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  • Congratulations to the Bladerunners on their 2016/2017 winter A league Championship
  • Congratulations to the Condors on their 2016/2017 Winter season Championship
  • Congratulations to the Ice Holes on their back to back Tier 2 C league Championships
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  • The Stanley Keg
  • Summer 2016 Tier 1 C League Champions-Thundercats!
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Looking for some competitive, fast-paced action on the ice? 

Ice-Land now has 4 divisions to suit any level of play and a growing number of opponents for you to test your skills against.

The 2017 Summer League season will go from Early June to Late September, with playoffs going through the end of October. With games on set days for each division, you can work your schedule around your team's games.



Don't have a team? No problem!

At the start of each season, a placement tryout will be held for "Free Agent" players to be drafted by the captains of existing teams or for groups looking to add a few players to their roster to start a new team.

If you aren't selected or you choose not to attend this tryout, Ice-Land has a team in each division specifically designed for the "Free Agent" player, and you will be placed on one of these teams based on your level of skill.



With competitive prices, stats recording, and now the chance at getting your name on the Stanley Keg, Ice-Land provides the environment for you to expand your skills and have an enjoyable experience playing the great sport of hockey.

Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Aug 23
Average Joes @ Bladerunners9:45pmIce-Land
Thursday, Aug 24
The Mighty Drunks @ Foreign Legion9:45pmIce-Land
Sunday, Aug 27
Tier I C
New Originals @ American Highlanders8:45pmIce-Land
Thundercats @ Spiders10:15pmIce-Land
Tier II C
Hitmen @ Pylons7:15pmIce-Land
Pigeons @ Moose Knucklers7:45pmIce-Land
Monday, Aug 28
Lightning @ Central Jersey9:45pmIce-Land
Tuesday, Aug 29
Condors @ The Mighty Drunks9:45pmIce-Land
Wednesday, Aug 30
Bladerunners @ Average Joes9:45pmIce-Land
Thursday, Aug 31
Toros @ Foreign Legion9:45pmIce-Land

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Aug 23
Sunday, Aug 27
Tuesday, Aug 29
Tuesday, Dec 12
Monday, Dec 18

For a complete calendar listing, click here!