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2016 TBD High School Competitive Fall Baseball League

 September 11, 18, 25; October 2 & 9



The voting is done and the picks of the pics are in, and the 2016 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year is . . . . . 

#5 - A Cloud of Dust

This shadow soaked photo by Scott Linden with sun splashes, lots of color, and lots of action at the plate in a cloud of dust shows #40 Brady Seier, a senior at Spencer High School, and a member of the Iowa Great Lakes Fall League HLP-Specer-SO ROYALS getting ready to take his tag to the sliding Gerardo Beltran, a senior at Gehlen Catholic High School, and a member of the Sioux City Fall League Gehlen KELLY GREENS . . . And the call is SAFE!  The backdrop is a cheering mom at the beautiful Vosburg Field in Granville, Iowa.  Safe at Vosburg for Gehlen and an award for Scott Linden for the 2016 TBD Fall League Fall League Photo of the Year!!!  Congratulations Scott!


Question: What is your pick for the best pic? Please vote for the 2016 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year. Voting ends at midnight on November 15, 2016

#1 - Head Hunter 0.9% 2
#2 - Big league approach 17.0% 39
#3 - Tilted 0.4% 1
#4 - Lefty pitcher 5.2% 12
#5 - A cloud of dust 43.7% 100
#6 - Colorful action shot shows no action 0.4% 1
#7 - Catcher reaches for the sky 3.5% 8
#8 - Upside down player 1.7% 4
#9 - Healthy hack   0.0% 0
#10 - Play at the plate at Vosburg Field 6.1% 14
#11 - Wild card pic of of tough dudes 21.0% 48





The 2016 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year is . . . You be the judge.

With election season here you can be the judge of which pic will win the 2016 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year!!!


2016 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year CONTEST!


  • Vote online here on the poll on the right hand column. 
  • Click on your pick on the poll, and then click VOTE at the bottom of the poll so your vote will be counted.
  • To see where the pics stand in the rankings before the final tallies are taken just click on 'View Results' to see the running tabulation of all votes to date.


Here are the photo selections that have been selected.  Over 100 photos were submitted and these are the top picks . . . of the top pics!  The winner will win the 2016 Photo of the Year Trophy and a Total Baseball Development care package.  Voting ends on November 15 at midnight with the announcement for 2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year to be made on November 16.  Vote away and Good Luck to all of our entrants for the 2016 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year Contest!!!

2016 Photo of the Year ENTRIES!


 #1 - Head Hunter in Week 1 at the Iowa Great Lakes.  Brandon Winkel of the Sheldon Oranges gets taken down early by the upstart All-Star Greens to start the 2016 TBD Fall League at Okoboji High School.  (Photo by Rod Winkel)


#2 - Big league approach to Fall League action at the Strikers Complex Field #4 by Noah McWilliams of the Sioux City East Texas Oranges.  Lots of success to come for this mean-faced ball player! (Photo by Kelli McWilliams) 


#3 - This tilted view of the camera shows the tilted view of the hitter doing his best to take a round bat and hit a round ball squarely! (Photo by Maite Zabaleta)  


#4 - Lefty pitcher for the Gehlen Kelly Greens uses all of his might, including some apparent Michael Jordan tongue action, to get opposing hitters out at Vosburg Field in Granville, Iowa. (Photo by Scott Linden)   


#5 - A cloud of dust and where is the ball as a Gehlen Kelly Green player slides under the tag to be safe at the plate at Vosburg Field. (Photo by Scott Linden) 



#6 - This colorful action shot shows no action . . . but actually YES, chess in motion.  The catcher is taking the sign from the dugout . . . The pitcher is toeing the rubber contemplating his next pitch . . . The hitter is taking his signs from the 3rd base coach . . . The hitter on deck is timing up the pitcher for his big at bat . . . And the right side defense adjusts, shifts, and moves around in anticipation of this lefty hitter hitting one their way . . . And who said baseball was boring???  (Photo by Maite Zabaleta) 


#7 - This catcher from the Estherville Reds reaches for the sky and puts this out of play ball out of play! (Photo by Erin Fraker)   


#8 - This upside down player from the Sioux City East Oranges is getting things right side up by throwing a strike and throwing so hard his hat came off! (Photo by Beth Heath)


#9 - This All-Star Jades player takes a healthy hack at the Sgt. Bluff High School field. (Photo by Todd Greta)


#10 - A Spencer player from the HLP-Spencer-SO Royals makes a great play at the plate, but the Gehlen Kelly Green player counters with a great slide for a safe call and a run for the Kelly Greens at their home park of Vosburg Field in Granville, Iowa.  (Photo by Scott Linden)


#11 - This wild card photo number 11 in a contest of 10 photographs shows a bunch of tough dudes from the Estherville Reds ready to play some ball! (Photo by Erin Fraker)   




 2016 TBD Fall League ~ Sioux City CHAMPIONS

Sgt. Bluff Orange & Black Camos



 2016 TBD Fall League ~ Iowa Great Lakes CHAMPIONS

Estherville Reds




 2016 TBD Fall League ~ Sioux City NIT - Group B CHAMPIONS

Sioux City ~ LeMars Maroons




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Click here for directions to the Strikers Complex on Highway 75 in Sioux City, Iowa. Physical address: 4900 South Lewis Boulevard; Sioux City, Iowa  51106


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