Last Updated: June 23, 2015
  • Quarterback Club meeting at 7PM on June 1.
  • Free Athletic Physicals on June 13
  • June 15 first summer workout
Welcome to the home of the

Pace Patriots Football Quarterback Club

Varsity/JV Summer Schedule

2015 Summer Football (June 15 – July 23)



I.          Summer Workouts

            A.  June 15 – July 23

            B.  A. M. Session

                 1.  Monday – Thursday  -  7:30 am-11:00 am

            C.  P.M. Session

                 1.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  -  5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

                        (will need enough players to offer these hours)

            D.  Minimum Number of Workouts

                 1.  Seniors  -  20

                 2.  Juniors  -  18

                3.  Sophomores  -  16

                 4.  Freshmen  -  $100 charge for summer workouts

 II.        Physicals – June 13 (Andrews Institute) Gulf Breeze – 8:30 a.m.

            Physical forms can be picked up in the athletic office OR be found on the school

            website.  A physical and EL3 forms are MANDATORY before you can attend a

            workout or practice! You are not considered “eligible” until the athletic office has

            your original physical – do not turn physicals in to your coach.

 III.       Perimeter – Varsity Only

            A.  June 25 West Florida Tech

            B.  July 6 – Perimeter and team walk-thru – 6:00 p.m.

            C.  Tentative:  6:00-8:00 pm  (Time can change due to conflicts)

 IV.       Camps

            A.  OL/DL  - 7 on 7

                  1.  Varsity Only – 7 on 7 – July 16 – South Alabama  and

                        July 17 – T. R. Miller (Brewton, Alabama)

                  2.  Dates  -  OL/DL (July 16 – South Alabama

            B.  FCA Team Camp (voluntary)

                  1.  Varsity only ($100 charge)

                  2.  Location:  Norman Park, Georgia

                  3.  Dates:  July 9-12

             C.  Patriot Football Camp

                 1.  Ages:  7-14

                 2.  Cost:  $85

                 3.  Dates:  July 21-23

                 4.  Time:  5:30 – 8:00 pm

 V.        No Workouts – Vacation (Coaches & Players)

            A.  June 1-14

            B.  July 24 – August 2

 VI.       June 1-2 – Voluntary weight workouts (Varsity) TBA

 VII.      Football Practice

            A.  August 3rd -  1st Day

            B.  Practice Times

                 1.  Varsity

                      a.  A.M. – 8:30

                      b.  P.M. – 4:00

                 2.  Freshmen

                      a.  P.M. – 4:00

 VIII.    Picture Day - July 20 – 5:00 p.m.

 VII.      Patriot Night (August 14th)

 VIII.    Kick-Off Classic

            A.  Pace vs. Crestview – 7:00 p.m.

             B.  August 21

Free Physical at Andrews Institute

  Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze will offer free athletic physicals on June 13 at 11AM.  All players must have a current physical on file with the Pace High School Athletic office before they will be allowed to participate in summer activities. Forms may be found in the Handouts section or on the Pace High School website.

2015 Corporate Sponsorship Levels

If you are interested in being one of the Pace Patriot Football Corporate Sponsors, please complete the Corporate Sponsor form located in the Handouts section.

We appreciate all of our sponsors.  Without our corporate sponsors, Pace Patriot Football Quarterback Club could not provide the level of support that our young men deserve and enjoy.

Freshman Summer Schedule

2015 Summer Football – Freshmen


I.          Dates:

            A.        A. M. Session – June 15th – July 26th

            B.        Monday – Thursday – 7:30 am – 11:00 am - lunch at 11:00 to 11:30 (optional)

            C.        Possible P.M. session (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

                        a.  Only for players who have summer school responsibilities

                        b.  Class will only be available if there are enough students

 II.        Fee:

            A.  $100 each athlete

            B.  Money is used for summer expenses

 III.       Equipment

            A.  Shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes and cleats (NO FLIP FLOPS!)

            B.  Water will be provided – players can bring sports drinks if desired

 IV.       Drop-off and pick-up area:

            A.  Home side of stadium under covered pavilion

            B.  There will be no adult supervision before 7:00 AM

V.        No football equipment is needed

VI.       Suggested vacation times:

            A.  Best time – June 1st to June 12th

            B.  July 27th – July 31st

            C.  July 4th weekend

VII.      Fall Session

            A.  Practice begins on August 3rd

            B.  Patriot Night is August 14th

VIII.    Most Important Item!!!!  Physical

            A.  2015-16 physical forms are available in the athletic office or can be found

                  on the school website.  A physical and EL3 forms are MANDITORY BEFORE you can                        attend a workout or practice!

            B.  FREE PHYSICALS will be provided June 13th at the Gulf Breeze Andrews Institute

                  at 11:00 AM

            C.  All the forms (physical and EL3 forms) MUST be completed and notarized by

                  parents PRIOR to the physical.

            D. Physicals and EL3 forms should be handed in at the athletic office not to a coach.

                 You are not considered “eligible” until the athletic office has the original physical.

2015 Program Ad form (Business and Personal)

If you would like to advertise your business or purchase a personal ad for your player, cheerleader or band member please complete the form in the Handouts section.

If you purchase your program ad before May 16, 2015 you will receive a $10 discount.



Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  Aug 14
Pace Patriots @ Pace Patriots 5:00pm Pace High School Football
Friday,  Aug 21
Pace Patriots @ Choctawhatchee 7:00pm Choctawhatchee High School
Pace Patriots @ Choctawhatchee 7:00pm Choctawhatchee High School
Friday,  Aug 28
Ft. Walton Beach @ Pace Patriots 7:30pm Pace High School Football

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Jul 6
Summer workout 7:30am Pace High School Football
Perimeter (Varsity only) 6:00pm
Quarterback Club Meeting 7:00pm Coach Jernigan's Room
Tuesday,  Jul 7
Summer workout 7:30am Pace High School Football
Wednesday,  Jul 8
Summer workout 7:30am Pace High School Football

For a complete calendar listing, click here!