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Thank you for supporting our CHAMPS!
2014 Rule Changes
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March 9, 2015

To: ALL Coaches, Managers, Assistant Coaches, and Team Moms of Lancaster Dixie Baseball:



 Lancaster Dixie Baseball is REQUIRING that ANYONE entering the field of play (practices, scrimmages, or games), both on and off Lancaster Dixie Baseball property, must have completed a background check.  All coaches are responsible for getting those background checks completed and turned in with the $10 fee. Upon receipt of this letter, you as the coach are responsible for your team and their safety.  Lancaster Dixie Baseball will not be liable for damages.  Our top priority is the safety of our players. All background checks must be turned in by Friday, March 20th.


The penalties for not following this rule are as follows:

  1. Managers will be warned and the person will be asked to leave the field.

  2. A notice of trespass will be issued to the person by law enforcement and the person will be banned from LDB property and activities.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.




If you plan on being on the field or in the dugout you must turn in a background check form along with $10.

 Look under the "forms and handouts' tab to obtain the form.



DATE CHANGES: *Denotes Date Change
Keep these dates on your calendar.

*March 17- Draft Day for A & Dixie Boys (draft begins at 6) at LBC
*March 17- Coach's Meeting immediately following draft...
*March 19- Team Mom Meeting at 6:00pm
March 21- Women's Defense Class, 9AM at Buford High
*March 31 - Uniform Day (all ticket money must be turned in prior to this date)
April 6- AA, AAA, Ozone begin to play
April 11- Opening & Picture Day for AA, AAA & Ozone
April 25- Opening Day for A and Dixie Boys (tentative)


Our board members have been working extremely hard over the off season to ensure that 2015 is the best year yet.

Thank you for supporting our CHAMPS!


Thank you for supporting our state champs! 


Lancaster Dixie Youth Baseball is a non-profit agency that strives to teach children how to play a competitive sport while teaching good sportsmanship and teamwork.  We believe that keeping children constructively active can keep our youth out of trouble.

In our 2014 season we had all (5) leagues (ages 4-14) win the District title.  Lancaster County was greatly represented in the sport of baseball.  Our “AA” league (ages 7-9) won the state title.  They received the opportunity to represent Lancaster as team South Carolina in the World Series.  This team competed in a lengthy tournament to try to bring home the World Series title.  They placed 3rd.  This is the first year ever that this age group has been allowed to play in the World Series.  We are extremely proud of the achievements from all teams. Lancaster residents should be proud to have such outstanding children representing them when they travel to other areas and winning titles to represent our home town.

We know that many businesses and individuals were asked to donate to help send our “AA” team to Arkansas so they could compete in the World Series and we would like to thank everyone that helped support this team.  This team would not have been able to fulfill this opportunity without the support of our community. 

Donations are important not only to one team but to our league as a whole.  We operate only on donations and volunteers to ensure that we can equip the children with the tools necessary for them to empower themselves as they get older by providing a program that teaches sportsmanship, discipline, guidance, team work, structure, etc. all at an early age up until they are early teenagers.

If you’d like to sponsor a team we have many levels of support from which to choose. Please reach out to Larry Small, Board President at 803-285-4959 for more information.




Fire Expo

We had an awesome time at the Fire Expo this past Saturday.  We got to meet several children who are interested in the game of Baseball and we got to show-off our newest trophies.  We are so proud of the children that represent Lancaster Dixie Youth Baseball.



Lancaster Dixie Baseball would like to wish our 'AA' Machine Pitch Team all the luck moving forward to the World Series this Friday in Texarkana Arkansas (Please see schedule below).  Lancaster Dixie Baseball would also like to thank the many sponsors and individuals who have contributed to the travel expenses of this team.  As the team prepares for travel to Arkansas tomorrow (Tuesday 7-15-14), Lancaster Dixie Baseball would like to announce that fundraising for this team is now officially over (as of 12:00 PM Monday 7-14-14).  Thank you again for your support and Good Luck to the 2014 South Carolina Machine Pitch State Champions, Lancaster National.  BRING HOME THE WORLD SERIES!!!






It is the policy of Dixie Youth Baseball to promote the development of strong character,

a right attitude, a sense of responsibility, and citizenship in youngsters, using the game of baseball as a vehicle. It is the purpose of Dixie Youth Baseball to achieve this goal through fair play, good sportsmanship, and congenial fellowship, with adult leaders providing the example while attempting to limit injury caused by overexertion. It is strictly against the policy of Dixie Youth Baseball for any person, either as a participant or a spectator, to engage in arguments, to use abusive language, to harass umpires, or to exhibit any behavior not in concert with the general intention of this policy statement. Team coaches are required to abide by this policy statement, and all parents and other adults are strongly encouraged to do so.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 
Proverbs 22:6
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Rule Changes for 2014 Season here  


Offical 2014 Rule Book here  







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