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  • 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill...
  • 15 percent concentrated power of will...
  • 5 percent pleasure...
  • 50 percent pain...
  • And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

Thank you for your interest in Maryland RBI Baseball, one of the most respected and enduring names in all of Maryland Youth Baseball. Our team is affiliated with Ruth's Baseball Ideals, a youth baseball club near Annapolis, MD. Ruth's Baseball Ideals (RBI) fields competitive High School Eligible (14-18), JV (16U), Varsity (19U), and college showcase baseball teams in Maryland.

Maryland RBI Baseball is a year-round select-travel team. Its aims are:

* to teach each player how to be a world class baseball player;

* to provide players and their parents access to college programs; and,

* to provide high school and college baseball coaches with proven talent.

This team's staff consists of former professional and collegiate baseball personnel with real world hands on experience. We are dedicated to producing ball players capable of playing in college. If your son is looking to obtain a competitive edge on the diamond in a healthy environment conducive to growth and development as a student, a player and a person, contact us.

Our goal is to provide each player the skills and access to play high school and college baseball. RBI Baseball values teamwork and selfless dedication.

Players are required to develop both academically and athletically. We recognize that baseball is a youth sport and strive to make the experience fun, competitive, and educational.

For a player selected for the RBI Baseball Select advanced skills development team, our goal is to provide him with quality instruction and a positive, productive and enjoyable learning and social experience.

The purpose of this team is to enhance the player’s overall baseball experience with (1) opportunity, (2) highest quality training available and (3) competition. Players get out of this learning experience what they put into it.

In the winter we train indoors. When the weather improves (i.e., when the temperature reaches 45 degrees) we move outdoors. In the spring/summer, the goal is to play tournaments and league ball.

Tournaments are typically 2-day events. We also play pick-up games against other teams.

Maryland RBI Baseball prides itself on ensuring an aggressive brand of skills-appropriate baseball that is positive, supportive, community-based, competitive and unselfish. If these values appeal to you, Maryland RBI Baseball might be what you’re looking for.