Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Oct 21
Concession Stand Duty
Embrace Home Loans @ Embrace Home Loans 5:30pm Concession Stand
Meadows Hydraulics (Int) @ Meadows Hydraulics (Int) 5:30pm Concession Stand
Reynolds Excavating @ Reynolds Excavating 5:30pm Concession Stand
Apple Drug @ Apple Drug 7:30pm Concession Stand
Impact Church @ Impact Church 7:30pm Concession Stand
T Oliphant Lawn Care @ T Oliphant Lawn Care 7:30pm Concession Stand
Embrace Home Loans @ Impact Church 6:00pm Dulaney Field #1
Umpire Schedule
Kitchen Concepts (PM) @ Kitchen Concepts (PM) 6:00pm Dulaney Field #1
Campbells Collision @ Campbells Collision 6:00pm Pohanka Field #2
Meadows Hydraulics (Int) @ T Oliphant Lawn Care 6:00pm Pohanka Field #2
Board Person In Charge
Bill Atkinson @ Bill Atkinson 6:00pm FLL
Stewart Davis @ Stewart Davis 7:30pm FLL
Wednesday,  Oct 22
Campbells Collision @ Redmen (Major) 6:00pm Dulaney Field #1
Concession Stand Duty
Redmen (Int) @ Redmen (Int) 5:30pm Concession Stand
Redmen (Major) @ Redmen (Major) 5:30pm Concession Stand
Campbells Collision @ Campbells Collision 5:30pm Concession Stand
Apple Drug @ Apple Drug 7:00pm Concession Stand
Kitchen Concepts (TB) @ Kitchen Concepts (TB) 7:00pm Concession Stand
Redmen (TB) @ Redmen (TB) 7:00pm Concession Stand
Umpire Schedule
Salisbury Monument @ Salisbury Monument 6:00pm Dulaney Field #1
Reynolds Excavating @ Reynolds Excavating 6:00pm Pohanka Field #2
Tee Ball
Kitchen Concepts (TB) @ Redmen (TB) 5:30pm Pohanka Field #2
Redmen (Int) @ Apple Drug 6:00pm Pohanka Field #2
Board Person In Charge
Angela Knarr Davis @ Angela Knarr Davis 5:30pm FLL
Mike Burleson @ Mike Burleson 7:00pm FLL

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