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San Francisco Giants Little League Day/SLVLL Fundraiser

May 8, 2016 – 01:05 PM

For all you SF Giants fans out there, there is an opportunity to go to a game with other SLVLL families, on Sunday, May 8 (Mother's Day), when the Giants will face off against the Colorado Rockies.   ** UPDATE ** - HERE is the schedule for the day.  Even though the game starts at 1:05, there are special activities for Little Leaguers starting at 9 AM.

SLVLL has purchased a block of tickets for this game!  Tickets are $40 each, and a portion of the ticket price goes to SLVLL, so in addition to seeing the World Series Champion SF Giants, you are helping our local league at the same time - WIN/WIN!

While supplies last, tickets will be available for sale at the Snack Shack at the Majors/Pony field any time SLVLL has games scheduled on either of those fields.  Saturday will generally be the best day, with games throughout the day.  Majors games are generally Monday and Wednesday evenings, AAA games Tuesday or Thursday.  Make sure to check the schedule first!

*** NEWS FLASH - We CAN accept credit cards in payment! *** 

SLVLL 2016 Hit-a-thon Fundraiser

April 24, 2016

SLVLL Hit-a-thon Fundraiser

Goal: $15,000

(click above to be taken to the Hit-a-thon site!)

Sunday, May 15th (NEW date - rescheduled from April 24th)


9 AM - A Ball

10 AM - AA

11 AM - Majors

12 PM - AAA

1 PM - T-Ball



Be sure to wear your full uniform.

Show up at least 15 minutes early, so that

we can make sure everybody gets a chance to participate.



Why are we having a Hit-a-thon Fundraiser?


From our "FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)"

Q.  How much does it cost to play in SLVLL?

A.  The registration fees have been held at $130 PER PLAYER since 2010 (with a slight rise in price after a certain date, BUT with sibling discount for families with more than one player).


Q.  What does it cost the league to run, per player?

A.  SLVLL did a study from 2011-2013 and found that it annually costs about $200 per player to run our league.  This amount includes many small items but the big ones are field use, uniforms, photography, equipment, and umpires.  Keep in mind that some players participate under partial or full scholarship.  SLVLL makes up the difference between the registration fees and actual costs through fundraisers, the snack shack, and team/player sponsorships.


Other local Little Leagues have found a Hit-a-thon to be a relatively easy way to include ALL players in a fundraising effort.  There are no sales involved, no product to deliver later, just a fun activity where Little Leaguers seek pledges/donations and get to swing a bat at the ball AND help the local league at the same time!  From the newest T-ballers to the 12-year old Majors players, ALL can participate!  Each player can utilize the Hit-a-thon site to seek support from family and friends near and far!  Every player registered for the Spring 2016 season has his/her own special page on the Hit-a-thon website, which can be customized with photos of your choosing, special messages, etc.  You can share the link to your player's page via email and social media.


The actual Hit-a-thon will take place on Sunday, April 24th, at the Majors field at SLV High School, starting at 9 AM (more detailed schedule above).  If EVERY player in our league gets only six $10 pledges, we will exceed our goal of $15,000! 

Within each division (T-ball, A, AA, AAA, and Majors), there will be prizes for the greatest distances AND for the top fund-raiser.  For the player who raises the most money overall in pledges and donations, there will be a special prize.

If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, please contact Nick Purtscher at (please put Hit-A-Thon in the subject line).



Little League Bat Resource Page (***UPDATED 02/28/16***)

Everything you ever needed to know about bats and Little League can be found HERE at the Little League Bat Resource Page. (*** Link UPDATED 02/28/16)

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2015 All-Stars!

June 13, 2015 – 12:01 AM
Congratulations to the players who will represent the San Lorenzo Valley Little League in this season’s All-Star tournaments, which will begin June 27th (except the 7/8 Tournament team, which begins June 13th)
7/8 Year Old Tournament Team
(Hosted by Cap/Soquel LL, June 14th - 26th)
Manager – Sandor LeBarre
Coaches – TBA
Dominick Aguilar - AA Giants
Graham Baxter - AA Pirates
Keenan Buntz - AA Mets
Jack Dagan - AA Giants
Jonathan Giandana - AA Rock Hounds
Kolbe Handley - AA Giants
Wyatt Himmelstrup - AA Rock Hounds
D'Rell Hopkins - A Tigers
Ian LeBarre - AA Mets
Brody Shults - AA Athletics
Noah Stieger - AA Athletics
Chase Thomsen - AA Athletics
Nate Welch - AA Rock Hounds
8/9 Year Old Tournament Team
(Co-hosted by Live Oak and Pajaro LL's, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager – Joe Stretch
Coaches – TBA
Nick Frey - AAA Tigers
Anthony Griffis - AAA Nationals
Malakhi Higbee - AAA Nationals
Cody Houston - AAA Giants
Nathan Kueny - AAA Tigers
Wyatt McCabe - AAA Tigers
Devin Merchant - AAA Nationals
Jayden Moyer - AAA Nationals
Josh Rudrow - AAA Tigers
Connor Scarborough - AAA Giants
Carson Seeger - AA Rock Hounds
Jayden Shabry - AAA Giants
Benji Stretch - AA Rock Hounds
9/10 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Scotts Valley LL, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager – Mark Edgemon
Coaches – TBA
Jackson Amos - AAA Tigers
Landon Ayers - AAA Rays
Max Baxter - AAA Giants
Wyatt Berridge - AAA Rays
Billy Bowers - AAA Nationals
Nathan Davision - AAA Giants
Cash Ebright - AAA Nationals
Quinn Edgemon - AAA Giants
Kai Groleau - AAA Rays
Erika Kindred - AAA Giants
Kai Kiyabu - AAA Nationals
Sandy Monowitz - AAA Rays
Shelby Monowitz - AAA Rays
10/11 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Santa Cruz LL, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager – Nick Purtscher
Coaches – TBA
Damian Aguilar - Majors Blue Jays
Dylan Arroyo - Majors Marlins
Cooper Austin - Majors Reds
Tyler Cambron - Majors Reds
Matthew Carney - Majors Angels
Alex Crandall - Majors Marlins
Brodie Cusimano - Majors Blue Jays
Ryan Hodge - Majors Marlins
Jaden Hunter - Majors Marlins 
Jackson Kueny - Majors Reds
Robbie Matajcich - Majors Marlins
Josh Purtscher - Majors Marlins
Ryder Saunders - Majors Angels
Dylan Schelegle - AAA Tigers
11/12 Year Old All-Star Team
(Hosted by Aptos LL, June 27th - July 5th)
Manager - Mike Olmsted
Coaches – TBA
Brodie Brownlee - Majors Blue Jays
Noah Cole - Majors Marlins
Casey Crouch - Majors Angels
Andrew Gudnason - Majors Blue Jays
Marco Nell - Majors Marlins
Reid Olmsted - Majors Angels
Ryan Oropeza - Majors Blue Jays
Jackson Parmenter - Majors Angels
Aden Rich - Majors Reds
Ethan Slaven - Majors Reds
Jamie VanEyck - Majors Angels
Riley VanWickle - Majors Reds


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Upcoming Games

Saturday, May 7
2016 Majors
SV Giants @ Athletics9:00amSLV-LL
LO Blue Jays @ Astros11:30amSLV-LL
2016 AAA
Nationals @ Twins9:00amSLV-Pony
Sounds @ River Cats11:30amSLV-LL
2016 AA
Indians @ Giants2:00pmSLV-LL
Athletics @ Braves2:00pmSLV-Pony
2016 A
Giants @ Athletics10:00amHighlands A (HL-A)
Rangers @ DiamondBacks12:00pmHighlands A (HL-A)
2016 T-ball
Royals @ Reds10:00amHighlands B (HL-B)
White Sox @ Red Sox12:00pmHighlands B (HL-B)
Monday, May 9
2016 Majors
Nationals @ Athletics5:30pmSLV-LL
2016 AAA
Nationals @ Sounds5:30pmSLV-Pony
2016 A
DiamondBacks @ Mariners5:30pmHighlands A (HL-A)
2016 T-ball
Athletics @ Giants5:30pmHighlands B (HL-B)
Tuesday, May 10
2016 AAA
Chihuahuas @ River Cats5:30pmSLV-LL
2016 AA
Athletics @ Indians5:15pmSLV-Pony
Wednesday, May 11
2016 Majors
Astros @ Athletics5:30pmSLV-LL
2016 AAA
Sounds @ Twins5:30pmSLV-Pony
2016 A
Athletics @ Rangers5:30pmHighlands A (HL-A)
2016 T-ball
Royals @ White Sox5:30pmHighlands B (HL-B)
Saturday, May 14
2016 Majors
Astros @ Nationals9:00amSLV-LL
2016 AAA
Chihuahuas @ Nationals9:00amSLV-Pony
River Cats @ Twins11:30amSLV-LL
2016 AA
Braves @ Giants11:30amSLV-Pony
2016 A
Rangers @ Mariners10:00amHighlands A (HL-A)
Giants @ DiamondBacks12:00pmHighlands A (HL-A)
2016 T-ball
Giants @ Reds10:00amHighlands B (HL-B)
Red Sox @ Athletics12:00pmHighlands B (HL-B)
Monday, May 16
2016 Majors
Athletics @ Astros5:30pmSLV-LL
2016 AAA
Sounds @ Chihuahuas5:30pmSLV-Pony
2016 A
DiamondBacks @ Rangers5:30pmHighlands A (HL-A)
Tuesday, May 17
2016 AAA
Twins @ Nationals5:30pmSLV-LL
2016 AA
Giants @ Athletics5:15pmSLV-Pony

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