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Is your child playing soccer this upcoming season (2015/2016) with

YYSA? Have you ever considered coaching? Have you always thought

about coaching but said you don't have the time? Here are some facts

about coaching that often go overlooked.....

--As a volunteer coach, you choose the day’s your team practices!

--As a volunteer coach, you choose the time your team practices!

--As a volunteer coach, you choose the location of your team practice!

--As a volunteer coach, you choose who plays where!

--As a volunteer coach, you ALWAYS GET THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE!

--Didn’t like how your child’s coach ran practice last year……run practice

as you see fit!

--If the league gets your coaching application in early enough, you can

likely pick your team name and team color (unless already sponsored)

Now you ask, how do I become a coach???? Download a coaching

application for our website, or go down to the City of Yuma Parks and

Recreation office to complete and submit…


Do not forget about considering an assistant coach as a partner and back-

up in the event you cannot be at a practice or game!
2015/2016 Registration Information

Early $70.00--Late $90.00

All registration will take place at the City of Yuma, Parks and Recreation

office (please be mindful of DARK Fridays)

August 17-September 18, 2015---EARLY

September 21-OCTOBER 08, 2015 ----LATE


--1st time YYSA players, MUST bring birth certificate to registration

--Must be 3 years of age and no older than 18 by August 01, 2015 in order to register

YYSA FACTS, 2014/2015 Season

What a year 2014/2015 was....Here are a few facts about Yuma Youth Soccer Association that you may not have known about this season…

-2014-2015 was the 39th year of formal, recreational soccer in Yuma!

-We had an increase in player registration this year of 17% (over 2013/2014 season)

-Total of 1,494 recreational players from 3-18 years of age

-Total teams, 162

-Just over 1,220 games were played this season

-303 Background checked, cleared Coach’s and Assistant Coach’s

-38 Team Sponsors

-Kept business as local as possible (for uniforms and awards)

-Self-Acclaimed, “Best Snack-Bar” in town

-Honored to be a co-sponsor organization of the City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Department; we appreciate the immaculately kept fields year-round (some of the best in the State of Arizona)!

As always, an ALL VOLUNTEER Board of Directors!
Coach Application Package
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Player Application Package
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