Comp/Rec/Flag Squads

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Competition Squads Information
These squads will cheer for the L.A. Jr Golden Eagles Football teams and they will also participate in 4 local IRCA cheer competitions. Their season begins in July and will end in late November.**

Their practice schedule will begin at 3 days a week to learn the cheers and half time routines. When school begins, they will continue to practice 3 days a week to prepare for the competitions. Generally on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Mandatory attendance is expected for these squads. A strong commitment is necessary for the sake of the team. Generally, these squads will cheer at games on Sundays, but this may fluctuate based on their competition schedule.

** If the squad qualifies for State, the entire squad will be expected to practice through and participate in the 5th competition, the State competition, which will be held the first weekend in December at the Sears Centre.


Any summer vacations that will take place after the season has started must be submitted in writing before the season begins to your cheer squad coach for approval prior to the season starting.

We require complete squad attendance once games begin in late August. Vacations must be approved once competition routines are being learned. Any special requests must be submitted in writing prior to the season starting.