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Dawn McAfee



My name is Dawn McAfee. I am one of two coaches for DST.. I am also a wife, mom, volunteer and artist. I believe in getting involved and being active in my community!

I have been swimming all my life and couldn't imagine life without swimming. My favorite stroke to swim is butterfly.

I grew up in CA swimming on teams, diving, playing water polo during the summer and playing tennis. I still swim and play tennis for teams. Sports have always meant a lot to me!

One of my fondest memories to look back on is swimming and my teammates. Swimming has a wonderful culture to get immersed in. Not only does it work your whole body out but it is something YOU can do ALL your life! You will also make friends that will last a lifetime from all over, not just your community.

I am extremely dedicated to our team, our kids and our parents. I cannot do any of this alone and am so humbled by the spirit of our team and the city we represent.

Please feel free to call me with any questions or comments. 256.604.0809

Thank you, Dawn