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Can I Still Register My Child for Little League?

While online registration is now closed (it was available from early October until a week ago), you can still register your child at our next try-out session on Saturday, January 21 (in the event of rain, try-outs will be held Saturday, January 28 - see article HERE for exact schedule for the different age groups).
Our AA, Minors, and Majors draft will be Sunday, January 29.  After that date, registration will be open ONLY for the A and T-ball divisions (must be at least 4 by April 30 of this year to play in T-ball, 7 and 8 year olds with no prior experience would be eligible to play in the A division).  There will be a limited number of spaces.
The cost for registration is $150.  If necessary, we can work out a payment plan or offer partial scholarship at this time.  If you are seeking to register your child AFTER the last try-out session, please contact league Information Officer Sue Sutherlin for more information.  
If your child is registering with our league for the first time, you will need to provide a COPY of your child's birth certificate. 
If you still have more questions, please feel free to contact our Information Officer and Webmaster Sue Sutherlin at 

It's Tryout Time!

It's time once again to get ready for try-outs/skills evaluation!
The following information is what you'll need to know...

Saturday, January 14th and January 21st
Saturday, January 28th rain date
At the SLVLL Pony field (right next to the Majors field at SLV High School)

Saturday, January 14th
CANCELLED due to field conditions 
Saturday, January 21st
  12 yr olds: 9 am
    11* yr olds: 10 am
    10* yr olds: 11 am
  9 yr olds: 12 pm
8 yr olds: 1 pm
7 yr olds: 2 pm
*10 & 11 yr old basketball players: 3 PM
 (in the event either of the prior dates is rained out)
Saturday, January 28th (rescheduled from 1/14)
   7 yr olds: 9 am
    8 yr olds: 10 am
    9 yr olds: 11 am
  10* yr olds: 12 pm
11* yr olds: 1 pm
12 yr olds: 2 pm
*10 & 11 yr old basketball players: 3 PM
*10 & 11 yr old basketball players: 3 PM
These times were determined with basketball game times in mind.  
Originally, we were not going to flip-flop the times.  We have decided we WILL flip-flop the times after all.  
Please do your best to attend in the correct time bracket for your league age,
 or as close to it as possible; all age groups above refer to LEAGUE AGE.
Tryouts are mandatory for ages 7 and up. Each player "League Age" 7-12 years old need only attend ONE of these dates. If you cannot attend tryouts please contact Player Agent Leslie Haddad  at to arrange an alternate opportunity . Missing tryouts without contacting the player agent and being excused  will result in a player playing in the same division he/she played in during the previous season.

**If your child is unable to make his/her tryout time, please try to attend the next closest age group
**ALL AGES REFER TO LEAGUE AGE (please refer to this League Age Chart to determine your child's "league age") 
* * * * *
Tryout sessions are minimal, and consist of each player fielding 3 grounders from shortstop and throwing to first base; fielding 3 fly balls; hitting 3 pitches from a machine; and running the bases (timed).
Bring your cleats and gear, and dress appropriately!

* * * * *
(see article below for more details regarding registration) 
All new players need to bring their birth certificate
Registration Fees: Each Player $150 (sibling discounts available)
NO refunds for any registration once tryouts are completed, regardless of when the player registered

Registration Basics

Here are the most frequently asked questions about registration for playing with San Lorenzo Valley Little League (SLVLL for short) -

  • WHO is eligible to register?  Any child who is LEAGUE AGE 4-12.  Rather than engage in a long, confusing discussion of what league age IS, please refer to this article to determine your child's "league age".  Volunteers will have a print league age chart on hand at registration to determine your child's league age.
  • HOW much will it cost?  Because of the success of several fundraisers each year, we have been able to keep the cost of registration at $130 per player.  If you have more than one child who would like to play, we have increased the discount on subsequent players in the same immediate family - $130 for the first child; for families registering two players, the total cost would be $220; families registering three or more players would pay $100 per player.  We have instituted "Early Bird" pricing to encourage people to register well in advance of try-outs/skills evaluation.  The prices stated above will be in force through December 7th.  After that date, $20 per player will be added to the registration (family discount will still apply, plus $20 per player). 
  • WHAT else do I need to know?  (1) If you are signing up a child for the first time with our league, you will need to provide a COPY of his/her birth certificate. (2) You will need your child's insurance information, and also the date of his/her last tetanus shot.  (3) Try-outs/skills evaluation will take place in January (tentatively scheduled for January 14th and 21st, with the 28th as a rain date in case either of the earlier dates is rained out).  (4) Teams are not drafted (Majors, AAA and AA) or formed (A and T-ball) until AFTER the last skills evaluation session.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SLVLL Information Officer Sue Sutherlin.


2017 Volunteer Form Available

All individuals volunteering in any capacity
(manager, coach, team parent, scorekeepers, snack shack helpers, umpires, etc.)
must complete and submit a 2017 volunteer form ASAP.
2017 forms will be valid through the 2017 Fall Ball season.  
ALL volunteers will need to fill out new volunteer forms for the 2017 Spring Season.
UPDATE: Little League International now requires us to run background checks through First Advantage.  In order to complete that check, we MUST have your social security number; please include it on the form (I will white it out after I have run your name).  It is also necessary for me to have a copy of your current drivers license or government-issued picture ID - I have to enter your full name, as it appears on that ID, including your middle name (if you have one).  
Your help in this is GREATLY appreciated!
If you wish to volunteer, please click on the link above to view and print the 2017 Volunteer form.  I think the form can be filled out online, BUT you still have to print it out and get it turned in.  Filling it out online does NOT magically transfer it to me - I need a hard copy to keep on file - PRINT IT OUT.  
  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - if you fill the form out online, use the "Print" icon.  
    Do NOT use the download function - it downloads a BLANK form.
Once teams have been formed and your child has been placed, you can submit this form to your team's manager as well.  In this case, however, sooner is always better!  It saves much needed time when it is close to Opening Day (your manager can check with Information Officer Sue Sutherlin to confirm that you have a form on file). 
A copy of your driver's license is also required.  If you have provided one in the past, AND your license hasn't expired since the copy was provided, you shouldn't need to provide another one (but sometimes things happen, and a current copy is inadvertently shredded - sorry 'bout that).  If your license expired in 2016, the copy has been purged (shredded or burned in my woodburning stove).
Completed forms can be mailed to:
SLV Little League
ATTN:  Sue Sutherlin
PO Box 1208
Felton, CA 95018


SLV Majors WIN District 39 Tournament of Champions!

Playing a total of five games in the 17-game Majors Tournament of Champions, the SLVLL Majors Nationals won four of five games, of course the MOST important one being the last one, for the District 39 Championship!  They beat Cap/Soquel with a score of 8-7.

CONGRATULATIONS, SLVLL Majors Nationals, District 39 TOC Champions!


Little League Bat Resource Page (***UPDATED 02/28/16***)

Everything you ever needed to know about bats and Little League can be found HERE at the Little League Bat Resource Page. (*** Link UPDATED 02/28/16)

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