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    CKABC Board and General Meeting Dates (meetings start at 6:00PM)


Tuesday, Feb 20 (General Membership Meeting)
Monday, March 12
Monday, April 9
Monday, May 14 (Annual meeting and elections) 

- meetings at the Creekside Media Center (Library)

 If you or know someone who is interested in running for a CKABC 2017 - 2018 board position, please email


The 2017 - 2018 CKABC Board of Directors 

President  - Chuck Forcier

Vice President - Donna Calhoun

Treasurer - Kirsten Butler

Secretary - JoAnn Wiley

Liaison Director - Linda Grossman

Membership Director - Deena Poole

Public Relations - Lori Matulevich

Public Relations (Co-Chair) - David Jarrett

Apparel Director - Catherine Castle

Business Sponsor Director - Rhonda Gracie

Business Sponsor Director (Co-Chair) - Joel Strickland 

Special Events Director - Gordon Goodyear

Special Events Director (Co-Chair) - 

Webmaster - Jim Dwyer




Knights Booster Club

Support the athletes and athletic department at CHS!

Join the Creekside Knights Athletic Booster Club today.

Levels of Membership:
  • Basic CKABC - $50: Includes CKABC Membership and Magnet
  • Level 1 - $95: Includes CKABC Membership, Magnet, and 10 game admission vouchers*
  • Level 2 - $135: Includes CKABC Membership, Magnet, and 20 game admission vouchers, one(1) $5 discount for Running of the Knights 2018*  **
  • Level 3 - $210: Includes CKABC Membership, Magnet, and 50 game admission vouchers, one(1) $10 discount for Running of the Knights 2018* **
  • ***Royal Knight - $250: Includes CKABC Membership, Magnet, and (2) season pass to all home competitions, two(2) $10 discounts for Running of the Knights 2018*  **  
  • ***Mega Knight - $400: Includes CKABC Membership, magnet, and (5) season passes to all home competitions, five(5) $10 discounts for Running of the Knights 2018*  ** 

* regular season home games only
**Running of the Knights discount code will only be valid Jan 1 - May 11, 2018. Not valid during early registration events Aug 1 - Dec 31, 2017
***Parking Passes are no longer available as they are sold out

  • See our membership form for other "a la carte" and football fan pack opportunities


Sign up ONLINE! Online Membership Link
Questions? Contact: 

Booster Bucks Achieved for 2017-18


Congratulations to the following teams who have earned their Booster Bucks by having at least 85% of their athlete families join CKABC:

Winter Cheer
JV Cheer
Varsity Cheer
Girls Swim
Freshman Volleyball
JV Volleyball
Varsity Volleyball
Boys Cross Country
Girls Cross Country
Boys Swim Team
Varsity Girls Basketball
Varsity Boys Wrestling
JV Boys Wrestling



THANK YOU to all families who have joined CKABC this are providing vital funds to all our Creekside athletic programs and athletes.


Student Athletes and Parents:  

 CKABC Bylaws
 The Creekside Knights Athletic Booster Club is a nonprofit organization of parents, coaches, students, faculty, alumni, and community members committed to promoting excellence in Creekside High School interscholastic athletics by voluntarily helping to enrich the high school experience and foster success in the classroom for all students by building “Knights Pride” through all sports ...


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