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There is lots going on with Ringette within the Interlake Region so please take some time to browse around our site, there is something for every age and skill level.  Whether your someone who is just interested in the trying out the game, finding out what Ringette is all about, or a seasoned player,

The Interlake Ringette Association is the parent governing association for all Ringette clubs in the Interlake.  Our mandate is to ensure players at all levels, whether they play at A or B, have a team to play on.  Although the "A" program takes on our name (Interlake Ignite) we are involved and provide oversight at all levels, both A land B, from age groups R4U up to Open. 

If your new to the game, we suggest starting with our Tell me about Ringette section and then contact me or any of our board members through our contact us page on how to get a hands on introduction to the game and how to register in your community.   Also feel free to download our Guide to Ringette that includes rules, age levels and equipment all in one nice package for reading at your leisure.


Our local club reps:

St. Andrews

Shelly Edbom

Selkirk Ringette

Kirsta Sain

Stonewall Ringette

Larry Furkalo

Ringette Manitoba Concussion Policy

Interlake Ringette Association, along with all other associations residing in Manitoba, follow the Manitoba Ringette Association's concussion policy. Below is the link to their website, which includes information on concussions as well as the protocol to follow.

Attention! Interlake AGM

The Interlake Ringette Association (IRA) will be holding its AGM on Monday, May 14th at 7:00 PM at the Little Britain Community Hall.  The hall is located at 571 Little Britain Road in Lockport.


This meeting is a great opportunity to meet your current and future board members and find out what we were up to last season. Hear about our exciting initiatives for the upcoming season and learn more about what the IRA does and how their decisions impact you directly.  We also would welcome any suggestions around enhancing our program or even introducing something completely new. We do have a number of positions open for election, and we would be excited if you decided to join our Board.   The time commitment is not overwhelming and this gives you an opportunity to have a say in how Ringette is run in the Interlake.  We have a very diverse board both in background and ages and would welcome new members and their ideas.

Positions up for election, including candidates in brackets, are:


  • Vice-President
  • Coaching
  • WRL Representative (Jamie Fissel)
  • Treasurer (Chrissy Erickson)
  • Referee-in-Chief (Amy Saluk)
  • Ringette 4U Representative
  • Secretary -1 year term 

We also have two Members-at-Large positions for new members that may want to "test the waters" without having to take on a portfolio.  You can put your name forward for one of these two positions.  These positions are voted on by the IRA board and not at the AGM.

Please note that any Constitution changes need to be submitted by April 23 (3 weeks prior the AGM).   A copy of the current constitution can be found on the website under "Forms".

If you are interested in any of these positions or would like more information on exactly what the IRA does....feel free to contact Genevieve Gifford, IRA president at 204-232-4227 or  



2018 Winnipeg Summer Camps


Ringette4U - An Introductory Program for 3 to 8 year olds

Manitoba and Interlake Ringette Associations introduces innovative new program for those 3 to 8 years of age, Ringette 4 U.

For budding athletes, both female and male, in the age range of 3-8, Ringette4U is a program...4 YOU.

R4U gives more ice time, more touches of the ring, instructor lead, learn to skate and play Ringette at your own pace, and in the meantime, have tons of fun.

For more information about the program contact our R4U Director, Shauna Leferink via our contact page

and visit the R4U website at

Registration for the 2017/18 Season is covered if you're new to Ringette !

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of our local Canadian Tire in Selkirk, if your child is new to the sport of Ringette, their registration will be covered! This sponsorship is in place for the upcoming 2017/18 season. 

This sponsorship is available to all families new to the sport regardless of income and applies to all youth levels.

Although registration is covered under this particular sponsorship, equipment and any local club volunteer fee's would not be. 

If equipment costs are holding you back from joining, there are other options such Kidsport and another Canadian Tire program called JumpStart.

If you have any questions on any of these programs and sponsorships, please do not hesitate to contact any of our Board members through our Contacts Us page.  We can help answer any questions.