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Jamboree Schedule November 22, 2014


2/3 Boys @ Middle Valley Baptist - 10 minute games running clock

All Teams play twice

9:00am                 Allen (white) vs CSAS (navy)                      

9:15am                 Allen (white) vs Soddy (black)

9:30am                 CSAS (navy) vs  N. Hamilton (green)

9:45am                 Falling Water (white) vs McConnell (blue)

10:00am               Silverdale (white) vs Soddy (black)

10:15am               N. Hamilton (green) vs McConnell (blue)

10:30am               Silverdale (white) vs Big Ridge (blue)

10:45am               Falling Water (white) vs Ganns (red)

11:00am               Big Ridge (blue) vs Lookout Valley (black)

11:15am               Daisy (white) vs Ganns (red)

11:30am               Daisy (white) vs Lookout Valley (black) 

2/3 Girls @ Middle Valley Baptist -10 minute games running clock

All teams play twice

11:45am               Allen (white) vs CSAS (navy)      

12:00pm               Allen (white) vs Ganns (red)

12:15pm               CSAS (white) vs Ganns (red)

12:30pm               Daisy (white) vs Big Ridge (blue)

12:45pm               Daisy (white) vs Lookout Valley (black)                 

1:00pm                 Lookout Valley (black) vs Big Ridge (blue)

1:15pm                 McConnell (white) vs N. Hamilton (green)

1:30pm                 Soddy (black) vs N. Hamilton (green)

1:45pm                 McConnell (white) vs Soddy (black)


4/5 Boys @ Loftis  - 20 minute games running clock (1 timeout per team)

9:00am                 McConnell 4th (white) vs Ganns (red)

9:30am                 Daisy (white) vs Big Ridge (blue)

10:00am               Falling Water (white) vs Soddy (black)

10:30am               McConnell 5th (white) vs Lookout Valley (black)

11:00am               Allen (white) vs Hixson (black)

11:30am               CSAS (white) vs North Hamilton (green)                               

4/5 Girls @ Loftis -20 minute games running clock (1 timeout per team)

12:00pm               Alpine (white) vs. North Hamilton (green)

12:30pm               CSAS (white)   vs.  Daisy (blue)

1:00pm                 McConnell (white) vs. Hixson (black)

1:30pm                 Falling Water (white) vs. Lookout Valley (black)

2:00pm                 Allen (white)  vs.  Big Ridge (blue)

2:30pm                 GMV (white)  vs.  Soddy  (black)



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