Online Registration is NOW Closed for Majors, Minors, Pitching Machine and Tee Ball!

And, we have wrapped up our 5 dates in February for walk-in registration.  If you are a LATE registrant, then please contact the Commissioner for your division regarding the available options for LATE registration.

Majors Commissioner (League Ages 11-12)           Bobby Lewis        443-880-3145

Minors Commissioner (League Ages 9-10)             Corey Shepherd   410-251-9164

Pitching Machine Commish (League Ages 6-8)     Eric Ball                443-235-7717

Tee Ball Commissioner (League Ages 4-6)             Jamie Webster      443-614-3969


CLICK HERE for Intermediate, Juniors, and Seniors Registration (ONLINE PAYMENT)


ATTENTION FLL Families of Pitching Machine and Tee Ball players:  Starting in 2018, LL requires one Proof of Residency for each PM and Tee Ball player.  If you have already given FLL one Proof of Residency, then THANK YOU!  If you have not given one Proof of Residency, then please email it to, so that your player's registration is COMPLETE.

Thank you!




 Important dates for 2018! 

Please check back regularly as we will update this website regularly as new dates and times are added.


Date Day Event Time
1/2/2018 Tue Spring Online Registration Begins  
1/4/2018 Thu Board Meeting (Jan) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
1/31/2018 Wed Walk In Registration Preparation 6pm to 8pm
2/1/2018 Thu Board Meeting (Feb) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
2/3/2018 Sat Walk In Registration at Field House 9am to Noon
2/10/2018 Sat Walk In Registration at Field House 9am to Noon
2/17/2018 Sat Walk In Registration at Field House 9am to Noon
2/24/2018 Sat Walk In Registration at Field House 9am to Noon
2/28/2018 Wed Walk In Registration at Field House 6pm to 8pm
3/1/2018 Thu Board Meeting (Mar) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
3/1/2018 Thu Teams & Managers decided (Majors & Minors) 6:30pm to 8:30pm
TBD TBD Managers/Coaches Safety & Training Meeting TBD
3/3/2018 Sat Assessments (Crown) (Minors & Majors)

9:00am to 10am Majors

10am to 11am Minors

3/4/2018 Sun Draft (Majors & Minors) TBD
3/7/2018 Wed Team Meetings (Majors & Minors)  
3/8/2018 Thu Team Meetings (Majors & Minors)  
3/9/2018 Fri Team Meetings (Majors & Minors)  
3/10/2018 Sat Practice Begins (Majors & Minors)  
3/10/2018 Sat Assessments (FLL Field 3) (Pitching Machine) 10:00am
3/10/2018 Sat Finalize PM and TB Teams  
3/12/2018 Mon Team Meetings (PM & TB)  
3/13/2018 Tue Team Meetings (PM & TB)  
3/13/2018 Tue Chipotle Fundraiser 10:45am-8:00pm
3/14/2018 Wed Team Meetings (PM & TB)  
3/15/2018 Thu Practice Begins (PM & TB)  
3/19/2018 Mon Order Uniforms  
3/23/2018 Fri Post Game Schedule & PIC Schedule on website  
3/24-25/2018 Sat&Sun Tournament  
4/1/2018   Finalize Jr &  Sr Teams  
4/5/2018 Thurs Board Meeting (Apr) 5:30pm-6:30pm
4/6/2018 Fri Pick Up Uniforms  
4/7/2018 Sat Practice Begins (Jr & Sr)  
4/9/2018 Mon Distribute Uniforms  
4/13/2018 Fri Field Clean Up Day TBD
4/14/2018 Sat Opening Day  
4/15/2018 Sun Opening Day (Backup Ceremony & Games Only)  
4/16-20/2018 M-F Spring Season Games  
4/21-22/2018 Sat&Sun Tournament  
4/23-28/2018 M-Sa Spring Season Games  
4/30-5/4/2018 M-F Spring Season Games  
5/3/2018 Thu Board Meeting (May) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
5/5-6/2018 Sat&Sun Tournament  
5/7-12/2018 M-Sa Spring Season Games  
5/13/2018 Sun Mother's Day  
5/14-18/2018 M-F Spring Season Games  
5/19-20/2018 Sat&Sun Tournament  
5/21-24/2018 Mon Spring Season Games  
5/26-27/2018 Sat Tournament  
5/28/2018 Mon Memorial Day  
5/29-6/2/2018 Tu-Fr Spring Season Games  
5/31/2018 Thu All Star Manager Vote  
6/4-8/2018 M-F Spring Season Games  
6/7/2018 Thu Board Meeting (June)  5:30pm to 6:30pm
6/9-10/2018 Sat&Sun Tournament  
6/9/2018 Sat FLL Night at Shorebirds 7:05pm
6/15-16/2018 Fri&Sat FLL PM Tournament (Tentative)  
6/17/2018 Sun Father's Day  
6/23-24/2018 Sat&Sun Tournament  
7/6/2018 Fri FLL Minor & Major Tournament (Tentative)  
7/7/2018 Sat Tournament  
7/7/2018 Sat FLL Minor & Major Tournament (Tentative)  
7/8/2018 Sun Tournament  
7/8/2018 Sun FLL Minor & Major Tournament (Tentative)  
7/12/2018 Thu Board Meeting (July) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
7/14/2018 Sat Fall Registration Online  
7/28-29/2018 Sat&Sun Tournament  
8/2/2018 Thu Board Meeting (Aug) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
8/11-12/2018 Sat Tournament  
8/15/2018 Wed Finalize Fall Teams  
8/17/2018 Fri Order Fall Uniforms  
9/3/2018 Mon Labor Day  
9/4-7/2018 Tue Fall Games  
9/6/2018 Wed Board Meeting (Sep) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
9/10-14/2018 M-F Fall Games  
9/17-21/2018 M-F Fall Games  
9/24-28/2018 M-F Fall Games  
10/1-5/2018 M-F Fall Games  
10/4/2018 Thu Board Meeting (Oct) 5:30pm to 6:30pm
10/8-12/2018 M-F Fall Games  
10/15-19/2018 M-F Fall Games  
10/22-26/2018 M-F Fall Games  
10/29-30/2018 M-F Fall Games  
10/31/2018 Wed Halloween  
11/1/2018 Thu Board Meeting (Nov) Elections 5:30pm to 6:30pm






Ethan Hall and Bobby Lewis Honored at The Good Sports Awards

The Good Sports Awards honored community members who demonstrate the four core values supported by Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism: fun, community, sportsmanship and skill development.


Representing Fruitland Little League at the inaugural event were Ethan Hall, Youth Sportsmanship Award and Bobby Lewis, Outstanding Coaching Award.  Both pictured below with Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver.



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Mar 20
Spring Preseason
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@ Open
PM 4 @ PM 3
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