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SLVLL Board Meeting

October 14, 2014 – 07:00 PM
SLV Little League board will meet Wednesday, October 15, at 7 PM in the SLE library (if we're not in the library, .  Our meetings are open to all, and a time is set aside near the beginning of each meeting for public comment.  The SLV Little League doesn't run itself - MANY volunteer hours are given, throughout the year, for the benefit of our children!   You don't have to be a board member to be a part!


San Lorenzo Valley Little League

Board of Directors

TUESDAY, October 14th, 2014 7 PM - Note the change in day from Wednesday




Approve Meeting Minutes from 10/1/14


Treasurers Report


D39 New Business


  • Western Region Clinics
    • PA Seminar: 11/15/14
    • Chief Umpire Training: 12/12 – 12/14
    • Rules Clinic: 1/10/15 – 1/11/15  or 1/24/15 – 1/25/14
    • Umpires Mechanics: 1/23/15 – 1/25/15
    • Scorekeepers: 1/31/15
    • Adult Umpire: 2/21/15 – 2/27/15



New Business

  • Fall Ball
    • Inter-League: Complete
    • Extend?
  • Yearly Calendar:
  • Spring 2015
    • Picture Day/Opening Day?
      • SLVHS Softball tournament March 7th
    • On-Line Registration: November 1st
    • Reserve Fields
    • Basketball schedule
    • End of Season Tournament
    • Start games on Feb 28th.
  • A’s/Giants Little League Day
  • Equipment List for 2015
  • Coach/Player training:
  • D39 Website:
  • Rules Committee   


Next Board Meeting:  11/5/14 7PM:





The skills evaluations have taken place, that information has been compiled, and teams have been formed with an eye to creating balanced teams.  Fall Ball starts this Sunday, September 21st!

Following are the locations and times for each division:


T-ball 12 - 2 PM

A-ball 2:30 - 4:30 PM


Pony field (NO play will take place on the Majors field, as the grass is being reseeded)

AA 12 - 2 PM

Minors/Majors 2:30 - 4:30 PM

Our league will participate in inter-league play with Scotts Valley (starting sometime after the first week).  D39 minors tournament rules will apply for the Minors/Majors division.  AA will have a 4-run/half inning rule, 10-run mercy rule, and player pitch.

Practice times will be at the discretion of each team manager.

Santa Cruz Pony League

For players who have aged out of Little League and want to continue playing baseball, the next opportunity to play before high school is the Santa Cruz Pony League.  Many of our players have maintained their skills and excelled in Pony (see article below).  For more information, please go to  The Santa Cruz Pony League is always looking for adult volunteers to help keep the program going, too (nomination forms can be found on their website).  Expect to join many SLV parents there!


Follow Former SLVLL Stars in the Pony -13's Super Regional!

Former SLVLL Stars Trent Walker and Mark Carling help lead the Santa Cruz Pony 13s all stars to their third tournament! They left Thursday Morning and begin play on Friday!  Follow this link to see how they are dong and if you wish to donate to help with their travel expenses.


Volunteers Made our 8/9 Tournament a Fantastic Event

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make our 8/9 Local Tournament a huge success.  From the field prep, the snack shack, and up in the booth, the folks who came showed what a great Valley we have and how we love our kids and the game of baseball.  We will look to host tournaments in the future thanks to the hard work put in this year. Thanks also to the families and teams of all of District 39, who were hungry, positive, and cleanly. The atmosphere every night was enthusiastic and so positive for the players. We look forward to hosting you all again some time!  

All Star Season Ends for SLV

The 8/9 All-Stars fall 14-12 to Aptos in the semifinals and their season is over.  Aptos moves on to face Watsonville in the 8/9 championship in Pajaro.  You can follow the championship bracket of the 8/9 tournament HERE.

 The 9/10 All-Star team is defeated by Scotts Valley 15-14 in the semifinals.  The 9/10 All-Star Championship bracket can be seen HERE.

Congratulations to all of our teams and families for battling and representing the valley spirit across the district.





Follow Our Champions!

7/8s: 6/19: 7/8's lose 10-0 in championship round to Cap/Soquel, and their season is over.  Six trips to Watsonville was more than any other team, as they fought to get out of the loser's bracket and did it.  Keep an eye on this age group as they grow up!  Great job coach Jeff G. and Coach Morgan S. The boys, the coaches, and the fans represented the best of the valley.

6/18:  7/8s eliminate Scotts Valley, final score 9-4.  They are throwing strikes and have a shot to win it all.  Championship round starts tonight (Thursday) and they must beat Capiitola/Soquel Thursday to stay alive, and Friday to get the banner.  Good luck boys! 5pm in Watsonville

6/16: 7/8s defeat Aptos 13-7!  With only three teams left in the tournament, the SLV team waits for the loser of Scotts Valley/Cap-Soquel.  SLV will play on Wednesday 6/18 5 pm @ Watsonville

6/14--7/8's rebound with hits and lights-out pitching to beat Watsonville 11-6.  They next play Aptos on 6/16, 5 pm @ Watsonville

6/13 7/8s fall to Scotts Valley 8-2. Next they can stay alive vs. Watsonville American Sunday 6/14 @ 1pm

 6/97/8's Win Thriller 13-12 over Santa Cruz National.  Down 12-2, the SLV kids roared back;  Cody bloops game winner walk-off single in the 6th!  7/8's next play Scotts Valley Friday 5 pm at Watsonville 

For a copy of the 7/8 All Stars Bracket, Click HERE


6/16:  Rockies fall to Santa Cruz American 12-8 and their remarkable post-season run is over.  Congrats to coach Jeff and the Rockies on a fantastic turnaround to their season, their SLV tournament win, and their great representation in TOC's!

6/14: Despite Owen Andrews's Huge day, the Rockies fall 12-5 to Scotts Valley; however, they are still alive and within striking distance of a banner...come on down to Harvey West to root them on 6/16 (Monday) 6 pm 

6/12: Seamus, Rockies Roll to 12-3 win over Santa Cruz American!  Their winner's bracket run continues Saturday 6/14 vs. Scotts Valley, Noon @ Harvey West!

6/11: Rockies Defeat Pajaro  8-4!  They stay in the Winner's bracket and will next play Thursday 6/12 at 7:30 pm  @ Harvey West

For a copy of the Majors TOC bracket, click HERE



6/13 Tigers lose 11-10 to Santa Cruz National and their seaon is over. Congrats to coach Matt and the Tigers for a great season and post season!

6/11:  Tigers beat Live Oak 12-7!  Their march through the brackets continues Friday night, 6/13 5:30 pm a Captiola/Soquel field

  6/9 Tigers Win 11-6 over Pajaro!  They stay alive and will now will face Live Oak at Live Oak on June 11th @ 530 pm.  Go Tigers!  

For a copy of the Minors TOC Bracket, click HERE



For Live Brackets with updated scores of all divisions

and ALL STARS, click HERE

 Congratulations to the AA Red Sox, who won their end-of-season tournament with another shutout, 3-0 over the Angels.

Rule Changes and Policies for Spring 2014

The SLVLL Board of Directors Approved the following Rule Changes and policies to be enacted for Spring 2014. 

1.  10 Year Olds and Majors:  All ten year-olds will be eligible to be drafted into the Majors Division in Spring 2014, with a cap of 2 per Majors division team.  The only exceptions will be the ten-year-old children of Minors  division Managers.  This replaces the policy of requiring parental consent to be drafted into Majors.  Why the change? First, it gets SLVLL closer to Little League International's guidelines for divisions, which actually allows for nine-year-olds to play in the Majors division.  Second, it helps make the decision about how many teams to field in Majors division (and thereby Minors,etc) much easier and flexible, with the ability to consider the best options for kids and the competitiveness of the divisions. Third, it helps with player replacement rules from Little League International, which require that replacement players(due to injury or attrition from Majors division) from Minors must have been eligible for the original draft.  Why a cap of 2 per team?  The board did not enact this policy with the idea of flooding Majors with ten-year-olds.  The Board understands that this policy may affect 11-year-olds hoping to be drafted into majors, and wants to keep all players at the most appropriate level for their skill level and experience. A cap helps ensure that a 10-year-old being placed in majors has the best chance at having an experience that benefits him/her self and his/her team.

2.  Player Movement (during season):  If player movement is needed due to injury or attrition, it will be handled by the Player Agent.  A player "called up" must be made available to the higher division.  An exception is made for the children of managers in the Minors divisions and below. The league does not want its most vital volunteers losing their own son/daughter in the middle of their season. This gets SLVLL closer to Little League International rules of consent.  Prior to this year, parents could refuse such a request, which is fundamentally against LL Inernational rules.  This made it very difficult and placed young players between parent, coach, and two teams with a decision. FYI: the Majors division rosters must stay at a minimum of twelve to qualify for post-season Tournament of Champions participation.  Most player movement stops at the Minors division, where there are not roster-size restrictions and where there is a continuous batting order. Minors managers, coaches, and players need to know before the season starts that player movement is a possibilty.

3.  Consequences for failure to try-out or refusal to try-out:  loss of post-season "all star" eligibility, placement in previous division.  Again, this puts SLVLL closer in line with Little League International.  Little League International guidelines require that players who are required to tryout and fail to do so can no longer be candidates for the league.  Previously the SLVLL consequence for not trying out (ages 7 and up) were only that the player would be left in his/her previous division of play.  SLVLL will have two tryout dates in January, and players 7 and up are only required to attend ONE of them.  If a player isn't available for the scheduled tryouts (vacations, injury, illness, etc), parents can still contact the Player Agent for the league and schedule a private tryout, a private evaluation, or any other method of making their child available for the draft.  SLVLL wants every player 7 and up to try out and to try his/her best.

4.  Manager Selection Process:  Interview; Board Discussion; Selection Committee. The manager selection process begins in November/December with interested parents submitting their name to be considered and submitting a 2014 Volunteer Form and a copy of his/her current, valid drivers license, if one is not already on file (other forms of picture ID are acceptable, if someone does not have a drivers license).  A Manger Selection Committee (of 3-5 board members) will be appointed by the President.  This commtte will interview potential managers, ask the board for feedback, and choose the mangers for each division. SLVLL thinks this process will cut down on conflicts of interest in voting members and streamline the process.  A similar process will be used to choose each age-group's All Star managers.

5.  Slash Hits with Fake Bunts Minors and Below:  SLVLL and its umpires will call a batter out who first fakes a bunt and then takes a full swing on a pitch.  This is a safety risk for corner infielders, who can race in to cover a bunt and then face a line drive.  This rule only affects Minors, because there is no bunting or fake bunting allowed in AA division and below.  SLVLL did not enact this rule for Majors division, where players have more experience and are taught to defend against such swings.

6. Tee Ball adults on the field:  the rule will limit the number of adults on the field (fair or foul, offense and defense combined) to six.  This reflects SLVLL's limited liability in its current insurance configuration.  There are times of injury or a behavior problem when another adult is needed, but during game play the limit will be six.

7.  Tee Ball and Buckshort: Tee Ball may have a "buckshort" or extra infielder, making six total infielders.  This player is expected to play over second base.

8. The mechanics of the draft:  an official procedure document on the process of the SLVLL draft has been approved. It will be posted and available to the public soon.




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