Last Updated: June 23, 2017
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Registration for the Spring 2017 Rec Season is closed.

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Dad's Night Out:  

Featured Movie Presention: "Field of Dreams"

Saturday, June 17th (8:00-10:30pm)

Location:  Indy East Park

Sponsored by Trophy Club Parks and Recreations


Select, All-Star or Advanced Rec Coach Applicants

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All questions related to the division your child is playing in, please contact your Commissioner. Email addresses for each Commissioner can be found by clicking the "Board Members" link to the left, or you can click here.

For all other league related questions, please click here.


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Dad's Night Out

Movie Presentation:  "Field of Dreams"

June 17th


Indy East Park

TCR All Star Tournament

June 23 - 24


Trophy Club Indy Field Locations