Last Updated: April 21, 2014
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  • Independance Day (Boulder, CO) - Champions Cup (Irvine, CA)
  • Surf City Tourneys (Huntington Beach, CA) - Bay Area Showcase (Sunnyvale, CA)
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"Force Classic 2014"
Classic Reminders
Force Classic 2014 10U Division
Force Classic 2014 12U Division
Force Classic 2014 14U Division
Force Private Workout Policy
Goal of the Force
2014 18U Independence Day Tournament
2014 16U Independence Day Tournament
Where has this organization team played lately?
Why Force Players are Recruited
Force 16U Reynolds Defeat Texas Bombers for Gold Bracket Championship
Force 16U Returning to ASA Nationals
Force 18 Gold Invited to PGF Nationals
Coutney Dale 2011 Inductee to Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame
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Welcome To The Home Of The
Fresno Force

"25 Years of the Force"

For 25 years the Force has had one goal, to develop the best college softball players possible.  To do this, we must ensure our players have the skills and athleticism while being academically qualified to play in college. We teach and show our players how to be recruited and finally showcase our players and teams on the national and regional platforms to be recruited by the right college coaches for our players.  

We judge our success by three factors.  First, how many former Force players have played at a Four Year College or University, currently that number is 162.  Second, how many current Four Year College or University Softball players played for the Force, currently that number is 27.  Finally third, how many Force players in the last four years, returned from College due to either being academically unqualified or the college was not a good fit for the player.  In the last four years, that number is zero.

In other words, for the past 25 years, the Force has averaged placing 6 and 1/2 players per year on Colleges and Universities’ softball teams; while increasing our average to 6 and ¾ players per year on Colleges and Universities’ softball team for the last four years, while watching these players graduate from their Colleges and Universities. 

I would say the Force continues to be the most successful travel ball program in the Valley.  With these numbers, wouldn’t you?   


"Force Private Workout Policy"

The Force understands that sometimes a travel program, a team or a coach may oversell their ability or sometimes a team is just not a good fit for a player.  The Force will not displace any of our current players to make room for another player, but if you have the skills and determination that adds to any of our current teams and would like to show your skills, please fill out the online form and request a private workout.

Occasionally, Force teams will have an open workout and will post these open workouts on this website.  If you do not see an open workout, you can still request a private workout using the online request form.


"Force Classic 2014" 

General Information:

Tournament Dates: April 26 and 27, 2014

Place: Fresno and Clovis, CA

Divisions: 10U "A", 12U "A" and 14U "A"

Tournament Fee: $495.00, 4 Game Guarantee

Entrance Fee: (At some locations) $5.00 per person (non player), $2.00 per person for 12 and Under and Seniors. City of Fresno charges $7.00 for parking at Fresno Regional Park.

All teams must register via the website. Official entry is confirmed once payment has been received and up until the tournament is full. All entries and payment must be received prior to March 31, 2014.
To register, go to the online section of this web site.

Payment must be mailed to:

Fresno FORCE Softball
Attention: Mark Dodd
1865 Herndon Ave, Ste K, PMB 101
Clovis, CA 93611

In case of a rain out and if no games are played a refund will be issued to each paid team minus a $50.00 administrative fee.

Tournament Director
Chris Sanchez
(559) 907-8636

"2014 18U Louisville Slugger Independence Day Tournament"


The field for the 2014 18U Independence Day Tournament in Boulder has been finalized and your team has been selected as one of eighty teams to participate. The 2014 field will be one of the strongest ever with teams from twenty six states participating. Included in the 80 team field are the 2013 PGF National Champion CA SoCal Athletics and the 2013 ASA Gold National Champion GA Atlanta Vipers.  In addition, 17 of the top 24 finishers at the PGF National Tournament will be included in the field.

 We will also be hosting a separate thirty two team 18U tournament in Louisville, CO. The top six finishers will be guaranteed spots in the 2015 Boulder tournament. The 16U tournament will feature forty eight teams in Longmont, CO.

 We appreciate the support you have given the tournament, and look forward to another terrific event next summer. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the tournament.

 Thanks for your support of the tournament.

 Dan Burns


 "2014 16U Louisville Slugger Independence Day Tournament"


 The field for the 2014 16U Independence Day Tournament has been finalized, and your team has been selected to be one of 48 teams to participate.  The 2014 tournament will feature teams from twenty two states and the competition level will be exceptional.  The tournament will be played in Longmont, CO at the Garden Acres and Clark Centennial fields,

 We appreciate the support you have given the tournament, and look forward to another terrific event next summer.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions concerning the tournament.

 Thanks again for your support of the tournament. 

Dan Burns


August 6, 2013

"Where has this organization team played lately?"

Softball during your high school years is about growing as a player, being part of the best team possible, and playing in front of the college coaches where you want to be recruited to play.  If you want to play at the NCAA D1 or D2 level, then you need to be part of an organization that knows how and where to get players recruited into D1 or D2 schools.  If you want to play at the NAIA or Junior college level, then play for an organization that get players into those levels of competition.  What tournaments and showcases you play at will impact where you play college softball.

Where has the Force played?  The Force is the only Central Cal organization that has played in all the big recruiting showcases and Nationals tournaments.  The Force has competed in the ASA Gold Nationals (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), Premier Girls Fastpitch Nationals (Huntington Beach, California), ASA 16U Nationals (Knoxville, Tennessee and Sunnyvale, California), Triple Crown Sports Nationals (Reno, Nevada and North Lake Tahoe California), Louisville Independence Day Tournament (Boulder Colorado), Champions Cup (Irvine, California), Bay Area Showcase (Sunnyvale, California),Triple Crown SoCal Showcases, (Hemet, California) and Surf City Tourneys, (Huntington Beach, California).  Other organizations will tell you they plan to play in these tournaments, but the key word is plan, because unless you have played there last year chances are very very slim you will play there this year. Some will play in a few, but only the Force will and has played in all of them.

Look at where players from their organization are playing in college now, but check the information, as some organization will say there players were recruited by a college, but never show up on the college softball roster.  This is the true indicator of an organization and the type of tournaments and showcases an organization plays in.  At the Force, we make it simple. Click on the tournament tab for our 16U and Gold team and see where our teams played this year.  Also, click on our link for our Force Alumni in College.  Click on the various players and click on their respective college link, it will take you straight to the college page where they are playing.  All of the Force class of 2013 will be playing collegiate softball.  Four will be playing at the D1 level, one at D3 and one in the NAIA.  Where are the other organization's 2013 class playing softball?  Is this where you want to play or do you want to play where Force players play?

The Force plays in these tournaments because that is where the D1 coaches are recruiting.  If you want to get recruited, then you have to play where the D1 coaches are recruiting.  So before you decide where to try out, due some research and look to see where that organization played the last few years; if you do, and you want a chance to play D1 college softball, then we will see you at the Force tryouts on August 17th and 18th at Tice Park.  Go Force, Think Pink!

 The Force recruits it’s high school players from our younger Force Teams.  If you want to increase your chances of playing on the Force’s High School teams in the future, then it is recommended that you start early and join a Force team now.  Tryouts are on August 10th and 11th at Tice Park.


"History of the Fresno Force"

Our history includes:







July 19, 2013

"Force 16U Reynolds Win Gold Bracket at TCS/USA Nationals in Lake Tahoe, CA"

The Fresno Force 16U Reynolds defeated the Texas Bombers 5 - 4 in 9 innings to win the Gold Bracket at the Triple Crown Sports / USA National on CBS Sports Network in Lake Tahoe, CA.  The Force trailed the Bombers 0 - 2 entering the seventh inning, but a two out rally plated two runs to tie the game.  After holding the Bombers scoreless in the bottom of the seventh inning, both teams scored one run in international tie-breaker in the eighth inning. The Force scored twice in international tie-breaker in the top of ninth.  The Bombers scored once and had another running thrown out at home plate in the bottom half of the ninth inning, before the Force secured the win.

The Force went 8 – 2 during the tournament.  Next the Force 16U Reynolds team gets a week off before going to the ASA/USA Nationals in Sunnyvale, California as the Central California ASA Metro Champions.


July 18, 2012

"Why Force Players Get Recruited and Play in College"

In the 2012 College season, Twenty-Two Former Force Players were playing college softball. Fifteen of these players were playing at the NCAA Division I level. (Many programs may say their players are getting recruited, but the proof is checking the college websites. To see where Force players are playing, click on our "Force Alumni in College" tab on the left.) These players will be joined by Six additional recent high school graduates in the 2013 College season to bring our total to Twenty-eight former Force players playing in college. Five of these six players will be playing at the NCAA Division I level. Of our recent graduating seniors, 89% have gone on to play college softball.

If you click on our "Force Alumni" tab on the left you will see a list of 154 former Force players who played College softball at a four year institution. How did these players get this opportunity? Talent and hard work can only get you so far. You also must be seen by the College Coaches. To be seen, you must play in the biggest tournaments and College coaches must come and watch your team play. You also must know how to communicate with College Coaches and be able to network with the College coaches. The Force years of experience, vast alumni base and quality of former players keep College Coaches returning to watch and recruit Force players. The best indicator of where a team will play next year is where did that team play the last two years.

This year our Force Gold team will be playing at the Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City at the 2012 ASA Gold Nationals. This is the same stadium that hosts the NCAA Women's Division I Championship tournament. Our Gold team is the only 18U team from the Central California ASA metro that qualified and is playing in any National Championship tournament. For the first time, our 16U team will be playing in Premier Girls Fastpitch National in Huntington Beach. They are the only team from the Central California ASA metro to win a berth to both Premier and ASA 16U nationals. Our Force 16U was the first team from this area to ever qualify for Premier by winning a berth. Only the Force has all of their high school age teams playing at National Championships in front of College Coaches.

While our Force teams play at the same Surf City Showcases in Southern California as other Central California teams, only the Force teams allow you to play at the two biggest showcases, the Independence Day Tournament in Boulder Colorado and Champion's Cup in Irvine California. The Independence Day Tournament is the top Showcase tournament in the nation. It is where all the top softball programs from around the nation play at or try to get in. It is where all the College coaches come to watch and recruit players. Champion's Cup is the top Western regional showcase. This tournament will draw College Coaches from around the nation, but it is the biggest showcase for being seen by College Coaches from the western states especially the California Colleges.

Hard work, talent and being seen are the keys to making it to the next level. At the Force, we know our players are talented and work hard. This is why we work hard to keep our teams in the best tournaments. It is also why we worked with Clovis Unified to bring eight college coaches to Buchanan High School to work with local softball players so they could showcase their talent to these College Head Coaches. So if you want to give yourself the best chance of being recruited, play for the Force.


July 16, 2013

"Force 18 Gold Invited to PGF Nationals"

For the second year in a row, the Force 18 Gold team will be playing in a National Championship Tournament.  Last year, the Force 18 Gold team played in the ASA Gold Nationals at the Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  This year, the Force 18 Gold team has been invited to play in the Premier Girls Fastpitch Tournament in Huntington Beach, CA.

After finishing first and second in their respective pool play at the Independance Day Tournament in Boulder Colorado and Champions Cup in Irvine California, the Force 18 Gold team is playing in Reno, Nevada at the Triple Crown Invitational National Tournament this week.

If you would like a chance to play for the Force 18Gold next season, tryouts will be August 17th and 18th.  Check back later for times and locations.


July 16, 2013

"Force 16U Returning to ASA Nationals"

The Force 16U team by winning the Central California ASA metro championship will be returning to the the ASA National Championship.  After playing in the ASA National Championship for many years, last year the Force 16U qualified to play in both the Premier Girls Fastpitch National Championship and the ASA National Championship.  They choose to play in the PGF National Championship.

After winning the Metro Championship as the best 16U team, the Force 16U team competed in the Independance Day Tournament in Longmont Coloradao and the Triple Crown Invitational National Championship in North Lake Tahoe, California.

If you would like to become part of this winning tradition, tryouts for next year team will be August 17th and 18th.  Check back soon for times and locations.



"Triple Crown Sports National"

Congratulations to the Force 18 Gold and 16U Reynolds teams for qualifing and being selected to play in the Triple Crown Sports National Tournament in Reno, Nevada. Way to represent as the only teams from the Central Cal ASA to qualify and be selected to participate.


"Champion's Cup Irvine, California"

Congatulations to the Force 18 Gold and 16U Escobar on being selected to participate in the Champion's Cup tournament in Irvine, California.  The Champions Cup is the most recognized and largest regional showcase tournament in the West.


"Inaugural 14U Champions Cup"

Contratulations to our Force 14U Ballesteros team on being invited and accepting an invitation to the Inaugural 14U Champions Cup on July 5th to July 7th in Irvine California.


"Where Champions Play and Players Get Recruited"

For decades, the Fresno Force softball organization has fielded some of the best girl’s softball teams in the nation. We are affiliated with the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and our teams have competed year after year in the National ASA Championships at all age levels.

Fresno Force Softball, Inc. was incorporated as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation in 1999, though our organization has existed for many years prior. Our primary purpose is to foster amateur competition in girl’s softball and to help our players master their skills to play competitively on all levels including collegiate play.
College Softball Camps
The Clovis Unified School District will be hosting College Softball Camps on Tuesday July 3 and July 10th at the Buchanan High School Softball Complex in Clovis California. Camps will be lead by Coaches from the various colleges who will lead the players in a College style fielding and hitting practices. After lunch, college camp teams will play two games against other college camp teams.

Colleges committed to attending are: UC Riverside, Utah Valley University, Cal State Bakersfield, New Mexico State University, Cal State San Marcos and Charleston Southern University. We will be adding two additional colleges in the near future.

Players wishing to attend may sign-up on the Fresno Force website or Contact CUSD Community Recreation Department. Space is limited to 48 players per camp. Open to any and all high school players.

This will be a great experience for the both the coaches and players to work with each other and to get to know each other.

Cost of the one day camp is $160 which include camp shirt and lunch.

Contact Sandra Reed at 559-327-9226 or
Coutney Dale 2011 Inductee to Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame
Courtney Dale Bolt Bio

Current Clovis North Varsity Coach, Fresno Force Pitching Coach, Board Member and Former Force Player, Courtney Dale-Bolt is a 2011 inductee to the Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame. On behalf of all of the current Force members, we congratulate Courtney on her induction and for all of her past accomplishments both on and off the softball field.

"2013 - 2014 Force Tryouts and Coaches"

Thank you to the nearly 200 girls that came to our tryouts.  This was the strongest group of players at a Force Tryout in the last 10 years.  The depth of talent was amazing for all age groups.  The Force Coaches had a very difficult time choosing players.  Good Luck to all on your season and for the Force players, congratulations and get ready for great seson of Force Softball.   Think Pink!!


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