Last Updated: March 26, 2015
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FLL Pitching Machine Assessments

Pitching Machine assessments have been rescheduled for Monday March 16th from 5 pm-7pm at Crown.
They will be held on Field 5(located inside Crown in the back behind the soccer fields) and broken down into two 1 hour sessions as follows:
Last name ending in A-N will be from 5 pm to 6 pm
Last name ending in O-Z will be from 6 pm-7pm
Try the best you can to make the time slot you are assigned above, but if you can't make the one assigned and can make the other, then please do so.  We just want to avoid having 80 kids showing up at 6 pm. 
If you can't make either of these times, don't worry, your child will still be drafted onto a team.  



New League Age Rule for Little League!

Please see the chart below to determine your child's league age. As you can see the new rule is in effect for those born after 2005.

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Apr 11
McIntyre Electric @ Flannery's 10:30am FLL Field 1
Mann & Gray @ Apple Drugs 1:00pm FLL Field 1
Salisbury Monument @ Peninsula Orthopaedics 10:30am FLL Field 2
Holt Furnishings Minor @ Moose 1:00pm FLL Field 2
Kitchen Concepts @ Jake's Wayback Burgers 3:30pm FLL Field 2
- @ TBD 10:30am FLL Field 1
- @ TBD 10:30am FLL Field 2
- @ TBD 1:00pm FLL Field 1
- @ TBD 1:00pm FLL Field 2
- @ TBD 3:30pm FLL Field 2
- @ TBD 6:00pm FLL Field 2
Pitching Machine
Pepsi @ Seaside Smiles 10:30am FLL Field 3
Oceanside Cleaners @ Accurate Auto 12:15pm FLL Field 3
Chatham Custom Paints @ Collins Wharf Sod 2:00pm FLL Field 3
Hebron Savings Bank @ Elks 3:45pm FLL Field 3
Tee Ball
FOP Lodge 111 @ Avis 10:30am FLL Field 4
ED Supply @ Denny's 11:45am FLL Field 4
Cato @ First Shore Federal 1:00pm FLL Field 4
Fruitland Lions @ Holt Furnishings TB 2:15pm FLL Field 4
Sentech Security @ Wireworks 3:30pm FLL Field 4
East Wicomico 1 @ East Wicomico 2 12:00am East Wicomico
FLL Redmen @ FLL A&M Lawn Maintenance 12:00am Fruitland
WSLL Hebron Savings Bank @ WSLL PNC Bank 12:00am JCC Fields at Pemberton School
Monday,  Apr 13
Concession Stand
- @ A&M Lawn Maintenance 5:00pm Concession Stand
- @ Mountaire 5:00pm Concession Stand
- @ Peninsula Orthopaedics 5:00pm Concession Stand
- @ Seaside Smiles 5:00pm Concession Stand
- @ A&M Lawn Maintenance 6:30pm Concession Stand
- @ Accurate Auto 6:30pm Concession Stand
- @ Denny's 6:30pm Concession Stand
- @ First Shore Federal 6:30pm Concession Stand
Peninsula Orthopaedics @ Mountaire 6:00pm FLL Field 1
- @ Flannery's 6:00pm FLL Field 1
- @ TBD 6:00pm FLL Field 2
Pitching Machine
Oceanside Cleaners @ Pepsi 6:00pm FLL Field 3
Tee Ball
Avis @ ED Supply 6:00pm FLL Field 4
Berlin @ East Wicomico 2 6:15pm East Wicomico
WSLL Hebron Savings Bank @ FLL A&M Lawn Maintenance 6:15pm Fruitland
Delmar @ WSLL PNC Bank 6:15pm JCC Fields at Pemberton School
East Wicomico 1 @ North Accomack 6:15pm North Accomack
FLL Redmen @ Willards 6:15pm Willards

For a complete schedule listing, click here!