MHS Lake Rd. Project Update:

Back In Jeopardy!


As some of you might know part of the North Clackamas School District Bond was to help upgrade our Lake Rd. Varsity Baseball and Softball fields to better match what other schools in our district provide for their student athletes. The original designs and plans were submitted and passed the Milwaukie City Planning Commission and demolition started right away to maintain a very tight timeline- so that we would be able to use the fields for next season.

Well, unfortunately a neighbors, who has issue with the limited available parking, and the light bleed from the lighted pathways has hired a lawyer to start a battle with the district that has halted construction, essentially putting the project back several very important weeks and potentially jeopardizing the entire project.

Please take a moment to read the Planning Dept Staff Report

The decision of the Planning Commission was appealed and the plans will now go before the Milwaukie City Council who will make a final decision at this level. (There is a possibility that these residents who have filed the appeal could appeal the City's decision at the State level) This is a pretty sad day for our community and our young student athletes who only want to have fields similar to the other schools in our district have.

We need your help again! Please email or call our City Council Members and let them know that you support our schools, our students and this project! If you've watched the recent news or you've seen the portable trailers that will house 1300+ students for the next 3.5 years, it's not a great time to be an MHS student and these kids could really use a little support right about now.

Tuesday, June 19th 6pm at City Hall, during regular session, the Milwaukie City Council will vote on the decision to allow the project to continue as scheduled. If you can make it in a show of support that would be very much appreciated, but an email or a phone call can be helpful too!

Here is the link to City Council contact information

This field is very important part of our program and MJBA has been a supporter of the high school program as we have been providing players to the high school through our feeder program. We fundraised tirelessly to help build and equip the MHS hitting facility located at Lake Rd with a dream that someday our young players would see this complex become a reality......we are so very close. Please, take just a moment and let our City Leaders know just how important this is to our kids and our community.

The Planning Commission and Planning Dept. put a lot of thought and time into their decision and we believe that he City Council will side in favor of our kids and the project, but if the past couple of months have taught us to be ready for anything!


Milwaukie Junior Baseball, is looking for some fresh faces for our board. MJBA can only be as strong as our board members. Remember this is fully a volunteer position that helps our kids. We have had a very successful baseball program and some of our members are moving on as their kids have gotten older and moved out of the program. We have been very blessed with these wonderful members and they will be truly missed.  Meetings are held the second Sunday of every month at the Public Safety Building in Milwaukie. There are many positions that may be open. In order to be able to continue to have such a great program we must have volunteers.


Open Board Positions:

Field maintenance • Field Maintenance Asst. • Fall Ball Coordinator


Some positions are busy year round where other positions are only during baseball season which is right around the corner. Speaking of right around the corner we are also looking for some great coaches for all levels. If you want to be a coach again or want to step up to be a coach this year please contact Pete Cooper at . We are always looking for coaches for all levels from T-ball up to the Senior level. We look forward to meeting new people and having some wonderful board members and coaches.