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2016 TBD Spring High School Baseball League


The 2016 Total Baseball Development

Spring Developmental High School Baseball League will not take place here in 2016.


Good luck this spring getting ready for May practices and the high school season and keep posted to the TBD website for activities in May.




The 2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year


 #3 - Nick Barrels of the Sioux City East Heelan All-Star JADES shows effort, body control, and perseverance as he leads the way on the youngest team in the TBD Fall League.  There was no shortage of "Get After It" on the JADES with a 50/50 split of Heelan Crusaders and East High Black Raiders. (Photo by Dawn Bricker)  

With an amazing 3,714 votes cast overall,

Dawn Bricker; baseball mom and newly minted expert photographer,

takes for the prize for the

  2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year!!!

Congratulations to Dawn Bricker and a big THANKS to all of the entrants.

Question: What is your pick for the best pic? Please vote for the 2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year. Voting ends at midnight on November 15, 2015
Response   Pct  Votes 
#1 - American flags in full and windy view   1.3% 48 
#2 - "Should I stay or should I go?"   0.1%
#3 - Ball in air - Stuck in time   50.6% 1880 
#4 - YOU make the call at 3rd base   0.3% 11 
#5 - Out at 1st base   4.3% 158 
#6 - Congrats on Dinger   0.1%
#7 - Spirit Lake ROYALS celebrate as mom runs   1.4% 52 
#8 - Sgt. Bluff-Luton celebrates as Coach Nelson runs   0.4% 13 
#9 - Cloud of dust   0.1%
#10 - Secret pitch   0.4% 13 
#11 - Kick save and safe at 3rd   40.4% 1501 
#12 - 'Picture perfect' swing with very straight foul line   0.1%
#13 - Pointing to the sky   0.2%
#14 - Full field view with American flags   0.2%
#15 - Just hanging on!   0.3% 10

2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year CONTEST!

Here are the photo selections that have been selected in part by Jim Lee; Sports Photographer for the Sioux City Journal with the final photo cuts and adds being made by Bob Protexter.  There were too many good pics this year to limit the voting to 10 photos so we have bumped it up to 15 photos to chose from. 

  • Vote online here on the poll on the right hand column. 
  • Click on your pick, and then click on the VOTE box at the bottom of the poll so your vote will be counted.
  • Below that then click on 'View Results' to see the running tabulation of all votes to date.

The winner will win the 2015 Photo of the Year Trophy and a Total Baseball Development care package.  Voting ends on November 15 at midnight with the announcement for 2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year to be made the week of November 16.  Vote away and Good Luck to all of our entrants for the 2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year Contest!!!



#1 -  Travis Sterler hides the ball well as the American flags are in full and windy view at Hinton High School's baseball field.  (Photo by Renee Sterler)

 #2 - This Sioux City East TEXAS ORANGE player leads off of 1st base and wondering "Should I stay or should I go?"  . . and or sending that message to the pitcher that is checking on the runner . . . Oh the game inside of the game!!! (Photo by Kelli McWilliams)

 #3 - Nick Barrels of the Sioux City East Heelan All-Star JADES shows effort, body control, and perseverance as he leads the way on the youngest team in the TBD Fall League.  There was no shortage of "Get After It" on the JADES with a 50/50 split of Heelan Crusaders and East High Black Raiders. (Photo by Dawn Bricker)  

 #4 - This Sioux City East TEXAS ORANGE player slides into 3rd base here against the Gehlen Beresford KELLY GREENS . . . and he is . . . YOU make the call!!! (Photo by Kelli McWilliams)

#5 - Tyler Johnson of the Sheldon WHITES has a great closed eye view of his own stretch play that he makes for this bang-bang play at 1st base for a putout against the West Sioux REDS, complete with Sheldon catcher running down the baseline to backup 1st base. (Photo by Renee Sterler)

 #6 - Colton DeRocher of the Sioux City East TEXAS ORANGES took this ball deep to right field with his ultra smooth left handed swing and Kade Rotnicke of the Southern 'W' All-Star CAROLINA BLUES appreciates the effort and exalts great sportsmanship by congratulating DeRocher rounding 3rd base as Coach Matt McWilliams waits to congratulate him as well. (Photo by Kelli McWilliams)

 #7 - The Spirit Lake ROYALS celebrate the first ever championship of the TBD Fall League - Iowa Great Lakes addition in grand style with fake champagne and real ski goggles . . . as a Spirit Lake mom runs for cover from the bubbly! (Photo by Erin Fraker)

 #8 - The Sgt. Bluff-Luton ORANGE & BLACKS greet their high school head coach Matt Nelson with a real bath of fake champagne after the TBD Fall League - Sioux City - World Series Championship Game at the as he came out of the stands after the game and on to the field to congratulate them . . . What a greeting!!! (Photo by Mike & Julie Laughlin)  

 #9 - Sioux City East TEXAS ORANGE player is waiting for the ball to drop versus the Hinton GOLDS at Hinton High School with complete view of the farms fields in the background and the cloud of dust in the foreground. (Photo by Kelli McWilliams)

 #10 - Noah McWilliams of the Sioux City East TEXAS ORANGES and secret pitch is not so secret any more as you can see his grip on this pitch ~ Thanks MOM! (Photo by Kelli McWilliams)

 #11 - Travis Sterler of the Sheldon WHITES slides into 3rd base and into the glove of Collin Jurgensmeier of the Hinton GOLDS disrupting the tag and the play . . . . and SAFE at 3rd! (Photo by Renee Sterler)

#12 - Christen Peterson of the Sioux City East TEXAS ORANGES shows off his 'picture perfect' swing mechanics, and this photograph also shows off Hinton's Coach Cale Kramer and his staff's perfect 3rd base line! (Photo by Kellie McWilliams) 


#13 - This action shot of the Sioux City East Heelan All-Star JADES is full of action and a lot of quietness . . . Where is the ball???  First baseman Tommy Carlson points to the ball, second baseman Ryan Dougherty checks his centerfielder's beat on the ball as he makes his way towards the play, and first base coach for the Sioux City West FOREST GREENS watches this pop fly unfold as centerfielder Grady Bricker races towards the ball to make a shoe string catch! (Photo by Dawn Bricker)

#14 - This shot of the beautiful Hinton High School Baseball Field and the awesome action back drop of the waving American flags shows the Siouxland MAROONS hitting against the Gehlen Beresford KELLY GREENS (Photo by Stacy Junge and Karrie Patino) 

#15 - It is alllllllll about just hanging on sometimes and Hinton GOLDS player Tanner Eilts does just that . . . as we are all just hanging on to the baseball season as long as we can before the snow flies! (Photo by Mike & Angela Majeres).


2015 TBD Fall League Photo of the Year contest winner is:

Thanks for sending in your best action photos!




Sergeant Bluff - Luton ORANGE & BLACKS


2015 TBD FALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS ~ Iowa Great Lakes:

Spirit Lake ROYALS


2015 TBD GROUP B ~ NIT Fall League Champions ~ Sioux City:



2015 TBD Fall League FIELD OF THE YEAR:

Sergeant Bluff - Luton & Coach Matt Nelson



The HARD CORE HITTING CAMP with BILL KREJCI on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 at the Strikers Complex in Sioux City was a three hour camp that lasted four and one half hours . . . and not to disappoint . . . Coach Krejci did a great job and the 29 Hard Core hitters got better and learned a lot!



Here in 2015 Total Baseball Development is CELEBRATING it's 10th Anniversay of the TBD Fall League in Sioux City, Iowa.  In GRAND style of celebration we are expanding the TBD Fall League to a new location; the Iowa Great Lakes!  So in addition to the TBD Fall League in Sioux City covering western and northwestern Iowa, eastern Nebraska, and southeastern South Dakota since 2005, now in 2015 the TBD Fall League will be in the Iowa Great Lakes for the first time ever with covering northwest and north central Iowa and southern Minnesota . . . MINNESOTANS WELCOME!!!


The TBD Fall League Opening Day for both locations is September 13, 2015.  See all the information below regarding game format, league particulars, and how to GET SIGNED UP.  All information for both locations is the same.  For specific information individual to each site please click on the two links near the top of the blue column on the left: '2015 TBD Fall League - SIOUX CITY'  and  '2015 TBD Fall League - IOWA GREAT LAKES'


Opening Day will be here before you know it, so get your swings going and get your arms loose! 


Total Baseball Development operated the Sioux City Bancrofts as a high school aged Summer Tournament team, Fall College Prospects Team, and Spring American Legion Team for five years in various seasons from 2008 to 2012.  The Bancrofts were named after Sioux City, Iowa's lone Hall of Famer; Dave Bancroft.  Click on these links below for stats, information, and to keep tabs on our very own Sioux City Bancrofts down on the farm . . .


Jake Peter of Mason City High (Iowa) & Creighton University (Nebraska)

and 7th round pick of the Chicago White Sox in 2014


Matt Jones of Gretna High School (Nebraska) & University of Nebraska & Hutchinson Community College (Kansas)

and 25th round pick of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2014


Taylor Ostrich of Carroll High School (Iowa) & Indian Hills Community College (Iowa) & Old Dominion University (Virginia)

and 34th round pick of the Kansas City Royals in 2015

  Congratulations to former Bancroft and USA Baseball's Nebraska NTIS participant Cole Stobbe of Millard West High School (Omaha, Nebraska ~ 2016) on being named to Team USA 18U.  Stobbe is currently in competition in the 2015 World Baseball & Softball Confederation (WBSC) U-18 Baseball World Cup in Osaka, Japan ~ August 28 to September 6.  Good luck Cole & GO USA!!! 

Total Baseball Development – Fundamentals of Baseball Camps


Saturday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 ~ Strikers Complex

 Total Baseball Development - Fundamentals of Baseball Camps presents HARD CORE HITTING CAMP with Bill Krejci.  This will be a three hour intensive hands-on hitting camp at the Strikers Complex in Sioux City, Iowa on Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 3:30pm to 6:30pm.  The camp is only $30 per player, and campers will be limited to the first 30 hard core hitters to sign up!!!  You can pay right here online by clicking the ‘BUY NOW’ button on the home page of this website, and if you would like to pay by check or cash please see the information below the ‘BUY NOW’ button on the home page of this website.  TO SIGN UP please email Bob Protexter at  We have all your TBD Fall League info so we will be good to go!


Bill Krejci is the former Head Baseball Coach and retired Athletics Director at Southwestern Community College in Creston, Iowa where he served thirty six years at the college.  Krejci works with USA Baseball as a Special Advisor and Talent Evaluator, and is a former Team USA field manager and hitting coach for all various age groups including the dominating Team USA 18U where he coached the likes of Joe Mauer, Manny Machado, and Bryce Harper.  USA Baseball is the national governing body for amateur baseball, representing the sport in the United States as a member of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and internationally as a member federation of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC).


Krejci engages with campers in Iowa and throughout the United States just like he engaged with these big league players he has coached in Mauer, Machado, and Harper and many others. Quick stat: Five of his former Team USA players played in the 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at the New York Met’s Citi Field: Mauer of the Minnesota Twins, and JJ Hardy and Machado of the Baltimore Orioles, Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves and Harper of the Washington Nationals . . . the very much so possible National League MVP here in 2015! 


On Saturday, September 26 in Sioux City, you will get to interact for three solid hours with a hitting coach who has traveled the world with Team USA; who has ventured to Russia to conduct baseball clinics and workouts, and who here right at home in Iowa captained the ship as head baseball coach at Southwestern Community College to the tune of twenty-two years and a school record of 543 wins.  Krejci is a native of Chicago, Illinois and retired from Southwestern in 2014. Bill lives in the Des Moines, Iowa area with his wife Teresa.


For more on Krejci and his work with USA Baseball and his travels to Russia click on this link:

Bill Krejci of Creston, Iowa USA to Moscow, Russia for Exclusive Baseball Seminar, Clinic, and Russian National Team Workout Camps


And don’t be afraid to show up early and stay late . . . Coach Krejci might just give you some extra pointers . . . and tell you stories of trips to Venezuela,Chinese Taipei, and Moscow!


Prep Baseball Report IOWA

Part of the TBD Fall League is to get better and prepare yourself for opportunities that could take you to the next level.  This coming Saturday, September 26 at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, there will be a Prep Baseball Report show case for position players from 9:30am to 12:00pm and for pitchers from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. 

Rob Allison operates Prep Baseball Report in Iowa.  Rob is a Spencer native and played baseball at Westmar and Morningside, and as an assistant coach was a vital part of the Iowa Western Community College’s runs to Junior College National Championships. 

The TBD Fall League has had more than a few ball players attend Iowa Western and Rob is a fan of the TBD Fall League so he is offering $25 off of registration for this Saturday’s event or any event up through next August.  All you have to do is enter this coupon code when registering and paying online:  tbdbaseball  Check out their website and sign up today!



The TBD Fall League!!!

2015 High School Competitive Fall Baseball League from

Total Baseball Development (TBD)

in Sioux City, Iowa and NEW IN 2015 at the Iowa Great Lakes




Fall Baseball is just around the corner . . . Opening Day is September 13!!!


We are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the TBD Fall League in Sioux City by expanding the TBD Fall League to the Iowa Great Lakes!  Games at the Iowa Great Lakes will take place at the Spirit Lake High School baseball field in Spirit Lake, Iowa and the Harris-Lake Park High School baseball field in Lake Park, Iowa.  All information for both the Sioux City location and the Iowa Great Lakes locations is the same and is listed below.   

It is the 10th Anniversary of the TBD Fall League here in Sioux City in 2015, and all you high schoolers (including FALL 8th graders) are invited to play!!! Get signed up now!!! 


Games are played on the Sundays of September 13, 20, 27, October 4 and Championship Sunday on October 11 and this gets you primed for next summer . . . Next year is never very far away!!!


(August 26, 2015) Total Baseball Development will be conducting its 10th Anniversary Competitive Fall Baseball League in Sioux City, Iowa for high school baseball players from Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  In celebrating this 10th Anniversary the TBD Fall League has expanded to the Iowa Great Lakes region to include players from Iowa and Minnesota.  The games will take place on five Sundays  will begin on September 13, and will run through October 11.  So before the leaves fall and before the snow flies this gets you FIVE extra Sundays of competitive baseball and for sure gets you geared up for next summer!!!

  • The Sioux City location will host games at the Strikers Complex.
  • The Iowa Great Lakes location will host games at the Spirit Lake High School and the Harris-Lake Park High School.  
  • Teams will play at only one of the two locations throughout the fall unless they volunteer for Interleague Play, which means they could play at either site on various weekends based on their request!

There are 12 players to a team.  Individual players can sign up and be assigned to a team or FULL teams can sign up.  Also small groups of players can sign up together and we will keep them together as we combine individuals and groups to create teams of 12.

Three hours of baseball every Sunday keeps your skills fresh and gets you a jump on the competition and ready to roll for the 2016 season!



  • Teams will play 2 five inning games in a scheduled 3 hour time session every Sunday . . . So your team will play one 3 hour session each Sunday for the five Sundays of September 13, 20, 27 and October 4, and 11.  
  • The 1st session runs from 12:00pm to 3:00pm, and the 2nd session runs from 3:15pm to 6:15pm . . . So every Sunday you will play at either 12:00 noon or 3:15 pm.
  • Schedules are set for the first Sunday based on TBD Fall League pre-season rankings, and are set up for all following weeks based on your team's Fall League standings, results, and team record.  
  • Schedules for all Sundays will be posted here on the front page.  After each Sunday the schedule for the next week will be posted by or before midnight on Monday. 
  • FIVE Sundays of competitive baseball starting September 13 gets you a jump on the competition for 2016.  


More about the Fall League .......


  • Each player receives a TBD Fall League 10th Anniversary t-shirt/jersey with team colors and a number on the back.
  • Rosters will be printed to identify all players playing in the TBD Fall League and are available FREE of charge at the games.
  • All players hit in the lineup. 12 men to a team. (13 max option available for complete schools – Please ask.)
  • Free substitution on defense. 
  • Pitch counts for pitchers.
  • Fall League standings for all teams, with pre-season rankings based on the overall age of your team and last year's finish if you played in the TBD Fall League!     
  • ALL metal bats used must be BBCOR Certified, and the TBD Fall League will be wood bat optional again this year.  Wood or composite bats must be certified and umpire approved.
  • The 2015 TBD Fall League will be for 2016 High School eligible players. In Iowa this means 8th graders can play in high school, and of course players from all states are welcome to play in the TBD Fall League.
  • Games will be played at the Strikers Complex located at 4900 South Lewis Boulevard in Sioux City, Iowa; and possibly other locations pending the official number of teams competing in the TBD Fall League. On the blue column on the left please click on ‘Directions & Maps’ for directions and maps!




Here is how to sign up for the TBD Fall League .......



Next year is never very far away!

Get ready now!


  • Sign up takes only 10 minutes . . . and you can do it now!!!  
  • To sign up online please click on "ONLINE Signups" on the left hand column by the yellow arrow.  TBD Fall League is only $125 per player! 
  • You can sign up as an individual or small group and be assigned to a created team OR you can sign up as a full team.  When we receive your signups we will build the teams according to schools you list.

If you have more questions about anything regarding the TBD Fall League at either location please contact Bob Protexter by email at or call or text: 712.490.7199


Andy Wolf of Spirit Lake will operate the Iowa Great Lakes TBD Fall League and may be reached by email at or call or text: 515-320-3534



With sign up comes all the above cool stuff and the below cool stuff as well!!!

EVERY SUNDAY - FREE ~ FREE ~ FREE cage time at the Strikers Complex in Sioux City on game days.....Come early & Stay late...HIT UNTIL YOU HAVE BLISTERS and THEN HIT SOME MORE!!!

September 13 - Opening Day & Pre Season Rankings

Dates below for the FREE clinic on one of your Sundays either before or after you play = Priceless!

  • The Sioux City location - CLINIC To Be Announced
  • The Iowa Great Lakes location on September 27 will host a Professional Hitting Clinic with Bill Krejci, former Team USA coach and USA Baseball evaluator

October 11 – CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY with Fall League PLAY-IN GAME & Fall League WORLD SERIES GAMES taking place. Always lots of nail biters & white knuckle games!!! Winning team receives Championship trophies, TBD Fall League World Series Championship Locker-Room t-shirts, and real FAKE champagne!!! ... THAT’S LEGIT! . . . See the pics below of the 2014 Championships!

September & October – Lots of extra baseball . . . AND THAT'S PRICELESS!!!



  • Team / Partial Team Signups: If you are having a full team or partial team please make sure you, your coach, manager, or team organizer goes to our website and clicks "Downloadable Forms & Printable Flyers" by the yellow arrow in the left-hand blue column.  Then fill out the roster and email it to or send it in by regular mail.  This will be cross referenced with the online signups received to make your roster.  We will organize teams by requests and by the school listed on the signup. 
  • Individual Signup: If you are an individual signup or a very small group we will group you by need of position to the create the proper team pitching wise and defensively to the best of our ability.  Remember: Pitching and Defense wins Championships!
  • ROSTERS: As the signups come in and the teams round up we will start posting rosters and lists of players on this website so you can see who has signed up, and so you can get all your guys to sign up in time.  This will be general at first with mostly just names, and then simple rosters, and then more specific with jersey colors and numbers a bit later. We would rather be late and accurate with final rosters than early and constantly making changes.  Thanks for your patience. 
  • SCHEDULES: For the schedule of the first Sunday on September 7 we rank all the teams league wide and schedule championship tournament style.  Because of very many variables and some interesting team creation situations the schedule for Week 1 will come out late the week of September 1.  Again, we would rather be late and accurate than early and constantly having to make changes.  Again, thanks for your patience.
  • Schedules AFTER Week 1; Each succeeding week's games schedules and devised with like records and special pairings and will be posted on the TBD website after Sunday's games and by Monday night at midnight.



***The Strikers Complex in Sioux City will also be hosting a Fall League for younger players as well so for more information please visit this website: or call or email Val at: 712.490.2906 ~

Thanks for your interest in the 2014 Total Baseball Development High School Competitive Fall Baseball League and "THANKS" for being a TBDer!!!


Here is some high-powered action from the 2014 TBD Fall League . . .

Travis Sterler #32 of the Sheldon Texas Oranges . . .  is . . . SAFE . . . no wait . . . he's OUUUT . . . Tagged out with a Web Gem quality play by Parker Meier #77 of the Alta-Aurelia Navys . . . It's the closest play all fall and it's all caught on film and named the TBD Fall League 2014 PHOTO OF THE YEAR!!! (Photo taken by Rod Winkel)






2014 TBD FALL LEAGUE Sioux City

September 14 - October 12



FINAL Pre-Season Ranking number and team Record RGU
1 8. Sgt. Bluff BLACKS 9--1  
2 14. Hinton YELLOWS 8--2  
3 1. Gehlen KELLY GREENS 6--4  
4 3. Cherokee VEGAS GOLDS 6--4  
5 2. Sioux City East ORANGES 6--4 28
6 6. Sheldon TEXAS ORANGES 6--4 43
7 4. South O'Brien SILVERS 6--4 49
8 7. South Sioux City REDS 5--5 29
9 13. Sioux City West FOREST GREENS 5--5 47
10 11. All-Star MAROONS 5--5 54
11 15. Alta-Aurelia NAVYS 4--5--1 34
12 9. All-Star INDIGOS 4--6 30
13 17. Sioux City Bishop Heelan IRISH GREENS 4--6 45
14 12. Sioux City North CAROLINA BLUES 4--6 56
15 18. Sioux City East CARDINAL REDS 3--4--3 35
16 10. MMC-RU ROYALS 3--5--2 48
17 16. Kingsley-Pierson GOLDS 2--8  
18 5. All-Star PURPLES 1--9  



Sgt. Bluff BLACKS

Back row – Coach Matt Klemme, Connor Prescott, Ryan Admire, Alec Davis, TJ Heineman, Trevor Mohrhauser, Brady Click, Coach Jamie Stoltze
Front row – Tyler Stoltze, Dylan Moore, Ryley McGregor, Chris Kroll, Colby Laughlin


  1. Gehlen KELLY GREENS - 15.71428571
  2. Sioux City East ORANGES - 15.90909091
  3. Cherokee VEGAS GOLDS - 16.30769231
  4. South O'Brien SILVERS - 16.09090909
  5. All-Star PURPLES - 16.4
  6. Sheldon TEXAS ORANGES - 16.5
  7. South Sioux City REDS - 16.54545455
  8. Sgt. Bluff BLACKS - 16.63636364
  9. All-Star INDIGOS - 16.63636364
  10. MMC-RU ROYALS - 16.76923077
  11. All-Star MAROONS - 16.8
  12. Sioux City North CAROLINA BLUES - 16.83333333
  13. Sioux City West FOREST GREENS - 16.84615385
  14. Hinton YELLOWS - 16.91666667
  15. Alta-Aurelia NAVYS - 17.38461538
  16. Kingsley-Pierson GOLDS - 17.57142857
  17. Sioux City Bishop Heelan IRISH GREENS - 17.85714286
  18. Sioux City East CARDINAL REDS - 18.91666667

Each team's preseason ranking is devised by adding the graduation dates up and dividing by the number of players on the roster, so in general terms a 15 ranking = 2015 graduation; 16 ranking = 2016; 17 ranking = 2017; and 18 ranking = 2018.  The team's preseason ranking will be listed on all subsequent weeks rankings, and can and may and will be used for scheduling purposes.


View Larger Map

Click here for directions to the Strikers Complex on Highway 75 in Sioux City, Iowa. Physical address: 4900 South Lewis Boulevard; Sioux City, Iowa  51106


91,776 - JULY 23, 2014

106,735 - JULY 27, 2015

Play hard or go home...........and watch out for that bacon cheese hamburger!!! Kansas City Royals center fielder Tommy Murphy hits the wall and the burger in Spring Training 2009.....................WELL DONE!!!.......The play and the burger!!!


Total Baseball Development (TBD) is a baseball school located in Sioux City, Iowa, USA that offers individualized personal and group instruction, out-of-season leagues, camps, clinics, and player placement services for high school, college, and professional baseball players.

Total Baseball Development operated a select high school age baseball club called the Sioux City Bancrofts for five years (2008-2012) that competed as a Summer Tournament Team in 2008 & 2009, a Fall College Prospects Team from 2009-2012, and an American Legion Baseball Team from 2010-2012 that participated in a Spring schedule.  The Bancrofts were named after Dave Bancroft ~ Sioux City's only Hall of Famer in Cooperstown; inducted in 1971.

Total Baseball Development and this website serves as a local resource for baseball in the Siouxland area, and baseball opportunities state-wide & nation-wide. For more information please contact Bob Protexter at 712-490-7199 or by email at

Total Baseball Development - Siouxland's home for extra baseball.......

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt
26th President of the United States of America
"The Man In The Arena"
Speech at the Sorbonne
Paris, France
April 23, 1910