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2017 Co-Ed Weeknights Information
Monday-Thursdays, make-up games may take place on a Friday if necessary.
Game start times of 7P.M. and 8:45P.M. All games end at 10P.M. as the lights go out. Each team will play one game per night per week.
Games are set for 7 innings.
Slow pitch, modified arc (6-12ft.).
Fields, umpires, game balls supplied.
Bats, gloves, uniforms not supplied.
2 girls minimum in the field, 3 may be on the field with 7 males on the field at all times.
Girls will bat after every third male (ex: boy, boy, boy, girl or boy girl, boy, boy, boy, girl or boy, girl boy, boy, girl, etc.).
ASA rules