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All-Star Tournaments Start June 25th!

7/8 and 8/9 Tournaments and TOC's have been completed, with our Majors Nationals winning the Championship banner this year!  Congrats, Nats!

June 25th brings the start of the All-Star games in District 39.  Below are links to the different competitions (ALL information below is derived from the District 39 web site - 

10's Tournament Pool Play (hosted by Scotts Valley LL, all games at Siltanen Park, home team determined by coin toss for ALL games)

June 25th - SLVLL plays SV @ 1 PM

June 26th - SLVLL plays Cap/Soquel @ 1 PM

June 28th - SLVLL plays Watsonville @ 5:30 PM

July 2nd - SLVLL plays SV @ 1 PM


10's Championship "Final Four" (hosted by Scotts Valley, games at Siltanen Park)


11's Tournament Pool Play (hosted by Aptos LL)

June 25th - SLVLL plays Watsonville @ 10 AM

June 26th - SLVLL plays Live Oak @ 1 PM

June 29th - SLVLL plays Santa Cruz National @ 5:30 PM

July 1st - SLVLL plays Watsonville @ 5:30 PM


11's Championship "Final Four" (co-hosted by Scotts Valley and Aptos)


Majors Tournament Pool Play (hosted by Pajaro Valley)

June 25th - SLVLL plays Live Oak @ 1 PM

June 27th - SLVLL plays Scotts Valley @ 6:30 PM

June 28th - SLVLL plays Cap/Soquel @ 7:30 PM

July 1st - SLVLL plays Pajaro Valley @ 7:30 PM


Majors Championship "Final Four" (co-hosted by Scotts Valley and Pajaro Valley)


SLV Majors WIN District 39 Tournament of Champions!

Playing a total of five games in the 17-game Majors Tournament of Champions, the SLVLL Majors Nationals won four of five games, of course the MOST important one being the last one, for the District 39 Championship!  They beat Cap/Soquel with a score of 8-7.

CONGRATULATIONS, SLVLL Majors Nationals, District 39 TOC Champions!


Local Post-Season Tournaments! TOC's and All-Stars Brackets!

Starting Sunday, June 12, SLVLL will have four teams competing in local competitions  - 7/8 Tournament, 8/9 Tournament, and the Minors/AAA and Majors Tournament of Champions, which will run from June 12th through June 22nd.   (** Please note - all brackets below are from the District 39 website; THEY will update - I have NO control over how quickly or slowly that takes place. **)

Our 7/8 and 8/9 teams are listed with our upper division All-Star teams HERE.

The 7/8 Tournament is being hosted right here in SLV (bracket HERE)!  Due to prior field maintenance commitments at the high school, we will be hosting most (if not all) of our tournament at Highlands fields.  We hope the 7/8 families will chip in and help with Snack Shack and field prep and clean up duties, along with many board members who have already committed their time to the task.  SLV eliminated in Game 13, Cap/Soquel defeated Scotts Valley and became 7/8 Champion after winning Game 14. 

The 8/9 Tournament (click HERE for the tournament bracket)  will be hosted by Scotts Valley LL.  SLV was eliminated in Game 10, Santa Cruz American was ultimately triumphant against Scotts Valley, claiming the 8/9 championship in Game 15.

Our AAA Nationals will be representing SLVLL in the Minors/AAA Tournament of Champions (bracket HERE), hosted by Pajaro Valley LL.  (Seventeen-game tournament, nine teams - LOST first game (Game #3) to Cap/Soquel, 8-2; WON second game (Game #7) over Live Oak, 5-2; WON third game (Game #11) over Santa Cruz American, 10-8; WON fourth game (Game #14) over Aptos, 12-11; WON fifth game (Game #15) over Cap/Soquel, 11-7; WON sixth game (Game #16) over Scotts Valley, 6-5; LOST seventh (and final, for the championship) game to Scotts Valley, 12-3.)

AWESOME job, Nationals!  

You may not have won the district championship, but you are OUR champions!


The Majors Nationals will represent SLVLL in the Majors TOC's (bracket HERE), co-hosted by the Cap/Soquel and Live Oak Little Leagues.  (Seventeen-game tournament, nine teams - WON first game (Game #3) over Santa Cruz American, 11-2; WON second game (#9) over Santa Cruz National, 16-0; WON third game (Game #13) over Cap/Soquel, 4-1; LOST fourth game (#16) to Cap/Soquel, 2-4; WON fifth game (#17 - for the championship!) over Cap/Soquel, 8-7!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Nationals, District 39 Champions!


Starting June 25th and going to July 10th, All-Star games will begin (for us, that means the 9/10, 10/11 and 11/12 year old All-Star teams.  More details will be posted soon!


Congratulations to all players moving in post-season play to be the face of SLVLL across the county!

2016 All-Stars!

June 3, 2016
Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star (Majors, 10/11's and 9/10's), which will be played from June 25th through July 10th, and District 39 tournaments (7/8's and 8/9's), which will begin June 12th and run through June 22nd.
7/8 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by SLV LL)
Manager – Morgan Scarborough
Coaches – TBA
Sawyer Amos - AA Indians
Graham Baxter - AA Indians
Anderson Bibbey - AA Braves
Justin Griffis - AA Braves
Jackson Haddad - AA Indians
Kolbe Handley - AA Indians
Wyatt Himmelstrup - AA Giants
Sean Johnson - AA Athletics
Kingston Mattair - AA Giants
Vincent Noce - AA Athletics
Chase Petersen - AA Giants
Colton Scarborough - AA Athletics
Mikey Sijher - AA Giants
8/9 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Loren Fontinell
Coaches – TBA
Dominick Aguilar - AAA Chihuahuas 
Marlon Braun - AA Indians
Keenan Buntz - AAA Chihuahuas
Jack Dagan - AAA Nationals
Luke Fontinell - AAA Chihuahuas
Johnny Giandana - AA Indians 
Ian LeBarre - AAA River Cats 
Devin Merchant - AAA River Cats 
Carson Seeger - AAA River Cats 
Noah Steiger - AAA Nationals 
Chase Thomsen - AAA Sounds
Hayden Woolworth -  AA Indians
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL)
Manager – Mike Olmsted
Coaches – TBA
Nick Frey - AAA Chihuahuas
Anthony Griffis - AAA Sounds
Malakhi Higbee - AAA Sounds
D'Rell Hopkins - AAA Nationals
Cody Houston - AAA Twins
Nathan Kueny - AAA River Cats
Jaden Moyer - AAA Nationals
Connor Scarborough - AAA River Cats
Jaden Shabry - AAA Nationals
Mason Stark - AAA Twins
Benji Stretch - AAA Sounds
Josh Rudrow - AAA Chihuahuas
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Aptos LL)
Manager – Mark Edgemon
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Majors Nationals
Jackson Amos - Majors Astros
Max Baxter - Majors Astros
Wyatt Berridge - Majors Astros
Billy Bowers - Majors Athletics
Nathan Davison - Majors Athletics
Tristan Dean - Majors Nationals
Kenai Dindia - AAA Nationals
Cash Ebright - Majors Athletics 
Quinn Edgemon - Majors Athletics
Erika Kindred - Majors Astros
Kai Kiyabu - AAA Nationals
Skylar Thayer - AAA Sounds
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
(Co-hosted by Cap/Soquel and Live Oak LL's)
Manager - Jared Austin
Coaches – TBA
Dylan Arroyo - Majors Nationals
Cooper Austin - Majors Athletics
Tyler Cambron - Majors Athletics
Alex Crandall - Majors Nationals
Ryan Hodge - Majors Athletics
Jaden Hunter - Majors Nationals
Micah Jewell - Majors Nationals
Michael Kelly - Majors Nationals
Robbin Matajcich - Majors Athletics
Jackson Parmenter - Majors Astros
Josh Purtscher - Majors Nationals
Rider Saunders - Majors Astros
 Noah Wyman - Majors Astros


2016 SLVLL End-Of-Season Tournament Information

To See the Calendar and Brackets on their own Web Page (latest update 6/2/16) Click HERE

For a copy of the rules, expectations of managers, parents, etc. (says 2015, rules are the same this year) - click HERE

Some tournament rationale and apology to SLE parents:

The Tournament at AA level is for fun only. There is no advancement at the AA level to a district championship.

Our tournaments at AAA and Majors serve to determine a season champion and entry into District 39's Tournament of Champions (TOC) that begins on June 12. This is the fifth year that SLVLL has used a tournament method to determine our  TOC representative in AAA and Majors.

The Science Camp Issue:  Science Camp officials have traditionally been very accommodating to SLVLL as far as releasing players to play on those game nights.  We will have 8 teams (AAA and Majors)  over two nights needing release of players and the logistics of that effect.  SLVLL understands that parents have paid money for this camp experience and most of us have had to (in the past) remove our own kids and do the whole interruption of their experience. We apologize to SLE 5th grade parents for this hassle and will look in the future to try to better configure school commitments or our tournament process. Thank you for understanding.

Little League Bat Resource Page (***UPDATED 02/28/16***)

Everything you ever needed to know about bats and Little League can be found HERE at the Little League Bat Resource Page. (*** Link UPDATED 02/28/16)

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