TNLI 02 - Takes 1st Place at the Mount St Mary College Invitational
TNLI 03 - LI Thunder Tourney Champs
TNLI 02 - Takes 1st Place at the USSSA Angles in the Outfield Tourney
TNLI 12U - Runner-Up at the PA Summer Finale Tourney
TNLI 03 - 5th Place Finish at USSSA Nationals in Maryland
TNLI 03 - Runner Up in PA Softball Memorial Day Madness Tourney
TNLI 01 - Takes 2nd Place in the 2016 Great Balls of Fire Tourney
TNLI 02 - Runner Up in the Spring 2016 USSSA 495 NIT
TNLI 04 - Having Fun with Hofstra Softball
TNLI 03 - Runner Up in the 2016 CT USSSA Queen of Diamonds Tourney
TNLI 02 - Takes 1st Place in the 2016 USSSA Warm Up Tourney
Team Nitro Supports Breast Cancel Awareness Month
TNLI 18U - Runner Up in the CT USSSA Tourney
TNLI 16U Gold - Scarsdale 16U Champs!
TNLI 04 - Goes Halloween Orange!!!
TNLI 03 - USSSA September Invitational Champs
TNLI 02 - Queen of the Hills Champs
TNLI 01 - Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend Co Champs
TNLI 03 - USSSA 2015 Labor Day Champs
TNLI 16U Gold - USSSA 2015 Labor Day Champs
TNLI 03 - LAC Rod Simons Tourney Champs!
TNLI 01 - LI Thunder Champs
TNLI 03 - Runner Up in the CT Shoreline Sting
TNLI 16U Elite - Takes 2nd Place at the Summer Sizzler Tourney
TNLI 02 - Takes 1st Place in the LI Riptide Beach Blast Tourney
TNLI 01 - Takes 2nd Place in the USSSA Summer Classic
TNLI 16U - Takes 1st Place at the Scarsdale 16U Tourney
TNLI 03 - Runner Up in the LI Ducks Summer Splash Tourney
TNLI 01 - USSSA Sandlot Showdown Champs!
TNLI 03 - Blast USSSA Tourney - Runner's Up
TNLI 03 - Runner Up in the USSSA Bring It Tourney
TNLI 16U Elite - Ties for 3rd in the USSSA Queen of the Hill Tourney

Welcome to the Home of Team Nitro Long Island Fastpitch.

Team Nitro Long Island Fastpitch (TNLI) is an elite fastpitch softball youth organization based on Long Island, New York. We are made up of numerous teams, each at different levels of independent travel ball play.

Our motto is Education through Athletics. We strive to teach both the game of softball and the game of life. The girls achieve this via activities both and on the off the field of play.

Announcing Team Nitro FUTURES

Team Nitro is proud to announce the formation of Team Nitro Futures, a team of 2020 (2002) & 2021 (2003) players solely focused on recruiting to play in College. This team will be Managed and Coached by Anthony 'Coach Caz' Casalino, who will bring his years of experience both developing players and assisting players to get recruited to every player on this team. If you a serious player looking to play softball in college and have the drive and desire to work harder then everyone else around you, then reach out to us as we would love to hear from you. Since this team is solely playing in Showcase Events, Guest Playing is permitted so you will be allowed to wear the uniform of your current organization. As always, all inquires are kept confidential!


At this time the following teams are looking for player as highlighted below:  

Team 18U Elite - Looking to add an additional starting pitcher to their staff. If interested, please contact Coach Bob at 631-481-5212 or contact information below

Team 16U Elite - Looking to add a ​hard working dedicated ​pitcher and ​outfielder​ to our roster. If interested, please contact Coach Andre at contact information below

Team 02 - Looking for a Catcher as well as a Lefty Slapper or someone fast wanting to develop into a Slapper 

Team 03 - Looking for an all-around player with speed 

Team 14U - Looking for a player who is primarily an Outfielder

Team 05 - Looking for an established and dedicated Pitcher 

In addition, TNLI constantly is looking to evaluate talented players at all levels. If you are a hardworking and dedicated player, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Coach Caz at 516-551-4466 or via email at teamnitroli@hotmail.com for further info on any of the above opportunities. 

All inquires & tryouts are kept confidential

Rhiannon Scott - We Play For You Memorial Tournament!

Team Nitro has dedicated itself to carrying on the memory of Rhiannon Scott. She left a permanent and everlasting imprint on our organization and the LI softball community.

Rhiannon, you will never be forgotten, you are our Angel watching over us. To this end, Team Nitro has retired number 44 in her honor. This number will always belong to Rhiannon or one of her family members. 

I am proud to proclaim...Team Nitro Plays for You!

Team Nitro in association with USSSA is proud to announce a We Play for Rhiannon Memorial Tournament on May 6 & 7. This will be structured as a 2 day 12U & 14U tournament as well as a 1 Day 16U & 18U tourney to allow all age groups to participate. All proceeds will go to a Rhiannon Scott Scholarship handed out by Rhiannon's parents later this year to a lucky individual who emphasis the big heart and endless desire that Rhiannon was known for. To register for this event, click here: http://www.usssa.com/fastpitch/TournamentMain/#/?eventID=286580&gdSport=16


Coaches Wanted

TNLI is always looking for high character value people who are interested in taking on managerial or coaching roles. TNLI splits out the responsibility of the Manager and Coaches as separate positions. We prefer to have all of our teams each have these positions handled independently.

Managers are responsible to organize the team and their activities. They ensure that all the off field and behind the scenes details are in order freeing up the Head and Assistant Coaches to focus on developing the players. The Manager assist the Coached with on field activities as required.

The Head Coach is completely responsible for all practice and game focus and strategies. They are to spend 100% of their time working on development the players skills sets and unifying the team. For those Head Coaches with appropriate levels of drive and experience, compensation for your time and effort can be agreed upon accordingly.

The Assistant Coach is someone that helps the Head Coach with all practice and game preparations and strategies. Again, based on your level of experience and commitment, compensation for your time and effort can be agreed upon accordingly. 

If you have some interest in potentially taking on one of these position, please contact Coach Caz by cell phone at 516-551-4466 or email teamnitroli@hotmail.com to discuss further. 

Benefits Of Playing For Team Nitro LI

- Well Established, Extremely Respected & High Reputation LI Fast Pitch organization

- Professionally Run with Financial Statements, Coaches, Players and Parents Codes of Conduct, etc...

- No Cost Access to highly experienced College, Travel and HS Coaches on TNLI staff

- Team player count kept at minimum size to maximize playing time

- Free Weekly Training for Pitchers and Catchers to grow their respective skill set.

- Most Comprehensive and Industry Best Winter Training programs