2018 General information and fees

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2018 Jr. Eagles Cheer Registration Program Information and Fees


Registration is open Feb.25th thru June 1st, 2018

1st registration "Early Bird" fee rate thru March 1st,2018

2nd registration fee thru June 1st,2018


      Competitive Cheer Squad Registration fee:    

  6th-8th grade: First Registration:  $300.00   Second Registration : $325.00

5th grade and under:  Registration: $250.00


 Includes: Eagles Comp Cheer Package (Competition bow, game bow, cheer briefs, socks) full uniform rental, Jr. Eagles End of Season Celebration Banquet admission for your cheerleader

    Additional Competitive Cheer Squad fees:  

                                                                               Competition participation fees: $85.00

                             Participation fees for 4 IRCA Cheer Competitions (does not include the IRCA State Cheer Competition)                                                                                                                        

Competition Cheer Shoes: approx.$50.00 (due in June 2018)

                                                                  *Competition Warm Ups: approx. $135.00 (due in June 2018)

                                                                   *Preseason fundraiser provided to offset the entire cost of the warm ups set                                                                                                                                      

Recreational/Non-Comp Cheer Squad Registration fee:

First Registration: $200.00    Second Registration: $225.00      

  Includes Eagles Rec Cheer Package (pair of cheer poms, game bow, cheer briefs, socks) full uniform rental, and Jr. Eagles End of Season Celebration Banquet admission for your cheerleader

Additional Recreational/Non-Comp Cheer Squad fees:

Game cheer shoes (not mandatory): approx. $25.00 (due in June 2018)

                                                                         *Rec Warm- ups: approx. $60.00 (due in June 2018)                                                                                      *Preseason fundraiser available to offset entire cost of the warm-ups set


Flag Football Cheer Squad Registration fee:   

 Registration fee: $100.00 

Kindergarten and 1st grade only-  Includes Eagles Flag Cheer Package (Jr. Eagles flag t-shirt/shorts or skort, pair of cheer poms, and game bow) and Jr. Eagles End of Season Celebration Cheer banquet admission for your cheerleader

Jr. Eagles Program Fundraising Fee-Value Cards:

Recreational and Competitive Cheer Squads- $100 per family

Each family will receive valuable coupon/value books packed with hundreds of dollars in savings! These books are able to be sold to family, friends, or neighbors to recoup the fundraising fee or more!! This is the only mandatory fundraiser for our organization.


Sibling/Family discounts:

$50.00 off registration fee for each additional competition cheer family member(s) 

$25.00 off registration fee for each additional recreational/flag cheer family member(s) 

Family Fundraiser fee - only 1 fundraiser fee required per family (with multiple cheerleaders)


New Cheerleader Referral Bonus:

Every returning Jr. Eagles Cheerleader that refers a new (never registered before) cheerleader that joins our 2018 season will receive a $25.00 credit on their own registration fees this season***(limit 2 per family please) See our printable form in our handouts section.




What does the registration fees cover?

Our registration fees include:

Fees are necessary for our organization to assist in payment for: Indoor/ outdoor practice space rental fees, Village Affiliation fees, purchasing and maintaining our cheer uniforms and cheer package items, cheer music, season events and parties, End of season organization cheer banquet hall/facility rental and fees, Coach's and Jr. Coach's attire and training and certifications, competition participation costs for our coaching staff, Liability Insurance, organization advertisements, Parade and Homecoming spirit items, end of season trophies, and season first aid supplies.


What forms of payment of fees are accepted ?

We accept payment of fees with cash, check, credit/debit card, or via Paypal at our walk in registration dates.

We offer payment plans with multiple checks or credit card payments to allow payment of fees in 3-4 payments. Please inquire and set up your plan at our walk in registrations. Please note that attending our first registration will offer the option for the most payment breakdown. (4 payments) Registration closer to the season start limits your payment plan options.

Online registration is available, this option requires full payment of fees via credit/debit card or Paypal (see our online registration tab when open).

If you have questions about setting up a payment plan for your fees, please contact our Treasurer for assistance ; Michele :  msanabria@jreaglescheer.com


Why do I need to write multiple checks?

If doing the payment plan with checks, you will need to pre-date your checks for the determined payment amounts and submit them at registration. This payment amounts will be determined upon registration. All checks should be written to Jr. Eagles Cheerleading.

A separate check is required in the amt. of $200.00 as a uniform deposit. This check is not cashed and is returned to you, or shredded when the entire uniform is returned in undamaged condition at the end of the season. Please post date this check for 12-1-18. This check should also be written to Jr. Eagles Cheerleading.


Are there fundraisers for the organization?

Our 2018 fundraising program for our cheerleading organization information and options will be available at registration. Please understand that fundraising is a very important part of our organization, and is necessary to keep our fees affordable and competitive to our families.  We make it a priority to offer fundraisers to offset additional fees and expenses to our cheer families.

We offer a preseason fundraiser for our cheer squad warm-ups set that will provide you with 100% of the profit towards the entire cost of the warm up set. Fundraisers will also be provided to offset our State Championship fees for our competitive cheer squads.


What should I bring to registration?

Our registration packet is available to print in our "Forms/Handouts" tab. Please fill out this entire packet and bring to registration with form of payment. All competition cheerleaders will need to bring in a copy of their birth certificate. Medical insurance information will need to be provided for all cheerleaders registering.

When is the 1st day of practice?

Practices begin tentatively on Monday, July 16th, 6-8 pm. at the Lake in the Hills Village Hall field.  (behind Costco, 600 Harvest Gate, LITH)
A mandatory parent meeting will be announced before the season begins. More information to be sent regarding meeting schedule. (tentatively in July) Uniform distribution will be held after this meeting if available.  Please plan on attending this for receiving important information about the upcoming cheer season.

Where do the squads practice?

Summer practices are held outside at LITH Village Hall field (behind Costco) for all squads.

Indoor practices tentatively begin as space becomes available to us. Most squads will be indoors by the time D-300 school begins. Indoor practice locations, along with Rec Squad practice days and times, will be announced as soon as they have been determined by the organization.

Our cheer squads generally have indoor practices at the Player's Choice Academy in LITH and Dundee Middle School for competitive squads, and at the LITH Village Hall for recreational squads.


When do the squads practice, and for how long?

Summer practices are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:00pm-8:00pm for most squads. Our younger recreational and flag squads will have a reduced practice schedule. This schedule will be available in mid-May to our cheer families.

When school begins, what will the practice schedule for my squad be?

Competition Squads:

6th-8th grade Comp squads: Practice will be 3 days a week; Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-8:00p.m. or 6:30-8:30p.m. for the remainder of the season. 

5th grade and under competitive squads: Practice will alternate between  2-3 day practice weeks on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for the remainder of the cheer season.

Recreational Squads:

All grade level recreational squad practices will be one day a week; the location and practice days and times are TBA for each squad. Possible practice days are Mondays- thru Thursdays, generally at 6:00-7:30pm.

When are the competitions scheduled?

The competition squads are required to attend 4 competitions during the season. These are usually held in September, October, and November. Dates/Times TBA. see our IRCA Competitions tab for updated information**

Squads that qualify will also compete at a the IRCA State Championship, held at the Sears Center, in early December. Practices will continue thru first week of December for those squads who participate in the State Championship.

When does football games/sideline cheering begin?

The 1st game of the season is usually the second to last weekend in August. (Yes, there is a game on Labor Day weekend.) All of our squads (Flag, recreational, and competitive) cheer for the Jr. Eagles football organization.

How long does the cheer season last?

The season lasts from mid to late July through the month of November to include all Jr. Eagles football playoff and Superbowl games. Competition teams will practice through early December if they qualify for State.

• What is the difference between the non-competition & competition squads?

COMPETITION SQUADS: 6th-8th grade and 5th grade and under
These squads will cheer for the L.A. Jr. Golden Eagles Football teams. They will also participate in at least four cheer competitions. Their season begins in July and will end in late November or early December if a squad qualifies for state. Their practice schedule will begin at 3 days a week to learn sideline cheers and half time routines.

When school begins, the 6th-8th grade squads will continue to practice 3 days a week to prepare for the competitions, 5th-under will have decreased practice schedules to 2 days/week during the entire season (competition weeks will be 3 days/week).

Mandatory attendance is expected for these squads. A strong commitment is necessary for the sake of the team. Generally, these squads will cheer on Sundays. (subject to occasional changes)

Please Note: If cheer competitions conflict with football games, a Rec Squad may be asked to cheer at a game in their place. Competitions are the priority for these squads, regardless of pre-scheduled games, playoff games and/or events. 

These squads are recreational and will cheer for the L.A. Jr. Golden Eagles Football teams. They do not participate in competitions. Their season begins in July and will end in mid November.

Their practice schedule will begin at 3 days a week to learn the cheers, chants, and half time routines. When school begins, their practices will lessen to 1 day a week.

These squads will generally cheer every weekend. They will participate in all Jr. Eagles Cheer activities including parades, parent events, homecoming spirit activities, and squad parties.


FLAG SQUADS: K-1st grade

These squads will cheer for the LA Jr. Golden Eagles Flag football teams. These squads will cheer every weekend, with weekly practices one evening a week, or prior to games at Sunset Park.

Their season begins in July and will end in November. Their practice schedule will begin outdoors with all of our squads at the LITH Village Hall at a TBD schedule. These squads will participate in Jr. Eagles Cheer activities including parades, parent events, squad parties, and their own homecoming events.

What age do you begin accepting cheerleaders?

We accept all children entering kindergarten through grade 8. We do not have tryouts.

I can’t make the walk in registration dates; in what way can I get my fees to you and receive my uniform?

We offer online registration- please use that option if you are unable to attend walk in registration dates.

We strongly encourage you to attend the walk in registrations whenever possible. **Please note that fees increase for all registrations received after our first registration date, and payment plans are only available at our walk in registrations**

 We offer mail-in or drop-off options after confirming registration information with us via email or phone. If you are mailing in forms/payments, you will need to mail both to the address below- please notify us via email if you are sending in forms/payments.

L.A. Jr. Eagles Cheerleading

P.O. Box 7594

Algonquin, IL. 60102

Can I still register after the last scheduled registration?

To guarantee a squad placement, it is highly recommended to register during our open registration dates. 

It is necessary to contact us to check for squad and uniform availability. *If you are interested in joining one of our cheer squads after our final registration is announced, please e-mail Traci Lemke at: tlemke@jreaglescheer.com  

I’m moving, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can get a partial* refund prior to June 3rd, 2018 

After June 3rd, 2018 we DO NOT issue refunds.

*A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE WILL BE ASSESSED.                                                  



All refund requests should be sent to Traci Lemke at: jreaglescheer@yahoo.com.