Last Updated: May 21, 2017
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Our program is open to boys and girls ages 5 thru 18 (still in High School) and is dedicated to developing baseball skills for all ages. For the 2017 season, we will be offering recreational league in-house programs for all levels and travel programs for those seeking advanced skills and competition for ages 9 and above. In-house recreation practices begin in early April with games played through the end of June. Travel teams begin in early March and play through the end of June with older teams playing well into July.

Age guidelines for following leagues are based on player’s age on 4/30/17. Players 8 and older may advance to older league based on evaluation…players may not advance without being evaluated.

  • Instructional League ($100) - Ages 5 and 6: Focus on basic baseball skills with games featuring soft tosses, coach pitch or hitting from T, depending on ability. All players bat each inning, defensive focus to get batter out, competition not emphasized.
  • Rookie League ($110) - Ages 7 and 8: Focus on advancing basic baseball skills featuring games pitched by coaches and players as ability permits, 3 outs per inning, no stealing, strike-outs, defense focus to control the play, competition not emphasized.
  • Minor League ($140) - Ages 9 and 10: Focus on advancing baseball skills and learning game situations
  • featuring player pitching, limited stealing, keeping score and standings, use of umpires and introduction of a year end championship tournament. Base paths are 60 feet and pitching distance is 48 feet.
  • Major League ($150) - Ages 11 and 12: All Minor league features with bases and extended, unlimited stealing, and leading off of bases. Base paths are 70 feet and pitching distance is 48 feet.
  • Senior League ($175)– Ages 13 and 14: Major League Baseball features with bases and mound distance extended. Base paths are 80 feet and pitching distance is 54 feet. The Senior League teams play other teams from Hampstead, Manchester and Westminster Senior League Programs.
  • Super Senior League ($200) – Ages 15-18: Senior League features with bases at 90 feet and pitching distance at 60 feet, playing other teams nearby in Carroll County and Reisterstown.
  • Travel Program – Ages 9-16: Finksburg Baseball offers a higher level of competition to its players thru tull time Travel opportunities. Team's ranging from 9 thru 16 years old compete in the Mid Atlantic Baseball Association (MABA) representing Finksburg Baseball. 

          Send payments to : Finksburg Baseball Po Box 388 Finksburg Maryland 21048








The Americans with Disabilities Act applies to the Carroll County Government and its programs, services, activities and facilities. Anyone requiring an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication or who has a complaint should contact  410.386.3600, 1.888.302.8978, MD Relay 7-1- 1/1.800.735.2258 as soon as possible but no later than 72 hours before the scheduled event. 

Congratulations to the 14U & 12U Lions for finishing 2nd in the M.A.B.A. tournament.
2016 14U EOS MABA Runner-up

Field Schedules / Request

Please click on the Calendar / Field Schedule button on the left to determine the field schedules and availability.

Requests for available fields, will be assigned on a first in, first assigned basis. League games will take priority over practices.

To Request a field please submit your request to

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 22
DO NOT USE Westminster Baseball has the Field1:00pm
Softball 14U BLACK Practice5:30pm
Softball 10U Practice5:30pm
Senior Orioles Practice6:00pm
Major Phillies Practice6:00pm
Minor Game Nationals vs Red Sox6:00pm
Minor Game Phillies vs Cubs6:00pm
Rookie Orioles practice6:00pm
Softball 12U Game6:00pm
Travel Clint Practice6:00pm
Tuesday, May 23
SoftBall 14U GREEN Practice5:30pm
SoftBall 12U Laurie Practice5:30pm
Softball 8U Practice5:30pm
Senior Phillies Practice6:00pm
Game Major Nationals and Phillies6:00pm
Game Yankees vs Nationals6:00pm
Major Game Red Sox vs Orioles6:00pm
Rookie Red Sox vs Nationals6:00pm
Senior Game Manchester vs FB Phillies6:00pm
Travel 13U Practice6:00pm
Wednesday, May 24
Softball 14U BLACK Practice5:30pm
Softball 10U Practice5:30pm
Softball 12U Practice5:30pm
Super Senior Practice6:00pm
Game Pirates vs Red Sox6:00pm
Minor Cubs and Westminster Rays6:00pm
Minor Game Orioles vs Red Sox6:00pm
Practice Minor Nationals and Major Red Sox6:00pm
Rookie Yankees vs Orioles Game6:00pm
Travel 15-18 Game6:00pm
Travel 15U Game6:00pm
Softball 12U6:15pm
Thursday, May 25
Softball 12U Laurie Practice5:30pm
Softball 8U Practice5:30pm
Game Orioles vs Phillies6:00pm
Major Game Phillies vs Nationals6:00pm
Practice Minor Red Sox and Orioles6:00pm
Rookie Pirates vs Phillies Game6:00pm
Senior Makeup Game West Dodgers vs FB Orioles6:00pm
Travel 16U Game6:00pm
SoftBall 14U Green Game6:30pm
Friday, May 26
Travel 11U Practice6:00pm
Saturday, May 27
Softball 14U BLACK Practice9:30am
Super Senior Practice10:00am
Softball 8U Practice11:00am
Softball 14U Green Practice12:00pm
Sunday, May 28
Softball 16U and 12U Practice10:00am
Sykesville Bulldogs HAVE FIELD1:00pm
Monday, May 29
Senior Orioles Practice6:00pm
Tuesday, May 30
SoftBall 14U GREEN Practice5:30pm
SoftBall 12U Laurie Practice5:30pm
Senior Phillies Practice6:00pm
Travel 13U Practice6:00pm
Game Redsox vs Nationals6:00pm
Major Game Nationals vs Red Sox6:00pm
Major Game Orioles vs Phillies6:00pm
Rookie Pirates vs Orioles Game6:00pm
Senior Game Manchester vs FB Orioles6:00pm
Wednesday, May 31
DO NOT USE Westminster Baseball has the Field1:00pm
Softball 14U BLACK Practice5:30pm
Softball 10U Practice5:30pm
Super Senior Practice6:00pm
Travel 11U Game6:00pm
Travel 15U Game6:00pm
Game Yankees vs Orioles6:00pm
Minor Game Red Sox vs Cubs6:00pm
Practice Major Phillies and Orioles6:00pm
Rookie Red Sox vs Yankees6:00pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!