Congratulations to the All-Star teams.  The June 13, 2017 game ended in a tie.

Major League Information

Major League - Ages 11 and 12: All Minor league features with base paths extended, unlimited stealing and leading off of bases permitted. Base paths are 70 feet and pitching distance is 48 feet.

The Major League Coordinator is Dover Hankins II, 443-677-5762

Bat Size Retrictions

Major League Bat Size Restrictions require bats no larger than 2 5/8" in diameter with no weight restrictions. This rule was changed by the Board of Directors effective the 2012 season.


Major League Home Run Club Members

Over the fence Home Runs
Brandon Cross- Major Orioles, April 27, 2017
Seth Combs- Major Red Sox, May 30, 2017
John Delgado- Major Orioles, June 3, 2017
John Delgado- Major Orioles, June 3, 2017 "GRAND SLAM"
Brandon Cross- Major Orioles, June 10, 2017 "CHAMPIONSHIP GAME"