). 


Angle vs. Distance- Every time an umpire makes a call he is at a certain angle and distance from the play.  For instance plays at first base- The base umpire should be 10-15 feet away from first base and at a 90° angle from the throw.  Whenever possible angle and distance should be maintained.  However when it is not possible angle is more important than distance. 


Hustle don’t Hurry- As an umpire hustling to get into position to make a call is a must.  However, hustling to the point of hurrying is disastrous.  You must allow yourself time to read the play before you react even if that means giving up distance.   It only takes a few steps to gain an angle on the play so don’t be in a hurry to go somewhere until you know where to go.



Practice, practice, practice-   You don’t need a field to practice your trade.  Plate mechanics and timing, safe and out calls can be practiced in front of a mirror.  Practice 3-5 minutes a day for a month before the season (more if it’s your first time or if you are changing a mechanic).

This is just a reminder that many of Federation rules are safety oriented, and should be enforced to minimize liability. We must enforce these rules even if doing so may upset a coach, since they rate us and sometimes it seems better to not ruffle feathers. If everyone enforces the rules consistently, then that should not be a problem.

In a game at Rocky Point, a batter carelessly threw his bat and hit the catcher. After a team warning, when the batter again threw his bat and hit the catcher, the player was ejected. The Rocky Point coach claimed that he did not understand, because it hasn't been an issue all year. Now, we all know coaches will say the darndest things, but consistency is key. It doesn't appear that this player simply did this in this game, so let's be aware of everything that happens on the field.

The rule cite for carelessly thrown bats is rule 3.3.1c- a team warning to the coach, and any subsequent violator is ejected.

Mike Puterio

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New Section XI availability system

Section XI has implemented a new availability system, which will be discussed at the general membership meeting. Following is a quick overview from the Section website:


1.  Effective immediately, officials must submit their availability to Section XI electronically on-line

2.  Step-by-step directions are available at #5 on the right ("Availability Instructions").

3.  PRINT OUT a copy of these instructions so that you can refer to them while you are completing your availability on-line.

4.  Even if you have previously submitted your paper "Fall Availability Form", you must now complete and submit your availability electronically in order to be assigned this fall.


5.  If you officiate more than one sport during the season, be aware that you will need to complete Steps 3 and 5 (as outlined in the Instructions) for EACH SPORT.

We appreciate your cooperation during the transition to this new on-line feature.


Weekend Procedures Update

Go to the weekend emergency procedures in the menu section.

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