Last Updated: April 18, 2014

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  • Drive Slowly thru Park, Observe ALL STOP signs
  • Drive Slowly thru Park, Observe ALL STOP signs
  • Drive Slowly thru Park, Observe ALL STOP signs
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R & R Orthrodontics
845 471-1186 or 845 897-5500
April,18th - Robinson Lane

 All Fields Closed Today 

Tomorrow's (4/19) games on R3 will move to R4.


 Umpire Schedule is posted under Main Menu





Check Schedules for your game schedule or scroll down for up coming games

 Boy's Junior League schedule is now on-line

Challengers TBA

Big League Boys TBA

Big League Girls TBA 



Mike Vitale - best wishes

TOWLL continues to put out good thoughts and prayers to one of our own as he recovers from a car accident. He has a long road of recovery at  Helen Hayes for rehab. Will update soon.  


Sgt. Mark Palmateer Memorial Tournament

May 23rd - May 25th 2014  

To Volunteer Contact Marci Meybohm at

  Needed are scorekeepers,announcers,concession stand workers and field maintenance 


Tournament Info to put a TEAM in:


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 Get your Wappingers spirit ware by clicking on league store

                                        Will re-open soon




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Personal 1 Line Message to a TEAM or LEAGUE


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Open Board Positions

The following Board position is available:

VP: Service Organization

Committees: Program, Ads, Field, Etc..... 


Contact Chris Schoen at




March update

Check League Happenings for whats going on in our league 


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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Apr 19
Elks @ Village Crest 10:00am R1
Paino's @ Fisher 10:00am R2
Friendly Honda @ HFD 10:00am R3
Masons @ Outback 12:30pm R1
Oddfellows @ New Hack 12:30pm R2
Junior League Baseball
K of C @ Fishkill-2 4:30pm Robinson Lane - Holt
Fishkill-1 @ Hughsonville 4:30pm Robinson Lane - SL1
Camo @ Crown Trophy 4:30pm Robinson Lane - SL2
Boys Instructional-A
Rockies @ O's 12:30pm Ins2
Reds @ Indians 3:00pm Ins2
Boys Instructional-B
Giants @ Pirates 10:00am Ins1
Rangers @ Athletics 12:30pm Ins1
Dodgers @ Cardinals 3:00pm Ins1
Monday,  Apr 21
Fisher @ Elks 5:30pm R1
Village Crest @ Friendly Honda 5:30pm R2
HFD @ Paino's 5:30pm R3
Tuesday,  Apr 22
New Hack @ Hit & Run 5:30pm R1
Outback @ Oddfellows 5:30pm R2
Boys Instructional-B
Athletics @ Giants 5:30pm Ins1
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Friendly Honda @ Extra Innings 5:30pm R1
Elks @ HFD 5:30pm R2
Paino's @ Village Crest 5:30pm R3
Boys Instructional-A
O's @ Reds 5:30pm Ins2
Boys Instructional-B
Pirates @ Dodgers 5:30pm Ins1
Thursday,  Apr 24
Oddfellows @ Masons 5:30pm R1
Hit & Run @ Outback 5:30pm R2
Junior League Softball
Ulster Savings Bank @ Lagrange 6:00pm Lagrange
Boys Instructional-A
Indians @ Rockies 5:30pm Ins2
Boys Instructional-B
Rangers @ Cardinals 5:30pm Ins1
Friday,  Apr 25
Boys Instructional-B
Dodgers @ Athletics 5:30pm Ins1
Saturday,  Apr 26
HFD @ Fisher 10:00am R1
Friendly Honda @ Paino's 10:00am R2
Village Crest @ Extra Innings 10:00am R3
Extra Innings @ Elks 12:30pm R3
Outback @ New Hack 12:30pm R1
Masons @ Hit & Run 12:30pm R2
Masons @ Oddfellows 3:00pm R2
Lear Electric @ M.D.B. 10:00am Robinson-F2
McCourt @ TEG 10:00am Robinson-F3
Longobardi's @ Lear Electric 12:30pm Robinson-F2
Junior League Baseball
K of C @ Camo 10:00am Robinson Lane - Holt
Crown Trophy @ Hughsonville 10:00am Robinson Lane - SL1
Fishkill-2 @ Fishkill-1 10:00am Shepard-FIshkill
Junior League Softball
Ulster Savings Bank @ Hudson Valley Ortho. 12:30pm Robinson-F3
Senior League Softball
Wappingers/LaGrange-Dairy Queen @ Brewster Green 3:00pm Brewster
TOP/Fishkill @ Hyde Park 3:00pm Hyde Park - Creek Road
Yankees @ Mets 10:00am T1
Orioles @ Royals 10:00am T2
Rockies @ Pirates 12:00pm T1
Rangers @ Reds 12:00pm T2
Girl's Instruct. League
Anaconda @ Red Robin 10:00am Robinson-F1
Fishkill-1 @ Fishkill-2 10:00am Shepard-FIshkill
Hudson Valley Photo @ Red Robin 12:00pm Robinson-F1
Boys Instructional-A
Indians @ O's 12:30pm Ins2
Rockies @ Reds 3:00pm Ins2
Boys Instructional-B
Cardinals @ Pirates 12:30pm Ins1
Giants @ Rangers 3:00pm Ins1
Sunday,  Apr 27
Senior League Softball
Brewster Green @ Brewster White 4:00pm Brewster
Hyde Park @ Wappingers/LaGrange-Dairy Queen 5:00pm Robinson-F3
Monday,  Apr 28
Paino's @ Extra Innings 5:30pm R1
Fisher @ Village Crest 5:30pm R2
Elks @ Friendly Honda 5:30pm R3
M.D.B. @ Longobardi's 5:30pm Robinson-F2
TEG @ McCourt 5:30pm Robinson-F3
Lear Electric @ Fishkill 5:30pm Shepard-FIshkill
Junior League Baseball
Crown Trophy @ K of C 5:30pm Robinson Lane - SL2
Hughsonville @ Fishkill-2 5:30pm Shepard-FIshkill
Fishkill-1 @ Camo 6:30pm Robinson Lane - Holt
Orioles @ Yankees 6:00pm T1
Pirates @ Mets 6:00pm T2
Girl's Instruct. League
Fishkill-2 @ Anaconda 5:30pm Robinson-F1
Boys Instructional-A
Reds @ Rockies 5:30pm Ins2
Tuesday,  Apr 29
New Hack @ Masons 5:30pm R2
Royals @ Rangers 6:00pm T1
Reds @ Rockies 6:00pm T2
Girl's Instruct. League
Red Robin @ Hudson Valley Photo 5:30pm Robinson-F1
Boys Instructional-B
Rangers @ Dodgers 5:30pm Ins1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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