Last Updated: July 27, 2016 
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*Playoff Information will be posted below and updated throughout playoffs.  The schedule below is subject to change.  

Note: The playoff schedule will NOT be altered due to team vacations. In other words, we will not delay playoffs by a week or more if you cannot field a team when you are scheduled to play.

Roller Playoffs

Your Goose Is Cooked, I’m Score, and Polish Club will play A.  Everyone else will play B. 

Sunday July 31st

B Play-in Games (1 Game)

#7 v #10

#8 v #9


Tuesday August 2nd or Wednesday August 3rd or Thursday August 4th

A Semi-Finals (Best of 3)      

#2 vs #3 Game 1

#2 v #3 Game 2

B First Round (Best of 3)

#1 vs #8 Game 1

#1 vs #8 Game 2

#2 v #7 Game 1

#2 v #7 Game 2

#3 v #6 Game 1

#3 v #6 Game 2

#4 v #5 Game 1

#4 v #5 Game 2

A Semi-Finals Game 3 (If Necessary)

B First Round Game 3s (If Necessary)


Sunday August 7th, Tuesday August 9th, Wednesday August 10th, Thursday August 11th

A Championship (Best of 3)

B Semi-Finals (Best of 3)

A Championship Game 3 (If Necessary)

B Semi-Finals Game 3 (If Necessary)

Sunday August 14th, Tuesday August 16th, Wednesday August 17th, Thursday August 18th

B Championship (Best of 3)


Footer Playoffs

The top six teams will play for the A Championship.  The bottom five teams will play for the B Championship.

A Teams


Young Gunz

TD Eagles

Smash Bros

The Goats

Prestige Worldwide

Sunday July 31st

B Play-in Game (1 Game)

#5 v #4

Sunday July 31st, Monday August 1st, Wednesday August 3rd , Sunday August 7th

A First Round (Best of 3)      

#3 vs #6 Game 1

#3 v #6 Game 2                      

#4 vs #5 Game 1

#4 v #5 Game 2

B Semi-Finals (Best of 3)

#1 vs #4 Game 1

#1 vs #4Game 2

#2 v #3 Game 1

#2 v #7 Game 2

A First Round Game 3s (If Necessary)

B Semi-Finals Game 3s (If Necessary)


Sunday, August 7th, Monday August 8th, Wednesday August 10th

A Semi-Finals (Best of 3)

#1 vs #4 Game 1

#1 vs #4Game 2

#2 v #3 Game 1

#2 v #7 Game 2

B Championship (Best of 3)

A Semi-Finals Game 3s (If Necessary)

B Championship Game 3 (If Necessary)


Sunday, August 14th, Monday August 15, Wednesday August 17th


A Championship (Best of 3)

League Leaders


Points Goals Assist Goaltenders
1. B. White 1. A. Piatek 1. B. White 1. J. Jovy
2. C. Lloyd 2. C. Lloyd 2. J. Kraynak 2. R. Buzzard
3. K. Boariu 3. B. White 3. K. Boariu 3. B. Homer
4. A. Rekich 4. S. Moyer 4. A. Rekich 4. Buzzy
5. M. Ceramuga 5. M. Stoner 5. C. Lloyd 5. Cunningham



Points Goals Assist Goaltending
1. K. Reiber 1. K. Reiber 1. R. Clark 1. Goldberg
2. B. King 2. B. King 2. M. Smythe 2. Stache
3. M. Macciarello 3. B. Crawford 3. B. King 3. A. Cavelli
4. M. Smythe 4. B. White 4. J. Kaufman 4. B. Cunningham
5. B. Pitzer 5. A. Wilson 5. M. Macciarello 5. M. Lutz




Summer Session

All players should have their league fees paid

Only YMCA members can pay online. All other members must pay in person or by phone at either YMCA location (downtown/Y-Zone). Payments will not be accepted on Sundays. League fees need to be paid by your teams first game.

 Online payment:

Downtown YMCA Contact Info: (724) 658-4766 Hours: Mon-Fri 5:30am-9:30pm, Sat 8am-3pm

Y-Zone Contact Info: (724) 658-9211 Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-8pm, Sat 8am-12pm


All-Star Game

Please make sure to fill out the score sheets before each game. In order for members to be eligible for the All-Star game they must be on the roster and have a number.


Players are not able to double roster.

Players who are suspended and are level 2-5 offenders will be suspended for both footer and roller. Only the teams that the player is on the roster for count towards the suspension.

Playoff games/series will be played on the specified days for the league (roller/footer).

Captains MUST fill out the roster on the score sheets before the start of every game. The game will not be started until this is completed.

All players must have a number

Spring Session Champions


Congratulations to the spring session champions!!!

Ramrod took the A footer championship

I'm score wins the A roller championship

Nighthawks take the B roller championship.