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Palmyra Ice Hockey Club Meeting

Date:  July 29

Time: 7:00 PM

Location:  Klick Lewis Arena

Topics for discussion:

  • Uniforms - do we buy one or two?  Players will be responsible for cost of second jersey.  looking for parental input.
  • Club non profit status
  • Fundraisers
  • New business/concerns

Please plan to attend the meeting.  The club needs your support and input.  Decisions made at the meeting will ultimately affect how the club runs in the future.  Your contribution is important as we navigate the future path of the club.



High School Off Ice Training Begins

Beginning Monday July 6...

     Mondays          7:00 PM - 8:00 PM     Palmyra High School (near girl's softball field)

     Wednesdays    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM     Palmyra High School Weight Room

The coaching staff will be teaching the various systems to be used by the Varsity and JV teams in the upcoming season.   Please plan to attend as many of these sessions as possible to learn positioning and game strategy as well as for team building.

Tastefully Simple Fundraiser

1.)      Sale runs from Monday, July 6th – Wednesday, July 22nd

2.)      Return order forms and payments to Tonya Siegfried by Wednesday, July 22nd

3.)      Make checks payable to:  Teresa Sommerville

4.)      Orders will be shipped directly to your home address, no pick up required

Catalogs and Order Forms can be picked up from the box on Tonya Siegfried’s front porch at:

16 Sandalwood Drive
Palmyra, PA

Please contact Tonya Siegfried with questions at 717-832-3184.


R & K Sub Sale

  •  Sale begins Wednesday, June 10th  
  • Sale ends Wednesday, June 24th 
  • Return orders and payments to Tonya Siegfried by Friday, June 26th
  • Sub Delivery Date Monday, July 6
  • Pick up at Klick Lewis Arena between 6:15 - 6:45 pm
  • Make Checks payable to: Palmyra Ice Hockey

 Order forms are available by clicking on the links below or can be picked up from the box on Tonya Siegfried's front porch at:

16 Sandalwood Drive

Palmyra, PA

 Please direct questions to:  Tonya Siegfried at 717-832-318


Frozen Food Order Form

Pretzel Order Form

Sub Order Form



Palmyra Ice Hockey Coaching Staff

The Palmyra Ice Hockey Club is pleased to announce the coaches for the upcoming 2015-2016 hockey season.



Matt Yingst-Head Coach

Warren Lewis-Assistant Coach

Doug Yingst-Team Adviser


Junior Varsity

Jason Bucks-Head Coach

Joe Goodman-Assistant Coach


Middle School

Doug Cheyney-Head Coach

Curt Heisey-Assistant Coach


Thank you to everyone who helps make Cougar Pucks the organization that we are. Congratulations to our coaching staff and good luck to all our teams.


2015-2016 Palmyra Ice Hockey Registration Package

Palmyra Ice Hockey 2015-2016 Season Registration now open. 
To register your player, please complete the following steps by May 3:

  • Register online with USA Hockey (USA Hockey number required with registration)
  • Complete package attached below
  • Include a check to Palmyra Ice Hockey for $100 (non refundable registration fee)
  • Mail all of  the above to: 
    Julie Cheyney
    2022 S Forge Road
    Palmyra, PA  17078

PIH 2015-2016 Registration Package

Upcoming Practices and Events

Wednesday,  Jul 29
Palmyra Ice Hockey Club Meeting 7:00pm Klick Lewis Arena

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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