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This is the Home of the Bandits...We started in 1996 as a company team, but that only lasted for a year before I took over the team.This site has our stats and game results since 1996...Lots of pictures and Links to everything you need for softball....Associations,Tournaments,Teams,and game results...

Ales Tournament fills diamonds...

August 28, 2015

The Jesse Ales Memorial Softball tournament brought together 13 men’s softball teams, both local and out-of-county squads, for two days of hard fought games at Whitman and Pavioni fields in Fort Bragg.

The tournament came down to two close games between the Tri-County Bandits and All Coast All Most. All Coast came into the championship round undefeated. Tri-County, with a single loss, forced a second title match by winning 12-8. All Coast then took the championship with a an 18-1 victory.

Players winning all-tournament honors were: Curtis Van Horn of Barnett Logging, Jason McCoard of Big River Rock, Tim Gitchel of Dick’s Place, Todd Norwood of Racks and Tracks, Derek Hawk & Jason Sanders of Ales Transporting, John O’Donnell and Dano (Daniel Alvarez) of DBO, Michael James and Pat Bauer of the Tri County Bandits, and Westy Guill and Steven Young of All Coast All Most. The tournament’s Most Valuable Player was Wes Taylor of All Coast All Most.


August 24, 2015

The Tri-County team has won this tourney 9 out of the 18 years it has been held.

2015... 18 annual Jesse Ales softball tournament...

The 18th Annual Jesse Ales Memorial Softball Tournament went off without a hitch and kudos (and thanks) go out to tourney director Michelle Gordon and the staff of the Mendocino Coast Recreation & Parks Department for all their hard work in pulling it off.
The tourney, in case you were unaware, is named after Fort Bragg athlete/softball player/all around good guy Jesse Ales who hit a home run in a softball game - then had a fatal heart attack right after the HR in the dugout. According to those who knew him, it was the way he would have wanted to go out.






Tri County gets 3rd place!

August 26, 2014


We could only find affable Bill "Bart" Buckner, the pitcher of the third place finishers Tri-County team in the Jesse Ales Memorial Softball Tournament, when we arrived at the tourney Sunday afternoon and he was nice enought to show us the trophy his team earned.
In return, we figure we'd provide a couple game photos we took of Buckner during the tourney.
The Tri-County team was edged 11-10 by S&K Auto in the "Loser Bracket" final game that determined who'd face the undefeated All Coast team at Pavioni Field.
Tri County were Ales champions the past three consecutive years (2011-2013) and 9 of the past 17 tournaments.


Photo: Congratulations again to All Coast for winning the 2014 Championship here is a cropped picture for your viewing enjoyment.

Congratulations to Manager Nick Moore and All Coast softball team for getting 1st place in the 2014 MCRPD Jesse Ales Memorial Softball Tournament! All Coast did not lose one game all weekend going 5-0 on their way to becoming the 2014 Champions.


S& K Auto & Towing (Lakeport, CA) had a great tourney over the weekend. The Lake County team started out by edging the always dangerous Dick's Place team 11-10, then defeating 2013 tourney runner up Ales Transporting 10-4 and knocked off the "Odd Balls" before being sent to the loser's bracket where they edged defending champ Tri-County 11-10 to get in the chamionship game.
S& K Auto & Towing (Lakeport, CA) had a great tourney over the weekend. The Lake County team started out by edging the always dangerous Dick's Place team 11-10, then defeating 2013 tourney runner up Ales Transporting 10-4 and knocked off the

The Jesse Ales Memorial Softball Tournament, list of past champions

August 12, 2014



Long day for Jesse Ales Memorial Tournament winners

August 25, 2013

Tri-County Bandit s Joe Lanze was chosen as a member of the All-Tournament team.

Sunday, Aug. 25, was a long day for the Tri-County Bandits, first place team in the
2013 Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District Jesse Ales Memorial Men's Softball Tournament.
After winning both their games on Saturday, Aug. 24, they played the Clover-Stornetta Milkmen Sunday, Aug. 25, at 8:30 a.m. on Whitman Field.Three three-run homers by All-Tournament player Tim Gitchell of the Milkmen gave Clover-Stornetta a 23-19 win over the Bandits. The Bandits fought their way through the losers' bracket with games that started at 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m., 2:45 p.m., 4:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m., with very little time between games, finally defeating Ales Transporting at about 6:30 p.m. on Pavioni Field to claim the winner's trophy.In second place was Ales Transporting and third place went to the Clover-Stornetta Milkmen.

In addition to Gitchell, members of the All-Tournament team were Tommy Evon, Casey Prine, Diego Aristizabal, Cody Smith, Matt DeVito, Ben Kester, Brandon McGregor, Jason Sanders, Adam Bruch, Joe Lanze, Jacob Sanchez, JR and RC. The tournament's most valuable player was Casey Ales who batted 19x27, for a batting average of over 700. Thank you to Michelle Gordon who did an excellent job in her first year as tournament director.


Tri-County Bandit's, Pat Bauer
The "Tri-County Bandits" (actually they came from just two counties this year, Lake & Mendocino) did the unthinkable and fought their way out of the loser's bracket to defeat the undefeated "Ales Transporting" team TWICE to grab the Championship. Timely hits and great defense were the keys to this team's success. They earned it and deserved it. Congratulations !

The first place Tri-County Bandits, back row, from left, Jake Sanchez, Justin Mincey, J.T. Taylor, Adam Bruche, Pat Bauer, Mike James and Brandon Davis. Front row, Jesse Bussard, Joe Lanze, Brian Figg, Glenn Greer, Cody Bates and Bart Buckner.

SECOND PLACE FINISHERS--The "ALES TRANSPORTING" team sailed through the winner's bracket until running into a "hot" Tri-County Bandits team that edged them in a slugfest 19-16 late Sunday afternoon, then in a low scoring (for softball) affair 5-3 in the Championship game immediately following. Great effort in the tourney !
THIRD PLACE FINISHERS--The Clover-Stornetta team had a fine run, and were the only team to defeat eventual Champion Tri-County Bandits in the 15th Annual Jesse Ales Memorial Tournament. The Clover-Stornetta team sent the Bandits to the loser's bracket after a 23-19 victory @ 8:30 am this morning only to get edged by them 9-8 in the afternoon.

Game results

Games by number

1) Thunder 9, Oddballs 7

2) FYF 20, Ales Transporting 25

4) Tri-County Bandits 14, Racks and Tracks Taxidermy 8

5) Clover-Stornetta Milkmen 12, Kathy's Krew 5

6) Epic/Village Spirits 6, Thunder 10

7) Ales Transporting 20, Jenny's Giant Burger 7

8) Clover-Stornetta Milkmen 20, DNA Private Investigations - Sicily's Steakhouse 5

9) All Coast All Most 11, Tri-County Bandits 16

11) Kathy's Krew 11, Epic/Village Spirits 9

12) Oddballs 20, DNA Private Investigations - Sicily's Steakhouse 21

13) FYF 23, All Coast All Most 10

14) Jenny's Giant Burger 5, Racks and Tracks Taxidermy 29

15) Thunder 7, Ales Transporting 15

16) Clover-Stornetta Milkmen 23, Tri-County Bandits 19

17) Racks and Tracks Taxidermy 15, Kathy's Krew 16

18) DNA Private Investigations - Sicily's Steakhouse 3, FYF 21

19) Tri-County Bandits 18, Kathy's Krew 13

20) FYF 14, Thunder 13

21) Ales Transporting 14, Clover-Stornetta Milkmen 10

22) Tri-County Bandits 12, FYF 11

23) Clover-Stornetta Milkmen 8, Tri-County Bandits 9

24) Ales Transporting 16, Tri-County Bandits 19

25) Tri-County Bandits 5, Ales Transporting 3

Games 3 and 10 were not played because the team We Have Morals had to drop out of the tournament.



STARBUCKS, FORT BRAGG--In a game just concluded, "Ales Transporting," with Casey Ales, Jesse's son blasting double in the first inning, beat Clover-Stornetta (read Rockstop) 14-10.
Here's the box score:
CLOVER-STORNETTA 4 0 0 1 5 0 0 = 10
ALES TRANSPORTNG 8 2 2 0 2 0 x = 14

It's somehwat fitting Ales Transporting will now be awaiting to see who emerges from the slugfest of the Loser's bracket. Clover-Stornetta will be taking to the field @ 2:45 pm (RIGHT NOW). Have to head back will try to post via Shane McCarthy's I-phone for updates including the championship
For Ales.
Thanks to the ever-efficient Mendocino Coast Recreation & Parks District, MSP learned the Clover-Stornetta team remained undefeated in the "Winners Bracket" by beating the "Tri County Bandits" 23-19 this morning @ 8:30am.
They'll be playing "Ales Transporting" @ 1:00pm (PAVIONI FIELD) to decide who gets into the Championship game played at either 4:15 or 5:45 pm (depending on the results of this afternoon's play).
FYI: the members of the Clover-Stornetta team are primarily made up of the "Rockstop" team that competes in the MCRPD Men's Softball League, ie - the Gitchel brothers, Theron Miller, etc.
"Ales Transporting" beat the "Thunder" 15-7 in the other 8:30 am game this morning.
The other score we have is FYF beat DNA Private Investigators/Sicily Steakhouse 21-3 this morning.
There's softball action all day. The best game of the tourney so far, by all reports, was the DNA 21-20 victory over the Oddballs late Saturday afternoon. The game featured a LOT of long home runs...some hitting the soccer nets beyond the Dana Gray outfield.
The Clover Stornetta team (read Rockstop) won their two games yesterday and will battle it out to remain in the "Winner's Bracket" at 8:30 am today against the Tri County Bandits (Dana School field).
Clover Storneta beat ""Kathy's Krew" 12-5 in their first game then the team with the longest name at the tourney "DNA Private Investigators /Sicily Steakhouse" 20-5 in their second game.
MCRPD Men's League Champs, 2 AND Q...

Perhaps the "Upset" of the tourney was 2013 Men's league Champion Epic/Village Spirits losing both their tourney games - the opener to the Thunder 10-6 and a 11-9 loss to Kathy's Krew at Pavioni Field.
FYI--This colorful "Leader Board" was drawn by the talented Aime Gordon - in fact there are two of them at Pavioni Field. Great job.
There's still a lot of Men's softball action left as the 15th Annual Jesse Ales Memorial Softball Tournament hits its final day.
The Clover Stornetta team (read Rockstop) won their two games yesterday and will battle it out to remain in the
The hard-hitting 2013 MCRPD Men's League Champs, Epic/Village Spirits, couldn't collect the hits when they needed them and were edged out of the 15th Annual Jesse Ales Men's Softball Tournament late Saturday afternoon 11-9 by "Kathy's Krew."
The Village Spirits team (with some additions from Dick's Place we noted) dropped their opening game in the tourney 10-6 to the "Thunder" which sent them to the loser's bracket. They initially led in the second contest 3-1, battled back to tie it up 5-5 in the third, but that was as close at they got the rest of the game.
Here's the box score:
KATHY'S KREW 1 1 3 1 4 0 1 = 11
EPIC/VILLSPIR 3 0 2 0 3 1 0 = 9

2012...Back to Back...Bandits win Ales again.




All Tourney
Damian Bird .556
Adam Bruch .684
Jake Sanchez .706




Bandits get back Title...