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Football Information
The Delco Boys Football League serves the communities of Delaware County, Pennsylvania and New Castle County, Delaware.

Sign-ups: Registration for Football is held in January and February during the All-Sports Registration, and again in May for the Fall Registration. Late registration is on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday in August see EVENTS for times. All Players should be registered prior July 15th.

Mighty Mights Division is for ages 5- 7 year olds under 80lbs.

Pee-Wee Division is for ages 7-8 years old under 80lbs.

Midget Divsion is for ages 9 -10 year olds under 100lbs.

Junior Divsion is for ages 11 -12 year olds under 120 lbs.

Senior Divsion is for ages 13-15 year olds under 155 lbs.

Player Equipment rental is provided by club. At the end of the season all equipment is returned to C.A.C.

Football Season starts on Aug 1st and concludes 2nd week in November.