Last Updated: September 20, 2017

North West Jersey Soccer Association

Recreational Soccer League

What is Recreational Soccer? 
Recreational soccer is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high-level competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a lifelong love of the game.  The US Youth Soccer Director of Coach and Player Development Manual provides some quality insight on this
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Next Meeting

League Meeting
Thursday September 21, 2017
7:30 pm
Franklin Twp Municipal Building
2093 Route 57
Broadway, NJ 08808

New Jersey Youth Soccer Recreation Registration

 Follow the link below for steps to register your township with NJ Youth Soccer

NJ Youth Soccer Recreation Registration


Upcoming Games

Saturday, Sep 23
DIV III Coed 1
Hope @ Knowlton10:30amKnowlton Tunnel Field
Oxford A @ Mansfield A10:30amMansfield/ Kensington
Belvidere @ Independence12:00pmIndependence Danyluk
DIV III Coed 2
Harmony @ White10:30amWhite Twp. Route 519
Mansfield B @ Wash Twp12:00pmWash Twp. Meadow Breeze
Allamuchy @ Wash Boro1:30pmWashington Boro/ Middle School
DIV IV Coed 1
Knowlton A(Kise) @ Knowlton B(Mooney)9:00amKnowlton Tunnel Field
Allamuchy A @ Wash Boro A10:30amWashington Boro/ Middle School
Harmony @ Mansfield A12:15pmMansfield/ Kensington
DIV IV Coed 2
Hope @ Belvidere10:30amBelvidere/ Hriczak
Frelinghuysen @ Wash Boro B12:00pmWashington Boro/ Middle School
Blairstown @ White12:15pmWhite Twp. Route 519
DIV IV Coed 3
Allamuchy B @ Independence10:30amIndependence Danyluk
Oxford @ Wash Twp10:30amWash Twp. Meadow Breeze
Franklin B @ Mansfield B1:45pmMansfield/ Kensington
DIV V Coed 1
Harmony A @ White10:30amWhite Twp. Route 519
Mansfield A @ Wash Twp B1:30pmWash Twp. Meadow Breeze
Harmony B(Tjalma) @ Knowlton A(Oliveira)1:45pmKnowlton Tunnel Field
Wash Boro A @ Knowlton B(Considine)3:00pmKnowlton Tunnel Field
DIV V Coed 2
Oxford @ Blairstown A10:30amBlairstown Sycamore Park Field
Frelinghuysen A @ Independence A12:30pmIndependence Danyluk
Franklin @ Mansfield B3:30pmMansfield/ Municipal Field
DIV V Coed 3
Hope @ Belvidere9:15amBelvidere/ Hriczak
Blairstown B(Newport) @ Frelinghuysen B10:00amFrelinghuysen Town Hall Fields
Allamuchy @ Independence B2:00pmIndependence Danyluk
DIV VI Coed 1
Oxford A @ Belvidere A(Mattson)10:30amBelvidere/ Hriczak
Wash Twp B @ Blairstown A(Mazuru)12:00pmBlairstown Sycamore Park Field
Franklin A @ White A12:00pmWhite Twp. Route 519
Wash Twp A @ Harmony B(Kavac)1:15pmHarmony Fields
DIV VI Coed 2
Oxford B @ Belvidere B(Miller)11:45amBelvidere/ Hriczak
Frelinghuysen A @ Knowlton A(McLaughlin)11:45amKnowlton Tunnel Field
Wash Boro A @ Blairstown B(Lobisch)1:15pmBlairstown Sycamore Park Field
Franklin B @ White B1:30pmWhite Twp. Route 519
DIV VI Coed 3
Blairstown C(Carabalb) @ Knowlton B(Kise)10:30amKnowlton Tunnel Field
Frelinghuysen B(Maza) @ Harmony B(Kavac)12:00pmHarmony Fields
Franklin C @ Wash Boro B3:00pmBoro Park
Oxford C @ Wash Twp C3:00pmWash Twp. Meadow Breeze
High School Division
High School @ High School10:30amFranklin Asbury Fields

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