2017 Knights Children of Hope

Mentorship Symposium 

All 6th through 12th Grade Students Are Welcome

"Tomorrow Starts Today"

 December 16th

10 am to 4 pm

Loiderman Middle School

12701 Goodhill Rd

Silver Spring, MD 20906


The objective of this Symposium is to offer quality mentoring with an "In Your Face and Hands On Experience" to our youth in the most creative and innovative ways, so that it will leave an everlasting effect on their lives.  We will also provide mentors as resources to help further your growth and development in positive ways. 


The Children of Hope Mentorship Symposium will consist of classroom sessions to discuss issues that our youth are faced with in today's society, such as cyber bullying, drug awareness and prevention, gang awareness, social media use, and proper etiquette when interacting with peers of the opposite sex.

In addition we will have gymnasium sessions on nutrition, football/basketball skill training, and the importance of academic excellence in order to get to the next level.

Children will be divided into groups based on their grade level and rotate sessions every 30 minutes.

Be A Game Changer!