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  • SUNDAY - June 28, 2015- League Meetings at 7:30 am @Texas Brisket House

Welcome to the Fort Bend Youth Football League!

We have been servicing the youth of Fort Bend County for over 40 years, enhancing the lives of boys and girls. Our mission is to provide a quality, competitive football and cheerleading program for the youth and community of Fort Bend County that teaches the "fundamentals of the sport", "good sportsmanship", and "teamwork" under adult supervision.
Our league started off with just 5 franchises, now we have grown to a 17 franchise league! There are 5 levels of football and cheerleading: Flag, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. Our ages for the boys and girls range from 5 - 12.

Family Funday

Teams Needing Kids by Level

Flag                                   Freshmen                                            Sophomores

1. Broncos                         1. Hornets                                                1. Broncos

2. Fresno                          2. Packers                                                2. Cowboys

3. Hornets                                                                                        3. Fresno

4. Knights                                                                                         4. Hornets

5. Packers                                                                                        5. Knights

6. Redskins                                                                                      6. Packers

7. Stallions                                                                                       7. Raiders

8. Steers                                                                                          8. Redskins

                                                                                                        9. Saints      

                                                                                                        10. Steers

                                                                                                        11. Titans 

Juniors                                 Seniors   
1. Fresno                               1. Broncos

2. Hornets                            2. Fresno

3. Oilers                               3. Oilers  

4. Packers                            4. Packers

5. Raiders                            5. Redskins 

6. Redskins                          6. Steers

7. Saints       

8. Steers

9. Titans


FBYFL Sponsor







If you are interested in becoming a League Sponsor
Please contact Jackie Jean-Baptiste
see under Contact Information
We have different levels to fit your business or individual needs

FBYFL Injury Clinic Location


 Presidents, Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Family:


The Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine staff would like to announce the Fort Bend Youth Football League Sports Injury clinic starting this fall. Our sports medicine team will be available starting this fall from 6:30pm -7:30pm every Wednesday night through November 12 to evaluate any FBYFL athlete, football or cheer, who may have been injured during the week or from the previous weekend’s game. 


No appointment is necessary to be seen by our staff, simply walk into the clinic and alert the staff you are with the FBYFL to be seen in the injury clinic. Evaluations and consultations are FREE of charge, if you need additional follow-up, we can help schedule further appointments at that time. This service is to help rule out any possible injuries – no matter how big or small – and to give peace of mind to the parents, players, and coaches of the league. For more information on this clinic, please dial 281.725.5333, or email at



Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Sports Medicine (Professional Building)

17510 W Grand Parkway South, Suite 100

Sugar Land, TX 77479



The Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic is located at the intersection of US Hwy 59 and Grand Parkway/99.



If traveling north on 59, exit Grand Parkway and u-turn under 59. Professional building will be on your right hand side.


If traveling south on 59, exit Grand Parkway/Crabb River Rd/US 99, stay on the feeder and go through the 2 traffic lights and turn right into campus of Memorial Hermann Sugar Land.


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