Last Updated: May 30, 2016

2016 SLVLL End-Of-Season Tournament Information

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Some tournament rationale and apology to SLE parents:

The Tournament at AA level is for fun only. There is no advancement at the AA level to a district championship.

Our tournaments at AAA and Majors serve to determine a season champion and entry into District 39's Tournament of Champions (TOC) that begins on June 12. This is the fifth year that SLVLL has used a tournament method to determine our  TOC representative in AAA and Majors.

The Science Camp Issue:  Science Camp officials have traditionally been very accommodating to SLVLL as far as releasing players to play on those game nights.  We will have 8 teams (AAA and Majors)  over two nights needing release of players and the logistics of that effect.  SLVLL understands that parents have paid money for this camp experience and most of us have had to (in the past) remove our own kids and do the whole interruption of their experience. We apologize to SLE 5th grade parents for this hassle and will look in the future to try to better configure school commitments or our tournament process. Thank you for understanding.

Little League Bat Resource Page (***UPDATED 02/28/16***)

Everything you ever needed to know about bats and Little League can be found HERE at the Little League Bat Resource Page. (*** Link UPDATED 02/28/16)

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