Last Updated: October 28, 2016



Registration for the Fall 2016 season is closed.

Bulletin Board

All questions related to the division your child is playing in, please contact your Commissioner. Email addresses for each Commissioner can be found by clicking the "Board Members" link to the left, or you can click here.

For all other league related questions, please click here.




TCR Baseball Calendar
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Fall Regular Season Ends

Sat Oct 29th


Fall Season Playoffs


Tues Nov 1st

Spring 2017 Signups



Spring Coach Pickup

(Baseballs, score books and pitch counters)


Indy East Concession Stand
(New Fields near Fields 5,6,7)

Spring 2017 - Opening Day Ceremony


All players should plan on being at the fields (Independence Park East) by 9:00am.

Opening Day games will begin at 12:00pm.

Spring Baseball Pictures


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Spring Regular Season Ends



Spring Season Playoffs



Trophy Club Indy Field Locations